Written by judy

17 Dec 2014

my name is judy, I last wrote in march about having sex with Gerry an old man we met in Benidorm , I had said I would meet him in England later ,but lost his number. anyhow last week me and 16 girls went to Benidorm for a 4 night birthday party. we were going to wear different costumes and because I had been to Egypt 2 weeks earlier I had a great tan , very dark, so my choice was Cleopatra ,a white short skirt ,little top ,thong and heels and head band ,which because of my shoulder length black hair ,looked the part.

we got there late,about 9 o'clock the first night, so went to a few bars as we were ,I could not remember the hotel were Gerry stayed but I remembered some bars , and after an hour ,found the hotel, I said to a few girls lets drop in there for a drink ,and 3 agreed. we went in and straight away we got noticed , mainly because we were half the age of every one there , we had a drink of sangria and 10 mins later I spotted Gerry ,he looked a bit older now and he was sat with an older woman . he then noticed me and waved me over ,I told the girls I was just going to talk to some one ,I sat down with them and started chatting . Gerry to his friend we had met last year ,her name was sue I never asked her age but she looked late 50s long blonde hair ,decent body and I could tell she d had a boob job , we chatted and when she went to toilet I said I had lost his number , and I had missed his cock, sue came back ,and I said we were going but I would come back tomorrow night.

next night came ,we all went out dressed up me in a very short white skirt little white button up top and heels ,no bra but a tiny white thong . later we all thinned out and about 11-30 I headed to the hotel,it was a bit quiet but as I walked in all the old men noticed me , I then saw Gerry and sue , I got a drink and sat with them , about midnight sue said she was going to her room and said goodnight I moved closer to Gerry ,no one could see us , I took his hand and placed it on my thigh just near my skirt and I grabbed his cock through his trousers ,he wasn't hard but it still felt big ,he ran his hand up my thigh ,I opened my legs to let him touch me ,I nearly came when he touched my pussy ,I said follow me out and lets go upstairs ,we got in the lift and he fingered me, he told me he couldn't get hard as easy now he needed pills ,but I told him I would try.

we got to his room ,went in side and I lay on the bed ,then it all changed ,sue came out of the bathroom in a little red nighty , she said you brought her back then ,she came over and knelt in front of me telling me she knew about last year , I was going, ans to stand up and leave but she said ,no stay she placed her hands on my legs ,she moved over me and started kissing and licking my thighs ,I said no I have never been with a woman

but she moved higher near to my pussy she reached up took my thong and pulled it down and off, she then lay next to me ,she started kissing me and touching my soaking wet pussy, she opened my top and licked my nipples which were now hard, I looked at gerry he was now naked ,he had taken some Cialis and was now rock hard sat in a chair stroking his cock , sue went back down on me licking me to orgasm ,she sat up took her nighty off and soon we were having full sex I licked her shaven pussy and as I did I felt Gerry get behind me ,he started fucking me god I couldn't believe it and old man and woman fucking me , sue got off ,I lay back and Gerry fucked me then sue came back with a big strap on and for the next hour the both fucked me, him with his big cock and her with he big plastic one ,at one point as I was riding Gerry ,sue got behind me , I felt some thing warm on my ass ,it was oil ,then she entered me ,they both did me at the same time.

by 2 am we were all worn out,i said I had to go but said I would come back on my last night. I will tell you about that later ,one of my friends got involved