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Unfaithful wife

"It happened on Holiday"

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My boyfriend is the member on this site and this story happened before i met my boyfriend when i was married but my boyfriend likes it so much he told me to put it on here When i was married me and my husband had a dog so we booked a long weekend away in a hotel which allowed pets so we booked in. The hotel was in a small picturesque town in the Cotswolds with plenty of places to take the dog for walks The hotel had 3 floors with about 6 rooms on each floor and our room was on the top floor. On arrival the owner showed us to our room and told us that all the rooms had an en suite shower and if we wanted a bath there was a bath room at the end of the landing on each floor. The first day we just went for a walk around, had our evening meal and had some drinks before going to bed. In the morning we went down for breakfast and i decided to have a bath. My husband said he would take the dog for a walk and would take a look around the town. As the bathroom was only at the end of the landing i thought i would put my bath robe on and grab my toiletries and make a quick dash to the bathroom hoping no one would see me. I could not find my bath robe ( i forgot to pack it )so i put on my silky robe on instead and headed to the bath room. I was about 10 feet from the bath room when the owner walked out of the bath room and i stopped dead in my tracks, he seemed totally unfazed that he caught me me heading for the bath room in only a flimsy robe and started making small talk. Now the owner is about six foot tall and i'm only five foot six and as he was talking to me he was talking to me it seemed he was looking at my boobs, i put my hand to my chest and said do your mind and he replied not at all. He then reached out and started caressing my boob on the outside of my robe, i should of slapped his face but for some reason i could not move i just froze on the spot. Because i did not stop him he took this as sign to carry on and he put his hand inside the robe and carried on caressing my boob and pinching my nipple. i could not understand why i did not stop him ( i was at the time happily married ). i now know it was because it was tuning me on , anyone could of walked out of one of the other rooms and it was this danger that excited me, his hand started to move downwards towards my pussy and i suddenly came to my senses and grabbed his hand and said not here someone will see us. He reached behind me and opened a door to another room and pushed me inside and locked it. Once inside everything changed, i was so turned on, we started kissing and he pulled my robe open, his hands were all over my boobs and he was pinching my nipples, then his hands went to my pussy and he pushed his fingers in me which was driving me wild with lust. Then he pushed me back onto the bed, i was just lying there on the bed with my robe open and he was standing there. He then started undoing his trousers and he said i knew u were a dirty bitch the moment i saw you, this seemed to turn me on more, then he pushed his trousers to the floor and his hard cock sprang out. Now i know what you want me to say here but his cock WAS NOT massive, it was bigger than my husbands however. I sat up and reached up to hold it and moved my head forward, i could not believe what i was doing, five minutes ago i was walking to the bath room and now i was like a sex crazed animal. I started wanking him then put my lips over the end then sank his whole length into my mouth and he let out an approving groan, he grabbed my head and and started fucking my mouth and started saying take it you dirty bitch a suck it you dirty cock whore, the dirty talk was turning me on and and i really started sucking as hard as i could. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and said get on all fours you fucking dirty whore. All this dirty talk was really turning me on because no one had talked to me like this before ,it made me feel dirty and i liked it. So there i was on all fours on the bed i still had my robe on and i felt him get on the bed behind me, he pushed my robe up and started rubbing his cock at the entrance to my pussy, i reached under me to guide it in and i gave my clit a quick rub and i could not believe how wet i was. Then he pushed it in slowly, i could feel every inch going in and it felt fantastic then after he got about three inches in he started pulling back then back in again then back out again then back again, every time he pushed back in he would push it further in. When he was fully in he started fucking me slowly at first then faster. My pussy was starting to twitch now so i knew my orgasm was on its way .then he started talking dirty again calling me a slut then cock slag then a dirty cock whore, this was too much for me and i had to bite into the pillow as my orgasm ripped through me making me shake cry with pleasure. If did not bite into the pillow i would of screamed the hotel down. How he did not come i don't know he had some staying power. He then pulled out and stood up a said turn round you dirty fucking cock whore, every time he said dirty things to me it just made me more hornier. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he moved towards me with cock sticking out and he said suck my cock you dirty slag. I reached out and grabbed his cock and sank my lips over his cock and started sucking him again he told me to suck his balls and i did, he then said said finger yourself. I put my hand on my pussy and could not believe how wet i was i was literally dripping, i dont believe i have ever been so wet. So i was sucking him off and fingering myself waiting for him to cum in my mouth, i don't let people cum in my mouth not even my husband but i wanted to taste him because i was so turned on. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said lie back whore, i did as i was told and he got on top of me and started fucking me again, as he fucked me his face was right next to me about three inches in front of and as he was fucking me he started again saying you can't get enough can you, your dirty pussy just wants cock doesn't it your nothing but a slutty slag who can't get enough cock. i knew i was going to cum again and i said yes i can't get enough cock i'm just a slutty slag whore then i grabbed his head and kissed him hard to muffle my cries as i cum again, my dirty talk back to him sent him over the edge because as we kissed he groaned as i felt his cock twitch and then i felt him fill me with his lovely sperm. Feeling his hot cum fill me sent another mini orgasm shoot through me but i bit into his shoulder to stop me crying out. As he got off me i saw his cock was still semi hard i so wanted to taste him so i grabbed it and sucked him clean then i lay back on the bed. What must have i looked like laying on the bed still half dressed in my robe but a body that was well and truly fucked. He put his clothes and left so i wrapped the robe around me collected my toiletries and went to the bathroom for a well deserved bath. The whole sex session must have lasted about 20 mins. When i was in the bath my husband knocked the door to ask if i was ok i said yes sorry i fell asleep in the bath. The owner of the hotel (who's name was Dave by the way) phoned my mobile about a week later, i asked how he got my number and he said it was the number i gave him when i booked the room, anyway he wants to meet me again for a repeat performance i said i will let him know. I'm sorely tempted to meet him again......Hold on who am i trying to kid of course i'm going to meet again it was the best sex ever. I just got to persuade my boyfriend to let me meet him....I will let you know if anything happens....Nancy

Written by Nancy

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