Written by JP

29 Apr 2019

We've just returned from a long weekend in the Lake District where we stayed in a lovely room on the first floor of the hotel. This was at the side of the building, but with a turret shaped bay window which gave great views over the Lake. As the hotel is built into the hillside, the main car park around the back of the building was actually on the same level as our room and, though we didn't realise it initially, gave a great view into our room if the curtains were left open - hence the title.

We arrived late in the afternoon after quite a long journey so decided to have a nap before heading down for dinner. I woke up first and, seeing my wife with her arms above her head and ample breasts on display, decided that a bit of pre dinner nookie was the order of the day. I pulled the covers back and went down on her, licking my way through the folds of her cunt and sucking on her clit as it slowly burst into life - as did she. She gradually woke from her slumber as things got wetter down below and noisier up above. I worked my way slowly up her body, pausing to suck delicately on each nipple before hearing the words I was desperate for: "stop messing about and just fuck me" - who was I to disobey! By now she was soaking wet and I slipped in easily and started to gently ease in and out, pausing when most of the way out before plunging back in again. This continued for a while before she just said "vibrator". I jumped off, grabbed her magic wand from our overnight bag and plugged it in whilst she repositioned herself on all fours - it's much easier that way. I slipped in from behind and it wasn't long before we established a steady rhythm to the accompanying buzz of her magic wand.

I could tell I was getting close to cumming so, desperate to prolong things, I started to look around the room for things to take my mind off the impending explosion. As I did so, I looked at the mirrored wardrobes which showed the reflection from outside - from the car park - and of a very smart looking lady who was staring in at us. She had no idea that she had been rumbled and I certainly didn't wish to disappoint either lady so I returned to the job in hand. By now my wife had caught up with me and was pushing back as hard as I was pushing forwards, she was moaning and her magnificent tits were swaying to the beat as we approached our climax. She came with a long, loud groan and I followed her a few moments later, exploding my cum deep inside her with one of the biggest orgasms I could remember. As I slowly came back down again I looked in the mirrors once more. Our audience of one was biting her lip and seemed to be doing something with her hand, but a low stone wall was in the way so I couldn't see exactly. It was at this moment that our eyes met in the mirror and I winked at her. Her hand flew to her mouth and she fled the scene.

My wife, of course, was totally oblivious and ordered me out of the way so she could head to the shower. I didn't see the lady until our last day when I bumped into her in the car park. I smiled at her and just asked if she liked the views, at which point she blushed bright crimson and just managed to stammer a yes before bolting. Pretty tame I know, but a lovely memory that I played over a couple of times in my mind whilst shagging my wife during the weekend - with the curtains closed!