Written by JT

10 Feb 2017

Hi all. I'm James, my wife and I are both 23 and we fuck any chance we get ad to be honest if you saw her you would see why. She has a fucking amazing body, nice small pear shaped tits and an amazing arse. We hadn't exactly been swinging as such except sharing photos with strangers until we arranged to get involved in soft swinging.

basically we met an older couple, they are both around 50, in good shape, he's quite a powerful guy and she has enormous


Like I say, it started with us swapping photo' s then meeting for a drink to him fucking his wife and me fucking mine next ot each other either on the floor or in bed.

It was amazing to watch strangers fucking, watching her big tits swinging and seeing him staring at my wife. I know he wanted to fuck her but the Mrs wasn't into it.

We spoke about it quite a few times and she admitted that when we fucked on our own she had great orgasms' when she thought of them and then admitted that she didn't want to have sex with another man becouse she would feel guilty.

I asked if she would feel guilty if I said it was ok and she said she wasn't sure. As a joke I asked her if I tied her up and he fucked her would she still feel guilty. She laughed and said that if she had no choice that would be a different thing.

I told her she always had a choice.

One evening we were fooling around and I blindfolded her and told her to imagine I was him. I pulled her off the bed and fucked her mouth before fucking her pussy. She screamed and I told her to call me by his name and she did.

The sex was fucking amazing and we both came three or four times before we had finished, with her calling out this other mans name.

We were too knackered to get up for a while but eventually got back into bed. We lay there for a while before I asked her if she wanted to fuck him for real. She said she didn't know so I said 'what if he just did it' and she giggled and said that I would have to fuck her to make it even and that she knew I wanted to suck her big tits.

We went to sleep and didn't talk about it again. The next week we had arranged to meet our friends again. When the girls were out of ear shot I asked him if he would fuck my wife if he had the chance and he admitted that his wife was getting pissed off that we hadn't swapped and he told me he day dreams about wanking over my wife's tits or cumming in her mouth or pussy. I told him the mouth was out and told him that if I got off her and tapped his arm then he could pull her off the bed and take her.

We had started fucking, my wife's legs draped over my shoulders and my fingers in her mouth. The Mrs kept looking at him, at his cock sliding into his wife making a slapping sound. We were close enough to each other on the bed that my wife could put her hand down and round his wet cock as it slid into his wife pussy.

He looked at me but I wasn't sure, then his wife picked up her big tit and offered it to me so I leaned over and took it in my mouth and started to suck. My wife was groaning and thrusting her pussy watching and listening to me slurping as I sucked her nipples getting as much of her tits into my mouth as I could and I thought ' fuck it'.

I pulled out of my wife and tapped him on his arm. In one move he grabbed my wife's legs and pulled her to the bottom of the bed then onto the floor.

I didn't waste any time and slid over and into his wife and we fucked like animals. Nothing nice and gentle just a raw fuck.

I could hear my wife screaming in pleasure then she started to gag. I looked down to the bottom of the bed and he had her on her knees and was fucking her mouth, tears running down her face as he held her head with both hands. I continued to fuck his wife and watch her tits swing and I couldn't hold it in any longer and filled her pussy with cum.

Her husband was still fucking my wife's face until I felt her bounce on the bed. I looked down and he was fucking her doggy style , her much smaller tits wobbling and swaying.

Then he pulled her onto the bed, lay her on her back and entered her again. My cock was hard again by now and for the next 5 min or so it was like a fucking zoo with animals fucking and groaning and screaming until everyone seemed to let go at the same time. This guy pumping cum into my beautiful wife whilst I filled her pussy again.

By now I was done but he pulled his nob out and wanked himself cumming over my wife's chest and face and then licking it off himself.

I told him he could shower before going meaning him and his wife but he just jumped up and said ' fuck yeh' and grabbed my wife by the arm and disappeared. I turned to his wife and asked her what the fuck was he doing. She told me that he just keeps going and going but not to worry she wold take him home soon.

She sucked my cock for a while but my mind was else where listening to the noise coming from the bathroom.

I went in and all I could see through the mist was my wife's breasts pressed against the glass shower frame and her body jerking and he fucked her yet again. I didn't give a shit and went closer to try and work out what he was actually doing but he explained it to me by shouting that he was fucking her up her arse just before he roared and she screamed as I assume he had cum in her yet again.

Although fun was had by all we won't be meeting them for a while, one he's too keen, two my wife's too keen and three my wife was so week becouse she had 'too many amazing orgasms' that I think its time to take a break.

Good evening though. :(