Written by older male

19 Jul 2011

We decided to have a night together something of a rarity, my wife has short red hair and what is called a fuller figure, not suprising having had four children now grown up with their own offspring.

Having had our fill we made our way to the car at this there was a torrential downpour only just missing it, but this young woman about 30 years got the lot soaked to the skin my wife said stop the car and let her get in.

She lived quite close to us and so we offered a lift home, she said she was waiting for her boyfriend and he had the key, so I said no problem you can come to our home, o/k so it was.

My wife got in and put the kettle on for coffee, our poor guest was dripping all over the carpet, look you cant stay in those clothes come with me and led her upstairs she returned and put them in the tumble drier.

Our guest had one of my dressing gowns on very warm and of course too large for her. I now realised she was naked. I started to get aroused adjusting my trousers trying to hide the hard on she spotted this and smiled a sort of I know what you want smile.

The clothes in the spin drier my wife busy making coffee in the kitchen, I asked her 'do you feel better now that your dry' ? a stupid bloody question, she said it depends where you mean.

At that she opened my dressing gown to cross her legs and gave me a sight to behold a smooth shaven fanny, pausing just enough for me to get a good look at it she was enjoying flashing her cunt at me a complete stranger.

At this point the door opened and my wife brought in hot tea and coffee, I'll go and make us sandwiches, you pour and I'll be back, I'll be mother our guest said bending over her ample breast showing nipple hard as a rock, as I reached for the cup she put her chest toward me to feel her tits, I had a quick feel they were firm, what the hell was I doing? my wife was here and this woman was getting me to feel her up.

I said look I'll have to stop your teasing me like mad after all I can hardly fuck you here..continue