16 Jan 2019

Tonight has been different to say the least, getting caught wanking by your 65 year old neighbour is not an everyday occurrence. We live in a block of 4 terraced houses and have access through each others gardens and we have a nice little community, each having a key to keep an eye on each others places. Well tonight my wife had gone out and i was doing what most men do when you get a bit of free time, looking at porn and having a wank. I was having a lovely relaxed wank and didn't hear the back door go and as i sat at the table shorts around my ankles, erect cock in hand, wanking away, all of a sudden i was startled by a little cough from behind me. I quickly stood up trying to cover myself, cover my laptop and pull my shorts up, Shirley just stood there with a sort of embarrassed smile and said very quietly don't mind me, ive not seen one of those in a long while. What could i say i'd been caught red handed i was stood there trying to cover myself up feeling quite embarrassed, Shirley just moved a little closer and whispered please carry on. In that moment and the heightened state i was in i thought why not and stopped trying to cover myself, i don't know what possessed me but i decided to put on a bit of a show pulling my foreskin back and running my fingers over the tip, all the while looking her in the eyes, wasn't long before she was starring at my cock and not my into my eyes tho. I was trying to take my time but being watched has always had the effect of making me cum quickly and tonight was no different. I was now wanking furiously and still watching Shirley watching me, now i could feel my cum building, my cock was raging and with a couple more long strokes i came, i heard Shirley gasp as i came, three long spurts across the floor, and as i pulled my foreskin back over my exposed helmet the last of my cum dripped onto the floor. I looked up and smiled at Shirley and she went bright red, she said in all her life she'd never watched or even thought of watching someone do that but actually it was quite fantastic and she'd love to see it again, I did tell her she could watch any Wednesday if she wanted too, she sort of nodded,then turned around and left, i'm not sure why she actually came in but think she was to shocked to ask after that .I'll have to wait and see if she turns up next week