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Unexpected lad's dream come true - part 6

"The evening before Ron"

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So here is part 6 of my wonderful journey with an incredible woman who was 11 years older than me.  When I was only 19, Jayne was the best thing that happened to me.  I’m still eternally grateful for the pervy education she led me into.  As usual, for those who haven’t read the first 5 parts of my youth, may be click on my profile and go to the stories button – you could have a deep insight into Jayne and I…….or you could just horse on straight into part 6 here and be a tad confused!!  It’s up to you.  And for those who’ve tolerated the first 5 accounts, welcome back!


As we headed back into the West End for tea, Jayne looked gorgeous in her long dress – knowing that she was completely naked underneath it, I had a lazy hard on all the way!  I steered us into an Aberdeen Angus Steak House by Piccadilly Circus.  We waited to be shown to a table.  We sat next to each other rather than opposite sides of the table and after we’d settled in, a waitress came to our table and introduced herself as Alison.  She took our drinks order and headed away.  Jayne said to me, “You might want to put your tongue back in your mouth, you dirty little sod!”.  Yes, she’d caught me eyeing the waitresses arse as she walked away! 

“Would you fuck her?” she asked me with a laugh.  “Sorry, no love” I replied, lying through my teeth!  “Well I definitely would…..” she said.  “She’s lovely, she looks like the sort of girl we’d both really enjoy doing”.   We spoke about her for a couple of minutes, wondering if she was a likely slut in the same way as Jayne.  And then Jayne was asking me if I thought she’d have nice nipples for us both to suck on.  I was a little lost in that thought when Alison started heading back towards us with our drinks on a tray.  As she got closer to us, Jayne placed her left hand on my crotch and was moving it ever so slightly across my cock.  She didn’t give a damn about the waitress seeing what she was up to.  And fair play to the waitress, it was clear that she could see Jayne’s little action on me and it didn’t seem to distress her.  Probably all in a day’s work in some London restaurants!  The location of our table was such that we weren’t at risk of being seen by other diners, so our playing remained restricted to our chosen audience of one!

She asked if we were ready to order our food and Jayne said she’d like another couple of minutes, so the waitress headed away again.  As Jayne was watching her arse as she walked away, I said to her “Can you taste carpet bits on your tongue?”!  She laughed and said, “I’m being a bit obvious, aren’t I?”.  “Yup” I said, “I think that’s the sort of girl you’d love to settle your girlie itch with isn’t it?”.  Jayne kissed me on the neck and said “Yes, but with someone like her, I’d love you to be doing her with me”.  I kissed her on the lips and told her “And that’s why I love being with you”.  Jayne gave me the “I know” look but didn’t answer me back.

Having made our decisions on the menu, Alison came back over.  We were both looking at her as she walked, and I swear that she was giving it a more sexy walk than previously.  Jayne again had her hand on my cock and it was clear that Alison was looking directly at Jayne’s hand gently stroking my trousers.  When she looked back up I was smiling at her and she smiled back nicely.  She took Jayne’s order first and I made a move to put my hand in Jayne’s lap, being quite obvious that I was touching her up through her dress.  Alison smiled again as she took my order.  Then she spun around and headed towards the kitchen.

Jayne kissed me on the cheek and said “She knows that we’re a filthy pair of fuckers!  I think she might be as well”.  I continued stroking Jayne through her dress and she admitted that she was so turned on yet again.  “You have me wanting to cum all of the time that I’m with you.  I’m supposed to be the one in charge but you’re doing things and making me want to do things that I could never even dream of doing with Dave”.  I grinned my stupid grin and said, “Yeah, well Dave gets the benefit of you for most of the time but I’m just making the best of it when I have you.  It’s fun but I know that you’ll probably never leave him, so just be a part-time slut and abuse my body for as long as you want to!”. 

Alison brought our starter courses over and we were both playing with each other openly so that she could see.  As she placed our dishes on the table, she looked at Jayne and said “Enjoy…..oh, I can see that you are enjoying!!!”.  Well that was it, she was definitely not offended and was interested in our games.  I remembered that we hadn’t introduced ourselves, so I said to Alison, “Sorry Alison, we didn’t say…. I’m Kevin and this is the drop dead gorgeous Jayne with a ‘Y’, it’s a pleasure to have you serving us”.  Alison came straight back  at us with “You’re the perfect couple that I like to serve….in any way you want” and with a sexy smile, she turned and swayed away again.  “Holy fuck” I said to Jayne, “I think she’s as filthy as you, you slut!”.  Jayne kissed me again and said “Oh, I really do hope so.  I’m sure we’ll get to fuck her at some stage”.  As we ate, we discussed asking Alison if she wanted to come for a drink after her shift finished.  We hadn’t worked out how we would deal with Ron’s likely arrival at our hotel bar after he’d been to the musical….but we’d have to think it all through. Our first priority was to sound Alison out to see if she wanted to meet up later.

As soon as I’d finished my prawn cocktail, Jayne pulled the long tablecloth over my lap and told me to get my cock out.  I did as she told me and she kept me hidden beneath the material but was gently wanking me with her left hand whilst finishing her soup with her right hand.  You’ve got to love a multitasking woman!

To describe Alison, she was tall and slim, with auburn hair, small tits and had a lovely face without being a model.  A girl next door type.  My first impression was that she’d be a bit younger than Jayne but still quite a bit older than me.  Having been ‘educated by Jayne, who was 11 years my senior, I had no qualms about more mature women. 

As our main courses arrived with Alison, she cleared our first course dishes.  Without pulling the table cloth back, it was clear that Jayne was wanking me beneath it.  Alison laughed and said to us both “You’re my absolute favourite customers of the year, you two, you’ve made my shift so much more, er….interesting!”.  At this, Jayne briefly pulled the tablecloth off my cock to show Alison and then covered me up again.  “Nice” Alison said, then gently turned and headed back towards her station, swaying her arse for us as she went!

“That went well” Jayne said, “God, I’m so horny thinking about doing her and then watching you fuck her. Would you be up for it?”.  I pretended to choke on my food!  “Errr…..too right!!”. I told her.  “She’s really hot, and if it makes you horny you know I’ll do anything for you”.  Jayne told me to tuck my cock away for now and she kissed me on the cheek.  “I know you will” she said, giving me a look that said “I love you” without actually saying it.  Well, that was always good enough for me.

We continued eating our steaks and when we were done, Alison was straight over to clear our plates. “Desserts?” she asked.  We were both full up so we declined and asked her for a couple of halves of lager to finish off with.  

Jayne then said to me “I’m going to ask her to come for a drink when she’s finished work.  I need to do her!”.  I agreed that it’d be great if we could.

When our drinks arrived, Jayne was stroking me through my trousers again so that Alison could see.  “This is my favourite toy of them all” she said to the sexy waitress.  Alison smiled and said “Yes, and I can see that he’s such a good lad as well, you’re a lucky girl”. 

Now was the time for Jayne to make her play for Alison……..”Would you like to come for a drink after you finish?  We’re staying in a hotel not far from here”.  Alison’s reply was one we’d not thought of though.  “Sorry, I’d really love to but my Dad picks me up just after 10 as we live Willesden and he’s not keen on me using the night bus”.  I could see that Jayne was devastated at this unforeseen revelation, I knew that she’d set her heart on having fun with Alison later this evening.  I jumped in with “Do you work full-time here?”  “No” she replied, “I only do Fridays and Saturdays, I work in a solicitor’s office near home as a full time job.  Look, I really would have loved to come for a drink with you both, will you be coming back in sometime?  We could arrange something in advance”. I told her that we were from the Cotswolds but I was sure that we’d be heading back for another London break in the near future.  Alison looked at her watch and told us that she has a 15 minute break due shortly and asked if we’d like to meet her out behind the restaurant for a cigarette.  We both agreed straight away and she gave us directions for how to find the staff smoking place. 

I squared the bill with cash and Jayne gave Alison a fiver as a tip.  Back then, that was a huge amount for a tip, but she was well worth it!

Jayne and I walked out of the restaurant and found the service lane that was behind the buildings.  We went past the kitchen exit and stood by some large bins which were a bit ripe but gave some cover from onlookers. Jayne lifted the front of her dress and said to me “Finger me and kiss my neck.  And when she comes out, just carry on.  I’ll do the talking, you just keep going until I ask you to stop.  I want her to see you playing with me”.  I complied with her instruction and my fingers were getting lovely and moist from her gorgeous cunt.  I wanted to pull my fingers out and lick them but I decided to follow Jayne’s instructions completely. 

As I was doing my duties to Jayne, I heard a metal door open and close and Jayne whispered in my ear “She’s coming…..just carry on”.  I heard Alison say to Jayne “Oh, I do hope I’m interrupting something!”.   Jayne said to her “He’s ever so good.  If it makes me happy, he’ll do anything, and do it well” she laughed.  I then heard her tell Alison to put her cigarettes away and have one of ours.  Whilst my right hand was still fingering her wonderful cunt, Jayne put her lighter into my left hand.  Next, she pulled her fag packet out of her pocket, opened it and then said to me, “pull your fingers out of me and get a cigarette out for the nice lady”.  I suddenly twigged that Jayne wanted me to get her juices over the filter tip so that Alison would be placing a sexily moistened fag in her mouth.  Alison also deduced the same thing and said “Ooh, yes please”.  I made a big play of pulling one out of the pack and rolling the filter around my wet fingers, then passed it over to her.  She rubbed the wetted filter around her lips an simply went “Mmmmmm, nice”.  I then offered her a light and she took a deep draw of smoke and said “Perfect……the cigarette and the two of you, thanks”. 

Jayne then said “And one for me please”.  But before I could start pulling one out of the packet for her she lifted her dress again and said “I think you’re forgetting something aren’t you?”.  I immediately pushed two fingers back inside here and got them nice and wet before pulling them out and moistening a fag for her. “good boy, thank you.  Can you see how well trained he is Alison?”.  “Yes” she smiled, “you’ve done very well for yourself finding this one.  He'd be the perfect boyfriend material for any girl”.

Having lit Jayne’s fag I then put on a show of sucking my fingers in front of the girls and I loved every second of it.  I then lit myself a smoke and the girls started chatting away.  Jayne asked Alison if we were to come back to London again, should she make arrangements by ringing her at the restaurant to let her know of a future visit.  Alison said it would be better to ring her at home as she’s in most evenings during the week.  She just said that if her Mum or Dad were in earshot during a call, she might have to speak very discreetly.  But the plan was coming together.  Alison gave Jayne her parent’s phone number and Jayne wrote down our numbers.  Again, the deal was that if parents were close by when any of us called each other, we might have to ring back from a call box.  I said that it’s probably be the girls keeping in touch mainly but I could be contacted most evening if needed.

Having stamped out our cigarettes and swapped phone numbers, Jayne asked if she could call Alison on the next Tuesday evening and it was arranged for about 7.30 pm as Alison’s parents were usually out at bridge club then.  Jayne said that if her own parents were in on Tuesday, she’d ring Alison from a call box so at least they wouldn’t be restricted in what they could talk about.  As it was time for Alison to get back to her shift in the restaurant, she said to us “Look, I’m really sorry I couldn’t come with you tonight, but if you still want to, let me know in advance when you’ll be up again and I can tell my Dad that I’m staying with a friend on one of the nights.  It’ll be fun!”.

Jayne said to her “Can I see my boyfriend and you kissing before you go?  It’ll be such a turn on just watching you”.  She pulled the front of her dress up and started playing with herself as Alison moved towards me.  Snogging each other really sexily, I had a crafty rub of Alison’s cunt area through her uniform dress and she just squirmed nicely against my fingers.  This was going great!  Jayne called out “God, it’s so horny watching you two.  I love it.  I’m going to fuck his brains out as soon as we get back to our hotel.  And I’ll make sure that we’re both talking about you whilst we do it, Alison!”.  We broke from our kissing and Jayne pushed her sopping fingers into my mouth, she tasted gorgeous as usual.  She then started kissing Alison and touching her up.  “Breaking off, she told her “I’ve never been with another girl, I so want you to be my first.  Is that ok with you?”  Alison just felt Jayne through her dress and said “I can’t wait”.

As Alison disappeared back into the restaurant, Jayne said to me “Right……..hotel…..fuck…..straight away!”.  Well I wasn’t going to argue with her.  My cock had been straining to break through my trousers for ages now.  So we headed one street back from Piccadilly Circus where I was able to flag down a black cab to take us to our hotel.

As we entered the hotel lift, Jayne raised her dress and said, “I’m absolutely soaking down there and it’s all your fault!  Lick me, I can’t fucking wait!”.  I knelt down and ran my tongue along her soaking wet slit and was rewarded with her wonderful taste.  I stood up before the doors opened on our floor and she almost ran to our room.  I had the key so she had to wait but by the time I got their her dress was up and she was rapidly fingering herself.  “I’m nearly cumming right here and now” she wailed.  “Quick, open up”.  I did so and she ran into the room lifted her dress right off and threw herself on the bed, laying on their with her shoes on and her legs spread wide open.  “Don’t even take your clothes off…...just get that lovely cock inside me”, which I did.  “I love you fucking me, I loved watching you and her kissing and I want to fuck her right now.  I want to see you fucking her and I’d sit on her face.  Yeah, you’ll fuck her with that gorgeous cock and I’ll have her tongue up inside me whilst I watch you do her”.  With that, Jayne orgasmed and I plunged my tongue as far into her mouth as I could.  I was only a few seconds behind her in cumming.  “God, I can feel you spurting in me.  I love it so much.  I love your cock, I love your spunk and I love you” she said.  Suddenly she backtracked and said, “Well I meant to say the first two but I shouldn’t have said the third, sorry”.   “It’s ok” I reassured her, I know you can’t say it but whatever we have together and for however long it goes on for, nobody can take this whole thing away from me, so don’t worry about that little slip – I won’t hold you to it!” I laughed.  “You’re so fucking great” she said, “I wish I could give you more, but Dave……..”.  I knew that she’d never leave her fiancé and that I was just her young bit on the side so I had no long term expectations and I told her so.  She was relieved and thankful.  “Yes, let’s just live it for now and as you say, no-one can ever take this away from us”.

The evening was getting on now and there was probably just over an hour before Ron (the American) would or might be turning up  to the hotel bar for an couple of after theatre drinks with us.  I reminded Jayne of this and suggested that we might have a quick bath to freshen up before heading down for a drink. 

Whilst Jayne ran the bath, I told her I’d just pop down and check out the hotel bar layout.  Entering the bar, it was very quiet with only two couples sat in there.  Some tables had ‘Reserved’ signs on them so I guessed that it would get busier at some time.  I approached the bar and spoke with the gent who was stood polishing a glass.  “It’s a lot quieter than I thought”.  “Yes”, he said, “A lot will be out at shows or having dinner.  It does liven up later”.  I asked him what the reserved table arrangement was and he explained that some guests just wanted to make sure that they’d get a seat when they come in later, although it had never got full.  I saw an opportunity to maybe get a discreet table so I told him that my girlfriend’s uncle was coming in to meet us in a bit but he was apparently quite nervous in crowds.  I asked if there was a ‘quieter’ table that he could recommend for us and he said “No problem, Sir”.  With that, he came around from behind the bar and proceeded to pull a chair across to a fairly dark area, partly removed from the main area.  “Would a table here suit, sir?”.  I agreed that such a quiet area would be great, so he brough two more chairs and then a table across and set them up.  He then brought a ‘Reserved’ sign and placed in on top.  Such bloody good service, I thought.  I gave him a couple of pound notes for his help and he seemed pleased with that.

I returned to our room and let myself in, Jayne was in the bath so I took my clothes off and joined her.  She grabbed my cock under the water as soon as I settled in and started wanking me.  “I love this little man” she said.  “And he loves you” I replied.  I the reached forward and pushed two fingers straight inside her and rapidly moved them in and out.  “Just getting all of that nasty, filthy spunk out of you in case Ron works his way into you”.  “Are you really ok if I fuck him” she asked.  “Of course” I told her “But I’m going to try and make him ‘reward’ us as he’s already hinted that would be on the cards!”.  “Jayne was getting closer to yet another orgasm, “So you’ll let me be a prostitute and you’ll be my pimp?”. She gasped.  “Yeah, I’ll make him pay to fuck you and we’ll use whatever we get to come back to London again some time so we can fuck Alison”. 

Jayne started cumming on my fingers.  She had her arms around my shoulders and just pulled herself forwards and started giving me a love bite on my neck!  I knew that I could never give one to her because of her fiancé figuring something out from that, but I was so proud that she was putting what, in those days, amounted to a stamp of ownership on a partner.  After all of the day’s happenings so far, I couldn’t be any more in love with Jayne than I was at this moment. 

Once she’d come down from her orgasm, I suggested that we get dried off and dressed ready to go down to the bar and wait to see if Ron was going to turn up……and if he did, whether I could get him to ‘reward’ Jayne for helping him to empty his balls! 


More to come as and when I get the next window of opportunity to write the next chapter.  Thanks for sticking with me.

Written by korky2

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