Written by Nowacuckold

2 Jul 2009

As I mentioned in "Unforgettable" Jen stated that she wanted to experience the same again. This only left us one more day of our holiday and although we retired to our room at lunchtime, nothing happened. So after dinner that evening we decided to go for a walk along the beach. Of course I was secretly hoping (and Jen too I suspect) that we'd again see some multiple action.

The hotels private beach was completely empty with no-one around, so we decided to lie on a couple of sun loungers and start to have a play by ourselves. Everywhere was quiet with only a half moon lighting up the beach and sea. Jen was wearing just a knee length cotton summer dress, with small straps and only a white cotton thong underneath. Soon we were kissing passionately and I eased the straps of her dress down to expose her lovely pert 36C breasts.

Once again she was really getting into it especially when I put my hand up her dress and started to finger her lovely shaved pussy through her white thong, whilst she played with her own nipples. It was at this moment 2 hotel security guards appeared out of no-where and started to walk over to us. I thought we were going to be in trouble but it seems that it was only Jen they were interested in. They were both big well build guys and could speak perfect English. I said to Jen are you up for it again, to which she said "oh definitely yes".

I moved away and sat on the adjoining sun lounger and she just laid there with her dress straps down her arms and the hem of her dress up her thighs just showing her white thong. The 2 guards where on her in a flash ignoring me as if I wasn't even there. Her hands went above her head in the submissive position to which the first guard just ripped the straps at the top of her dress exposing her breasts fully before sucking and mauling them. The other guard pushed her dress right up to her waist and just ripped off her thong before throwing it onto the sand.

They were like animals, licking, sucking, fingering and snogging Jen as I just sat there and watched. One turned to me and said "is this the fucking white whore that I was told about", then I realised that the gardener must have told them. There was a buzz on the radio and one replied "yeah down the beach, come now". The out of nowhere another big guards appeared. He just looked at me laughed and said we're going to have your wife any objection? Who was I to argue? Jen by now was already having her first orgasm from the 2nd guard who was frantically fingering her fanny.

They all by now had their cocks out (as did I), and they were all much bigger and thicker than mine. The third guy in particular was absolutely massive, he must have been easily 8 or nine inches but very thick too. Jen was already having her first cock in her mouth as the 2nd one was thrust straight up her pussy which made her gasp and virtually orgasm immediately. It was absolutely fantastic watching her get her 2nd gang bang and I couldn't hold any longger and came on the sand next to me which made the guards laugh and call me a pathetic little wanker and not fit to have such a lovely fuckable bitch. They pushed me back away from Jen and carried on fucking and playing with her.

The 1st and 2nd guards came simultaneously one in her mouth and one in her lovely shaved pussy. The one in her mouth held her head making sure that she swallowed the lot and when he let go it was dripping down the side of her mouth. By now she was in heaven loving every minute. It was now the 3rd guards turn and without warning pushed his monster cock straight up her. Jen was virtually having orgasm after orgasm as the 2nd guard pushed his cock in her mouth for cleaning. The 3rd guard now really gave her a real hard fucking which lasted for about 5 minutes, constantly slaming his cock up her. Her pussy was absolutely gushing spunk and pussy juices and was making a familiar "fanny fart" noise. Finally he came calling her a dirty black man's bitch and hoped she'd go away from her holiday with a black baby inside her.

The other 2 were now hard again and wanked their cocks cuming loads all over her face tits and dress. Then it was all over. They put their monsters away and said it's dangerous to be on the beach at night and we should be more careful. With that they just walked away laughing leaving us alone. Jen was just lying there panting and looking like she'd been raped. After a short while we cleaned her up the best we could before walking back to our room with her torn and spunk stained ripped dress, or what was left of it. When we got into bed her pussy was hanging wide open with spunk still oozing out. She wouldn't let me fuck her as she was too sore.

We're home now and Jen has been to the Chemist and got a morning after pill, I hope it works and she's not been left pregnant. She has said that she really enjoyed it and was thinking of going back on the pill so she can now experience more multiple cocks. I said that was fine as long as I could watch. I think I'm becoming a real cuckold now as I don't want to fuck her any more just watch her with other men..... especially black men.

In answer to the questions from Unforgetable, yes on both occasions I liked the spunk from her lovely pussy which made her have yet another orgasm and gave me an instand hard on as I loved the taste of their spunk. Seconldy I always carried condoms just in case she'd ever go for a gang bang. In the end obviously I didn't need to carry them. Can't wait for her to do it again.