Written by Ron and Julie

28 Oct 2008

Hi my name\\\'s Ron and my wife Julie and I have been married for 28 years. We have fantasised about her fucking other guys for quite some time, but that\\\'s all it was, fantasy. However, two weeks ago we had a drink with an old work friend of mine I had\\\'nt seen for some years. He now lives in Salisbury with his family and was visiting his parents who still live in Manchester. After a few drinks at a bar we invited Rob back to our house for a nightcap and to phone a cab. We had a nice chat and a few Irish coffees and I suddenly had the idea to pretend to fall asleep and hope Julie and Rob would get up to something. I closed my eyes a few times then pretended to nod off. After a couple of minutes Rob Julie phoned a cab,at Rob\\\'s request, and said it would be 10 or 15 minutes. I was peeping through half closed eyes as Julie said, \\\"well I may as well leave Ron there because I\\\'ll never wake him now\\\". Rob said, \\\"he\\\'ll be fine, but you\\\'ll have to sleep on your own\\\". Julie replied that I\\\'d come to bed in the night horny as usual. Rob said I was lucky because he would have to wait another four days till he got home to have a fuck, unless she could do him a favour. Julie said she could\\\'nt let him fuck her, but she\\\'d help him out. She then went to Rob and unziped his trousers and as he pulled out his cock. It was a decent size, about 8in I would guess and Julie got on her knees and proceeded to wank him. She squeezed his balls as he asked if I might wake up. Julie said there was no chance as I would be out for a few hours. Rob was now on his way to shooting his load and asked if I would hit the roof If I knew what she was doing. Julie prudently answered that she did\\\'nt know and it might even turn me on. Julie was wanking faster and Rob said he was close to cumming. Julie told him to tell when he was ready. A couple of minute late Rob started to buck his arse and Julie asked if he was ready. He said yes and uttered a low strong grunt. Julie lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth as Rob emptied his load. He held her head as Julie murmoured and I knew she was swallowing his spunk. She slowed her wank and licked his know as he thanked her. Julie said \\\"fuck Rob that was a good mouthful, nice and warm\\\". Rob was getting his breath back and could just mutter a thanks. He dressed and a few minutes later his cab arrived and he left, asking Julie to give me his thanks for the drinks. Julie came back into the lounge and I shocked her by sitting up wide awake. I told her I\\\'d watched her suck Rob off and she was shocked, but I quickly reassured her that it was a great turn on. She said she would\\\'nt have let him fuck her, but had enjoyed swallowing his spunk. We then fucked for most of the night, starting on the chair where she had sucked Rob off. I covered her in spunk twice, then fucked most of the next morning. We don\\\'t plan to do it again, but it was a turn on.