Written by Jeremy

25 Jan 2018

We all do the planning occasionally with the hope of a leg over. Sometimes, however, it just happens out of the blue.

The recent star wars movie was out at midnight. My daughter and some friends decided they wanted to go and I was to be their driver. We're in Portsmouth and it was the local cinema at gunwharf quay which made it into an event....around 8 screens all kicking off at midnight and all booked out.

It was decided I'd drop them off and doze in the car instead of coming home. Trying to save a few quid and get a quick exit after I opted against the underground car park option but instead pulled up in the residents area.

Firstly it really was fucking freezing. Gunwharf quay is full of restaurants, shops, a casino and a club. To run the kids around, our family car is a ssangyong rodius. Funny looking thing but enormous, and smoked glass at the back. I'm parked up when a group of girls knock on the window looking for a minicab. I explain I'm waiting for the cinema to end in cpl hours.

Aa they tottered away I thought how I'd fuck any of them. All wearing next to nothing which seems normal these days. Twenty minutes later and four of them are back, offering me £50 to drop them off all within Portsmouth. Fuck it, why not.

It turned out three are at uni, whilst the fourth had only met them that night. They clubbed together and handed me £50band climbed in the back. The first one to be dropped off was very hammered but lived the furthest away, only a 15 minute drive. Two helped her to her door but when they came back, one got in the front. A petite mixed race girl, only 19 or 20, big smile, small red dress, no bra.

We dropped off the other two and the last one was Niki. She had turned round to talk to her friends and i sneaked a peek of her white panties, liking how it contrasted with her skin.

I noticed she kept facing me, and I'm sure her knees parted a little. I struggled not to stare. She was all questions, asking if I'm married, about kids etc. Once we got to hers her knees were definitely further apart. I joked about making my night. Clearly not shy she said, well the film doesn't finish for at least an hour and we could do more.

Things like this don't happen to me and I clarified what she'd said. She climbed in the back, past the middle cabin seats and onto the back row. Her dress around her waist and she beckoned me.

I couldn't move fast enough, and as I joined her she was all over me. Her knickers soon came off and she sat astride me, lowering herself onto my cock. It was all over in ten mins, she rode me hard, and it was a constant struggle to not come. I couldn't get enough of her peachy arse and pert little tits, topped by tiny dark nipples. When i came she just laughed, kissed me, climbed off and got out.

I'd made the mistake of not removing my jeans and the groin was stained with her juice and my cum.

Luckily I was able to cover it in the car, and put them inside out in the washing basket once I got in.

I've seen her since, in a restaurant when out with my family. She gave me a cheeky wink but that was it.