Written by sarah

1 Oct 2011

i had to go away with work for a couple of nights for a team building exercise i so didnt want to go. we arrived at the hotel at 11am got unpacked and i made my way down to the gym we had to meet for dinner at 7pm in the bar, i walked in we had a couple of drinks then had dinner, after dinner we was all a bit pissed and thought we would abuse the expense account at the bar, as we walked in i ordered a glass of wine, we found a few tables together and i went to sit down, on my way i felt a hand on my arm i looked up and saw my ex John, we had a chat and i could feel the chemisty was still there he was on a conference with his work, i sat with my team but couldnt concentrate on anything except john i kept seeing him look over at me, after an hour my team went off to bed i got up to make my way to the lift, john jumped up and followed me in to the lift, as the doors shut he said how good i looked and how he had never got over me, i laughed at his comments i must have closed my eyes as when i opened them his mouth was an inch from my lips i gasped and with that he lent down and started to kiss me easing my mouth open with his tongue, the lift came to a stop at my floor i told him i had to get out, he told me it was his floor too and he would walk me back to my room, i fumbled for my key as it turned in the lock, john pushed me inside and started to kiss me again i couldnt help but kiss him back, we both said that fate must have played a hand in our coming together i told him it was a one off, he undid my zip so my dress fell to the floor showing my stockings he bent down to his knees and pushed my legs away and started to lick and bit my now wet pussy, he was as good as i remembered and i cum good and proper, he stood up and we kissed again he lifted m e up and laid me on the bed putting my feet on his shoulders, he fingerfucked me until i cum then slowly pushed his rock hard cock into my pussy we fucked all night and it was as good as it had been all those years before and it still is................more to follow