Written by jigglenut

3 Feb 2012

my wife is a qualified holistic massage therapist but due to a muscle fatigue disease she can now only perform gentle massages for clients including myself. However I have been suffering from stress for a while regarding my job etc and she suggested that I have a remedial massage which requires a lot of firm hand pressure and she booked me in with a lady by the name of Pam. Now my wife had known Pam for a few months and had told her all about my ailments and Pam duly turned up on the day in question. To be honest when I saw her I thought to myself that she was quite attractive and is about 5 years older than me at 55 with a reasonably good figure about a size 12 I would say. Anyway I had the massage which was quite painfull at times and have had a total of 3 now and really got to know Pam.

It was on the last visit that things happened and don't ask me why because I never meant it to. Pam had asked me to get on the couch as usual and then made a comment on how good my body looked but I thought nothing of it and jokingly said "you don't have a bad body yourself" to which she just smiled. Pam started the massage and strangely it felt different as she was more gentle than usual and was concentrating on my lower back and buttocks and occassionaly rubbing down between my thighs or was I just imagining it.

Pam then asked me to turn over so she could do the front of my body so I obliged and rolled over. Pam said "its hot in here and removed her top which just left her in a sports vest and no bra by the look of it. She again began to massage and when she went down to the groin area she again felt down between my thighs. I decided to call her bluff and opened my legs a little to which she responded by saying "seems you like that then" to which I replied "oh yes it feels great". She responded by pushing her whole hand into my underpants and grabbing my now hard cock. I said "we have to be careful Debra is downstairs" to which she said " she won't come up because its not proffessional to disturb a massage". She continued to wank my cock and removed my pants, I stopped her and leant forward and removed her vest to reveal her lovely breasts. I sucked one of the nipples into my mouth and caressed the breast in my hand while she began to step out of her trousers. I jumped up off the massage couch and moved Pam so that she was now bent over it and pulled her panties to one side and began to offer my cock to her pussy.Her cunt was so wet and easily accepted my cock and I began to thrust frantically into her and begged her not to make a sound as Deb would hear. I think this added to the naughtiness we were getting up to as I felt a surge in my cock and whispered to Pam that I was about to cum. She pulled me out and turned around and dropped to her knees and squeezed her tits together and I shot spurt after spurt of hot semen onto her breasts. when I had finished Pam stood up cleaned her breasts with a tissue and kissed me hard on the lips pushing her tongue into my mouth then pulled away before saying " that was good but it will be better the next time". We both went downstairs and Debra my wife was all smiles and chatty and doesn't even realise what had happened. can't wait till next time as my massage is taking place whilst Debra is at work.