Written by holfun

9 May 2017

10 years ago my wife, Mandy, and I bought an apartment in southern Spain. It was part of a small complex and over the years we got to know a few of the other couples who regularly went out at the same time as us. One couple in particular, Jon and Amy, became quite good friends and we began to really look forward to meeting up with them whenever our holidays coincided. It didn’t do any harm that Amy, who was about 40-year-old, was a stunning gym bunny, about 5ft 10in, who loved keeping herself in great shape and regularly bathed topless which showed off a pair of lovely breasts with the most extraordinary perky nipples you could imagine. It was really difficult not to stare when she lay on her balcony topping up her tan.

Don’t get me wrong, Mandy was also gorgeous, also about 5ft 10in, and she too had great breasts and didn’t mind putting them on display around the pool and on the beach.

One night as we lay in bed I let it slip that Jon, who was a little bit overweight and almost bald, no doubt kept Amy happy because he had the biggest dick I’d ever seen. Not that I’m a perve or anything but on one occasion as we shared a piss together, I couldn’t help but notice that he had a good 8 inches flaccid and goodness knows how big with a hard on. Mandy was visibly excited as I described his penis size and said that she had though he was big as she’d seen his trunks cling to his body on a number of occasions and had wondered about his manhood. That night she shagged me with real passion and I reckoned I knew why.

Over the next day or so as we sunbathed together the conversation got quite flirty and dirty and I could see that Mandy was desperate to see Jon’s monster. I’m not small in the penis department but nothing compared to Jon so there was an understandable curiosity on her part. We were behaving like horny teenagers and there was quite a lot of mutual suntan lotion application and ‘accidental’ rubbing of breasts and buttocks between the four of us. A couple of times as Mandy rubbed some lotion onto Jon’s legs I noticed that she pushed right into his groin area and must have touched something as he squeaked a bit. A couple of nights later, as we were getting ready to go out for something to eat, Jon and I were sharing a beer whilst the ladies got ready in our bedroom and I mentioned that Amy was really fit and he nodded and quickly said that he thought Mandy was as well but that she probably wouldn’t find an overweight guy like him very sexy. I assured him that he was wrong and encouraged him to try his luck.

When the ladies came out of the bedroom Jon and I let out a low whistle as they both looked stunning. Both were wearing short white skirts which showed off their long, suntanned legs to perfection and Mandy had on a button up white blouse and Amy a pale yellow t-shirt that showed off her lovely breasts as they strained at the material. Without thinking about it I blurted out, ‘Ok girls, knickers off for the night!’ and to my astonishment Mandy just reached up her skirt, whipped off her G-string and pinged it at me and Amy quickly followed suite, giving me a quick flash of her landing strip pussy hair in the process.

We headed off to the restaurant although I was so hard I could hardly walk. After a few drinks and a nice meal Mandy got up to go to the toilet. Jon said to her with a cheeky grin on his face, ‘How about getting rid of the bra before you come back?’ and off she went. Amy said, ‘Oh well. I suppose I’d better join her,’ and set off in pursuit. When they came back both were obviously bra-less with Mandy’s nipples clearly visible through the white material and Amy’s nipples sticking through her t-shirt like thimbles. The waiter nearly lost his eyes when he came with the bill and we set off, a bit tipsy, back home.

As we walked back up the road to the apartment it was just growing dark and I slipped an arm around Mandy’s waist and then let it drop down and up her skirt where I fondled her lovely buttocks as she walked. Mandy just let out a little sigh and kept walking. I’m sure Jon and Amy were loving the view of her bare arse being squeezed in front of them.

When we got back to our apartment the atmosphere was thick with lust and whilst the other three settled onto our L-shaped couch I opened another bottle of wine. We poured a glass each and toasted to ‘holiday fun’ and Amy, I’m sure deliberately, opened her legs slightly to give me a good view of her lovely fanny as she sat across the angle.

I put my arms around Mandy’s shoulders and let my hand fall inside her blouse which she had already undone to almost belly button level and began to gently squeeze her tits. Over on the other couch Amy was rubbing Jon’s cock on the top of his shorts and it was slowly creeping down the leg of his shorts. Mandy then piped up, ‘Oh, come on Jon. Let’s see your dick then. Alan’s been telling me it’s a bit of a monster.’ Jon just stood up, dropped his shorts and then from his pants pulled out this python. He was hard as a log and about 11 inches and thick with it. Mandy just let out a groan and reached out to him. He stepped over in front of her and she just took his big dick and stuck it into her mouth and began to suck him like there was no tomorrow.

I nearly came in my pants there and then! I reached over to where Mandy was kneeling and undid the rest of her buttons and pulled off her shirt and then undid her skirt and tugged it down as well and she was just sucking him off, naked. Amy by now was rubbing her clit hard and moaning on the other couch so I quickly stripped off and walked over to her and undressed her as well. At last her magnificent breasts were mine and I simply sucked them until her nipple were about an inch long. I then lay her back on the couch and began to finger her clit until she was moaning with pleasure. She pulled my dick towards her mouth and I turned her round and went at it in the 69 position for the next ten minutes.

I could hear Mandy groaning loudly on the other couch and lifted my head to see Jon’s big dick pumping into her and she was taking it right to the hilt. That nearly pushed me over the edge and and I turned Amy back upright and shoved my engorged dick right up her cunt and began pumping her hard. I’ve had the snip so cumming inside her wasn’t a problem but I didn’t want to cum too early so I pulled out and gave her some tongue and watched Jon shagging Mandy, doggy style, on the other couch.

We were all too excited to make this a long session and pretty soon us boys lost control and we were filling our ladies with hot spunk and screaming like mad men. What a night… and it became the first of many great sex sessions both in and outside the apartment.

But that’s another story.