Written by Chris

23 Sep 2009

I woke up to the slight sensation of movement next to me in bed. We had been out the night before Sonia David and myself and as usual had far too much to drink. Normally in these situations David just crashes out on the couch and Sonia and i head off to bed but last night i had the crazy idea that we all might aswell crash in the same bed which after several pints seemed like a reasonable idea to us all. Nothing untoward happened at all just a couple of goodnight kisses and then silence, to be honest i can't even remember any of us getting undressed! It wasn't quite daylight when I awoke but there was enough light to see that sonia was fast asleep still, so what was the movement? I tried to drift off to sleep again but still kept feeling that something was not quite right when suddenly sonia seemed to stiffen and then let out a sigh that sounded very sexual. This not only aroused my curiosity but I began to feel my cock harden, what the fuck was going on? I let my hand slowly work its way down Sonias body until I let it rest on her pussy only to find that David had beat me to it and my some considerable time too by how wet it was there. I looked up and saw David looking at me with a mixture of excitement and fear I had caught him fingering my wife and he wasn't sure how i was going to react. I moved his hand off sonias soaked pussy but instead of saying anything I left my own hand there, at this point sonia moved position from lying on her back to facing David, her arse pushed against my cock and she gave out another involuntary shudder.I brought my arm across her body and let my hand rest on her breast slowly rolling the nipple between my fingers. David took this as a green light seeing as though I hadn't said anything to him and slowly began to lick her other nipple. This was getting a little naughty I thought, cos if she wakes up now all hells gonna break lose but the moment got the better of me and i let things carry on. When you wake up horny to find your wife having an orgasm in her sleep from being fingered by someone else well whats a poor boy to do? I placed my hand under sonias thigh and gently lifted her legs apart giving David room to get his hand back to work on her pussy as he was doing this I began to kiss the back of my wifes neck something i know she really likes, once again she gave out a little moan only this time she began to kiss David passionately,something she often does to me before she has even opened her eyes in a morning.I slowly began to push my cock against her pussy meeting no resistance, due to the shock of sonia kissing David he had stopped playing with her pussy leaving it free for me to push into. Doing this was some kind of a wake up call for sonia as she realised she couldn't be fucked from behind and kiss face on at the same time. She opened her eyes and was half way through saying what the fucks going on when I began to get up a bit of a rythym and being unable to stop the feeling of pure lust she was experiencing she turned back to david and began to kiss him again only now she was making a lot more noise. After what seemed like an age she suddenly pulled off my cock turned around to face me looked me straight in the eyes and said in a voice heavy with desire that it was Davids turn to fuck her now! I didn't need telling twice and neither did David he was in her like a shot, pounding into her like his life was at stake; the sight of my wife her mouth wide open and her tits bouncing up and down as she was being fucked was the most unbelievable sight I have ever seen. I moved up the bed and positioned my cock at her mouth, she took hold of it between her fingers and then greedily began to eat it like she was starved licking and slurping for all she was worth. A couple of minutes later and she was on the move making David lay flat on the bed while she got down between his legs abd began to suck his cock leaving her arse in the air for me. I moved behind her and started to fuck her slowly from behind but the senses were starting to overwhelm me and after only a short time I asked if we could swap places to which David readily agreed, Sonia said nothing but stayed as she was with her arse in the air while we swapped places David fucking her from behind while I was getting my cock sucked again, this was fucking unbelievably erotic the look on sonias face was one I'll remember forever.Suddenely Sonia stiffened again only this time not from an orgasm but because David had took his cock out of her pussy and was now gently working it into her arse, something we have done together many times. Once again she held my gaze as her body began to take over her, she stopped sucking my cock and with Davids cock still deep inside her arse moved slowly over my body until they where both on top of me. With one arm propping herself up she used her other hand to guide my cock to her soaked pussy and then without any hesitation began to rub it over her clit until she could take no more and greedily stuffed it into herself. I felt strange at first but as she began to make the moves David and I just stayed as still as possible until we all got into a sort of synchronicity and then we fucked like mad.Sonia came first trembling shuddering and then going completely rigid at which point I could hold back no longer shooting my come deep into her pussy, David slowly withdrew from her arse and as Sonia lay on her back started to wank his cock over her tits and then shot his load onto her face and into her hair. The three of us lay there for awhile before Sonia turned to us both and said 'don't expect me to make the coffee this morning'.Since that morning we have had a few more escapades, some contrived some totally spontaneous but I may post about them some other time but until then i will say that Sonia thinks that David isn't too bad as Brothers-in-laws go!!!