Written by Up for it

30 May 2014

After her exhausting night we slept until around nine next morning, Liz looking sleepily happy as she snuggled into the duvet while I made a cup of tea to rouse us a bit more. We sat up and made our plans for the night to come. I was happy for her to enjoy some more cock and to use the bedroom again, effectively kicking me back into the garden to watch as much as possible. We discussed the thought of her finding somewhere to have fun outside but not being too familiar with the area decided maybe this was not on.

We sauntered down to breakfast and then I picked up a newspaper while Liz went about using the sauna and swim pool attached to the annexe we were in. It was empty and I joined her for a ten minute swim and a quick relax in the hot tub before retiring to the loungers to read again. Liz jumped when who was to walk in but her golfing lover of the past two nights, he saw us and stopped in his tracks and went to leave. She asked him to stay and looked at me for any reaction. I stood up and offered my hand and said we had a little secret to share with him. A bit taken aback I explained the way things were allowed to appear to him for the previous couple of nights but that we were married and I was happy with her enjoying fun with other guys. He was stunned for a bit but then grinned and said I had a fabulous wife. I told him I was very proud of her and the fact that we could be adult about such things, reminding him that I had vacated a warm and comfy bed in order that he and his mate could benefit from some sexy time with her.

At this juncture I was unsure where this would lead but knew honesty was the best policy. I was also very glad the place was deserted except for us. I asked what his thoughts were now that it was in the open. Admitting I was turned on watching her and that this evening could still go off if he was happy, he relaxed considerably and suggested we had lunch together at his expense and find an adult solution to satisfy all of us. Liz had been listening and not saying much, taking the conversation in before she announced that she would like to suggest we visit his place that evening and I would be able to be in the room if I desired, or maybe join in if he had no objections. John (lover) said he was happy with that and said his mate from last night (Gerry) and a third guy Alex were hoping to join in. Liz said as long as they were clean and discreet then it would be fine as they would probably never meet again and she said that only John was to have her number and must never be disclosed. Agreement made we finished lunch and stayed together for part of the afternoon before he went off to play a game with the other two.

Liz got a good look at the three of them before turning to me and saying 'All that cock tonight, I hope I can cope', then grinning widely at me.

We went back to the room for a sleep and then had a shower ready for our intriguing night out. I watched her prepare, shaving her lovely cunt with care, pampering herself and picking out a classy set of underwear in autumn colours with lace, her gorgeous frame covered provocatively with a low cut top and wrap over kilt almost to stocking top height, heels higher than normal and a touch of scent which always has me reaching out to caress and take my lovely soft skinned wife at any time and place, though modern society is still not ready for such animalistic tendencies in the High street, more is the pity for avid watchers like me.

We found the address with a little difficulty as she had been driven there from a different direction but we eventually found it and parked behind his car. The men were all there already and immediately crowded round her giving complements and strokes of welcome. We went into the lounge and then the kitchen with me being offered beers but refusing as I was driving. Liz was given wine and I noticed the glass remained full almost all the time as they talked nonsense and did the usual laddish stuff which did not particularly impress her. Four guys, four cocks and one sexy lady added up to a very potent cocktail ready to explode when mixed together. I did not notice the lights go down but the mood changed as John kissed her long and hard tongues intertwining and heavy breathing, skirt pulled up by his searching hand and her stocking tops exposed for Gerry and Alex's benefit (plus me). The kilt came loose and dropped away, Liz stepped out of it and Gerry flicked it behind the sofa. Her top followed and they stopped kissing as the undressing of my wife continued after hands had sough out her breasts through her bra. Once discarded, her panties were quickly shed and she stood in her hold up stockings and heels. Her body glowed softly in the light, the oil that Gerry had been warming was in his hands and he slowly coated her body in a sexy sheen making it appear she was sweating all over.

That she was hot, extremely hot was obvious, she was moaning softly with each sensuous slide of the oiled hands as they caressed the liquid into her body all over. This was taking some time, feet, ankles, legs. Her thighs, bum, back and shoulders all got the same treatment and then her breasts and stomach until the final massage was her cunt lips and pussy area, now being given very special treatment. This had her in raptures and the slightest pressure made her squirt her come strongly, uncontrolled across the floor and his hands, we were all amazed at this showing of total abandonment, she buckled at the knees, weak with the intensity of the moment. John sat her down on the sofa and laid her back, opening her legs, her cunt glistened and gaped, juices ran down to her crack and spilled across the sofa cushion. I was transfixed, my erection bursting my jeans. It was now I noticed I was the only person still clothed, three impressive but not massive erections pointed forwards, two uncircumcised and the third, Alex with a dark red plum coloured knob end. I waited back and watched as first Gerry began to lick her while John offered his cock to her lips and was rewarded. Alex was wanking and looked at me saying 'She is gorgeous' that made me very proud, some guys may have said she was a slut, but she was anything but in my eyes, just a woman brave enough to seek her desires with my blessing.

I became a pure onlooker as each guy took advantage of her willingness to do anything within reason to her. She happily fucked each cock and sucked them too. She came fairly frequently and they rested and resumed fucking, her naked body a willing vessel taking spunk in mouth and cunt. Alex had been screwing her for a while and had made her come big time when he said he would love to fuck her bum. Liz said that was unlikely and turned to me and said what I thought. I replied that it might be nice for her as long as she got well lubed up. John found a new tube of KY jelly (surprise surprise) in a drawer next to the sofa. Liz said they could try but if it hurt they had to stop.

The room went quiet and Gerry applied the cold gel to her upturned bum crack, opening her cheeks and slowly rubbed it in and round her sphincter. All four of us guys were transfixed as the gel was sexily applied, the tension mounted. The gel was passed to Liz to lube Alex's cock. The clear gel squirted onto her palm and she lovingly rubbed it on his bell end and then more down the shaft as far as his balls. Alex was almost gone with the pleasure of the gel wank, but he held off probably because he had come in her cunt only twenty minutes or so earlier.

He was ready, her bum looked slick and Alex gently nudged his bell end across her cheeks then up the crack, holding her cheeks wide apart, he slipped his purple head against her and on tip toe, allowed gravity to force the first half inch inside her, a deep breath from liz and his cock head disappeared. All us guys were watching, holding our breath, hoping to see his cock fully in her arse. He was half way in, about four inches buried deep in her bum when he just said 'This is fantastic' He pushed a bit deeper and she took a sharp intake of breath and held herself stiff for a few seconds before moving back onto his shaft and another inch or so went in her. He pulled out a little and sank back in, several times and I saw his concentration wavering, he was going to come and was not fully in her. His deep gasp and her involuntary move to get him deeper spelt the climax had come, he shot a few spurts of spunk deep in her, she moaned heavily, happy that the spunk was in her and they collapsed together. After a rest, they slowly parted and his shiny shaft plopped out, still spitting spunk as he lay exhausted and grinning from ear to ear.

Liz got up groggily and sat open legged on the sofa, her cunt red and swollen, her body still shining with oil. We had a drink and as it was past one in the morning decided to call it a day. We dressed and said our goodbyes. I said I hoped our subterfuge had not spoiled anything and the guys said it had been a night to remember for them. We left and next morning John came to the hotel and fucked her again before we left, leaving Liz with a spunky cunt for the drive home. That truly had been a weird weekend in many ways but very fulfilling in others, none more than her new found liking for anal sex, which she intended to explore again.