Written by Welshmike

6 May 2014

Last sunday evening I left my parents house in Milford Haven to drive back along the M4 to my home in Kent. I ended up leaving far later than I had intended so by the time I crossed the Severn bridge I was starting to feel a little tired and so I decided to pull off the motorway and have a short nap and a piss. I went around the roundabout at the Bath junction and drove the short distance into the rest area.

As I entered the well lit carpark I saw a few man standing by the telephone box in the center where the toilets used to be. I parked close by and I could see that the telephone box was not empty the light inside was on. I stepped out of my car and walked towards the phonebox. As I got closer I saw and heard that the young couple who were in it were fucking. The young dark haired girl was very slim with a range of tattoos up her arm and was wearing a short red dress which was rolled up to her waist, her knickers were on the floor around her shoes. She was leaning forward with her face against the telephone and the man behind her was wearing a T shirt had his jogging bottoms lowered as he pounded his impressive cock into her as he held onto her hips

One of the other men watching told me that they had been in the box for more than ten minutes, he said that he had tried to open the door to join them but had been told that they were only going to be putting on a show and there would be nobody else involved.

Another car had arrived and the driver was soon also standing watching with us.

The couple stopped fucking and the girl smiled at all of us as she turned and squatted down in front of him and licked along his cock and sucked his balls then rubbed it against her cheek before taking it deep into her mouth.

She stood up again, raised one leg, took hold of his prick and guided it back into her pussy as she pressed her lips against his. They fucked like this for a few minutes until he withdrew his cock and pulled up his pants. She reached down and picked up her knickers and stepped into them, then pulled down the hem of her dress.

They opened the door and grinned as they walked hand in hand back to their large 4X4 that was parked nearby. With a little wave to us they drove off.