Written by timefor it

23 May 2014

We had been awaiting this long weekend, my wife and I took the car to the south of England from our northern home, excited because we knew we had a three night break in a hotel with golf course. I do not play, only rarely raising enough interest to watch the odd white ball sink into a hole on beautiful short grass.

Personally I much prefer sinking my cock into my wife's hole, or even better allowing her to get somebody else to do the putting.

Now you know I am a watcher, cuckold or partaker in threesomes, then you might have guessed the theme of this recollection. It was last week, the weather maintaining its glorious presence and the top had been down on our sporty fun car. Liz looked beautiful as ever and her fit body had me ready to let her lure a guy for some fun. Her breasts are a lovely 32double E, with perky nipples which always harden when sex is in the offing. Like any great wife, she dresses to impress and prefers skirts or dresses to trousers and her gorgeous legs do not want covering. A slim waist and penchant for sexy underwear and we have a short haired woman of 5' 6" with a sex drive to satisfy any man. Her soft and smooth skin is irresistible to touch and her trimmed cunt has an alluring landing strip where many a tongue has met a heavenly taste of her juices.

Having found our room in an annexe overlooking a walled garden with a practice green in front of us with our Juliet balcony at first floor level, French doors opening into the room, full sun streaming into our suite, a wonderful place for our relaxation. The clubhouse was out of sight and the car park fairly empty so presumably the course was also relatively unused. It being four in the afternoon, Liz decided to go for a shower while I caught up with a newspaper. I sat to one side of the balcony inside the room and noticed a man arrive to do some practice. I took little notice and flipped the pages of my paper. Liz emerged from the bathroom and stood looking out the window and commented that the golfer was not having much luck with his balls. I looked down and said maybe he would be better with the balls in his trousers. 'Who knows?' she replied, making me smile as she said 'He is quite nice' My mind was way out in front and I ran my hand up the inside of her towel as she stood openly watching him. I found her warm wet pussy lips and asked whether it was juices or shower? 'A bit of both' she whispered. Feeling devilish, I grabbed the towel and tugged. It slipped away immediately. I tossed it over to the bed. Liz stood naked facing the window, then gave a wave to the golfer, who now had a full view of her nude body, 'He's seen me' she announced quietly, turning away and finding clean underwear in the opened suitcase. She selected a very lovely lacy bra and pants and slipped them on before returning to the window and looking down at the golfer. I remained invisible to him but she told me he had made the glass to lips gesture, inviting her for a drink. Being as forward as she is, she leaned on the balcony railings and spoke to him and agreed to have a drink in the bar in ten minutes after she had finished getting ready.

Then I saw him pack his golf bag and stow his balls before wandering off to the car park, deposit his clubs and change his shoes before I saw him strolling towards the bar, looking across to our open doors a couple of times. Liz busied herself as I watched her, one of my favourite things, seeing her preparing to meet a lover. Soon she had on a summery dress and shoes and was looking ravishing. She gave me a long kiss and said she would be back soon.

I sat happily contemplating what she might be doing, my tame butterflies whizzing round my stomach and my mind racing ahead far faster than was going to be the case, my brain had already got her naked with him and his cock firmly embedded in her wet and willing cunt. Impossible of course, she had only just gone down to a golf club bar in the late afternoon to have a civilised gin and tonic with a guy she had only just met.

As ever my patience wore too thin and I found myself wandering down to the same bar and strolling nonchalantly in and ordering a pint, having seen them sitting in a sunny corner of the room overlooking the course, they were chatting and laughing, a good sign. Her dress was riding up a little and I wondered how much thigh he was being tantalised by. I stayed for almost an hour and witnessed her dress rise even more and his hand linger at the hem a couple of times but never going any higher. I finished my drink and went to the loo, easing a stiff cock out and finding it hard to direct my flow to the correct place. As I returned to the bar she was gone and he was waving goodbye to the barman and grinning broadly. I returned to the room and found her standing at the window.

I asked how it had gone and she said I was going to be eating alone as he was going to take her out for a meal and maybe something more unless I said no. Her grin was calculating and cunning, I knew she was going to be fucked by him and so did she, but her little game is that she likes to be chased and then give herself, so it fitted nicely to her way of doing things and she was ready to be fucked.

He picked her up at seven thirty from the bar, she looked fabulous and I knew she had slipped on her stockings and suspender belt to add my favourite touch.

The night was quite long, I snacked at the bar and had a beer or two then returned to the room to await her return, sending a couple of texts to check all was going ok. I got short replies confirming all was perfect. That was code for her being full of his spunk. At two thirty I heard a car crunch gravel in the distance and the headlights go off. Standing at the window I could see the interior light on and shapes but was too far away to distinguish anything so I hurried into a dark pullover and trousers and shoes and sped down to the garden and the gate leading to the car park. I was only twenty feet from the car but dare not go further due to the bloody gravel. However I made out that Liz was giving him a good sucking and her dress was missing as I could make out her suspender belt as her bum was against the window and the straps were visible being black against her white skin.

I watched and just loved the knowledge that my wife was being a very naughty girl and that she was enjoying giving this lucky guy her body. Soon the show ended and they were back in their seats for a while, he was kissing her and groping her a bit more, then she reached over to the back seat and retrieved the dress. Her door opened and she got out to slip her dress back on and then stuffed her bra and panties into her handbag, they kissed a bit more and then she said goodnight. I had remained in the shadows and only emerged as his car turned away from her and back down the drive.

She said she thought I would not be far away and we returned towards the room. I asked how it had gone and she said he had been great. A meal at a bistro in Oxford and then quickly back to his house where he had taken her straight to the bedroom and stripped her to her suspenders and stockings before taking a load of pictures of her naked lying on his bed on his mobile and then she had stripped him naked and sucked his cock as they explored each other's bodies. He had said he could not believe his luck when she had lost the towel and flashed at him. She did not reveal that I was there and so he accepted that she had travelled down for a wedding. He was wanting to see her again but she said she would be at the wedding all the next day but she thought Sunday night might be good and took his mobile number, promising to keep in touch.

They had stayed naked together,fucking and sucking each other for over four hours, she had managed to come twice and he had used her cunt twice and been sucked off by her, they had started to try anal but Liz stopped it thinking his cock might be a bit too wide. They had a long talk about what they liked and she had said she enjoyed it outdoors and that was when he suggested they drive back to the golf club and she stayed naked for the entire trip, leaving stockings and suspenders for the delight of him or anyone else lucky enough to see her. She admitted she loved the short daring run from his house to the car which was about twenty metres and she said a guy got a good eyeful as she bent to get into the car and her bum flashed as he came out of his forecourted garden.

They got back to the golf club and she sucked him off in the car, her spunky kiss proved that. We fell into our room, me high on the story of events and desperate to offload another load into her cunt. She lay back and showed me her well used cunt and told me to fill her up. Alas my excitement was too much and I did not last as I wanted, but the force of my eruption of spunk had her gasping. We fell asleep quickly and awoke with a feeling of having had great fun. We thought maybe she should go to the bar alone later in the day and see what else might happen, then went out and had a fun day in London. She got a few texts and she said she was thinking of letting him come back to our room that night if I did not mind. I cuddled her and told her to make some plans and say the wedding was boring. She took me to a café and we sat outside in the southern sun and she made her plans, texting her lover and relaying his reply. Our room that night was going to be well used and she was dreaming of his thick cock going in her once more