29 Oct 2017

I have been living a lie with my husband for 29 years. I thought its about time I come clean with my night and morning sex with my husband`s best friend.

Tim my husbands friend lived in Oxford. He just joined the police force and had just witnessed a fatal car accident. He was very shook up and the Police gave him a week off to recover.

My name is Michelle. Married to Mike who is 8 years older then me. Tim and my self were 23. Mike and me had married for 2 years.

I liked Tim, he was happy good looking guy and was fun to be with. But he was my hubby`s best friend and I loved my huuby so much.

When Tim arrived for his weeks holiday with, you could see he was a little upset with death at the car accident. It was my job to make him relaxed in our home. Mike had a week off work so we took Tim to many places of interest. The holiday certainly took his mind off the horror of the accident. One thing I should tell you is that Mike has a weakness, he wanted me to be in threesome with another man. I always told him that it will never happen. And I meant it!! About mid week Mike told me that Tim is a sex machine. I have no idea what it was talking about until he told me that Tim is into swinging with two girls at one time. I must admit I was slightly turned on. I definitely started to look at Tim in a different light. Mike then added different stories to me about Tim`s sexual conquests. By the last night of his stay(Sunday) I was starting to imagine having a threesome with hubby and Tim!

The Sunday evening we had a last night drinks. Wine and more wine. I did not realize that I dressed for the night in a very small mini skirt with a loose top and no bra. I looked real good and felt really good. I was teasing both the boys with bending over so they could easily see my 34 B tits. I insisted we should get some sleep at 10.00. Mike had to be up at 7.00 for work and Tim had a 11.30 train to catch. Before I do any further I found out weeks later that Tim was a vigin!! Mike has deliberately made up stories about Tim`s sex life. The reason Mike thought that I would be interested in a threesome...It worked, all I think about was sex with the two boys.

When Mike and my self were getting ready for bed Mike kept looking at me strangely? It may of been my choice of night ware. I put on a baby doll top. It was see through and barely covered my bum. When stood up you could see my trimmed pussy. We laid in bed fully expecting Mike`s knob to fuck me. But all I think about was Tim. So when Mike suggested should we invite Tim into our bed, my heart missed a beat with excitement. Mike said how should we do this? I said I will write a note asking Tim to join us in our bed? I quickly wrote the note and took it into Tim`s bedroom. I knocked on his door waited til he said come in and I entered his room...The first thing Tim saw was my pussy. I gave him the note without saying a word. I was vey aware that my pussy was only inches away from his face when I gave him the note. I rushed back to Mike who said `well` I told him I only gave Tim the note and ran back to you. My heart was beating twice as fast as it should of been. It seemed an age(probably only a minute) before we heard Tim`s knock on our door. Mike shouted to come in and directed Tim to lay next to me. Excitement was soon taken over with lust.

At first we all seemed to be awaiting for one of us to start. I felt a hand on my pussy. I soon realized it was Tim`s. Mike was the other side of me and moved away from me to leave me and Tim together. Tim`s fingers were darting in and out of my wet pussy. I put my hand on his knob, it was only semi hard so I went under the covers and sucked and licked him to full hardness. Tim was so slow to react so I took the lead laid on my back and directed his knob to fuck me. Tim was not biggest knob I have had, it was one of the smallest. And to matters worse he came after about 10 seconds! I felt him come inside me. But I whispered to him to stay in me and keep fucking me. Thank God he took my advice. He kept fucking me for about 5 minutes until he came again. This second fuck was good. I totally forgot my hubby was laying next to me. He was on his back with hand on his very erect knob, I jumped on top of him and told him `now its your turn` My Hubby was so excited he also came within a couple of minutes. I had a problem, I was still aroused and both of the men were feeling guilty. To my dismay Mike told Tim to return to his bed. I can understand Mike`s feelings and possibly Tim`s feelings. But I had not come! So here I was just been fucked by two very nice men but felt totally let down sexually speaking.

The following happened the next morning. I have kept this from Mike until now..29 years later.

Mike had to leave for work at 8.00. I as usual made Mike his breakfast. He went into Tim`s bedroom said his good byes and told me he loves me. He never mentioned what had happened the previous night. After about 15 minutes I heard Tim filling the bath with water. I can't what I did next. Still feeling under fulfilled from the night fuckings I went upstairs to the bathroom,stripped off my all clothes and went into the bathroom to find Tim already in the bath. I said `Can I join you` Tim`s blushing face and erect knob said `sure`. I have a fantasy about fucking in a bath, but in reality its almost impossible. I sat on Tim`s knob, It felt so good, I told Tim to fuck me hard and fast. Tim`s thrusts were causing the bath water to spill over onto bathroom floor. I told to forget about the water ..just keep fucking. My tits were bouncing all over, I told my lover to grab them and kiss my nipples. This was 100 times better than the night before. I guess Tim spunked me after about 10 minutes. At last Tim had made me have an orgasm. Exhausted I laid on top of new lover. We soaped each other for about a few minutes. I noticed Tim`s knob was hard again. This time Tim with his broad shoulders lifted me up and took me to his bedroom. I just laid there opened my legs and told him to fuck me again. Tim now feeling confident went straight to my pussy with his mouth. His tongue felt so good, the problem was that I full of his spunk, he took some of his own into his mouth and transferred it to my mouth. He lifted my hips off the bed ,got on his knees and rammed his knob into my pussy. At last he was taking control. We fucked for ages. I guess 20 minutes . We were both sweating wet through. But when he came his knob seemed to have grown. Again he filled my pussy with his seed again. We did not talk much. We laid together in a close embrace with Tim`s hands permanently fondling my tits. I love my tits being touched, this made wanting fucking again. I got on top of him, looked deeply into his eyes and told him to fuck your whore again. To get him hard again I gave his knob a few sucks. It was nice to taste my juices and his spunk. Now this fuck lasted ages. Tim kissed my tits sucked my nipples pulled my bum onto his cock and never stopped touching my body...That's what I call having attention. The three fucks I had this morning I should of had the previous night. But I was unfaithful to my hubby. Its taken until recently to tell him. We have not seen Tim for 15 years now. Mike just said thanks for letting him know. Knowing my hubby of 31 years he probably knew all the time.