Written by Joan

6 Apr 2012


My name is Joan and I wrote a couple of weeks ago about an experience I had with a man around half my age (I'm mid fifties) which happened when I had organized a lunch for a local charity which I do some stuff with since I stopped working full time.

The guy in question works for the catering company who supplied the food, on the day of the do he ended up taking me to his car and fucking me while I knelt down on the back seat, the following is an account of a further episode which occured recently.

Last week the invoice for payment for the lunch arrived at the charities office so I was asked if I could drop round the cheque to their offices , I said yes I would take it over on my way home that evening.

It was Friday evening and I arrived at around 5.00, it was just getting dark and I noticed there were only another two cars in the carpark so guessed that maybe they had shut up shop for the weekend, I pressed the buzzer on the door and waited, after a bit I heard the door opening, I saw the man at the other side ws Don the guy who I had the episode with the other week.

He said hi and to come in, when i saw it was him I thought oh hell as like I said in my previous post I had felt really guilty about being seduced by a young arrogant bastard like him and by the look on his face he was thinking back to me sucking his penis and kneeling down so he could fuck me and talk dirty to me.

He told me follow him as the main office was closed and there was only him and his friend Mike who was the accountant left, I followed him not quite sure if I should just leave but he seemed to sense this and gently took my arm and led me into a small area with a desk and a sofa against the wall opposite.

He introduced me to Mike and they offered me a drink as he said they always had a couple of glasses after a long week, I said no as I had to get off and gave Mike the cheque. Don said no need to rush and poured a glass of wine for me which I took off him.

They were stood quite close to me and then Don said to his friend this is Joan from the charity who I told you about before, my stomach turned upside down and my legs went weak, Mike said oh right well I definitely approve of your taste in the ladies. Don said let's go and sit down with our drinks, Mike said it's quite warm let me take your jacket, Don took my glass while Mike eased my jacket off my shoulders and down my arms, all the while he stood very close and as he got my coat all the way off he patted my bum a couple of times.

I'm ashamed to say I was getting a litle excited at this and they both noticed as they led me to the sofa Mikes hand was around my waist while Don was leading with my hand in his.

Just before we got over to the sofa Mike had both hands around my waist and Don stopped to face me, I made a feeble attempt at moving out of the way but Don got his previous arrogant self going and said hey let's not waste a great opportunity and you know you want to.

I felt both of Mikes hands go down and go under the hem of my skirt, he lifted it up over my thighs until my stocking tops and panties were exposed, they were both touching me now, Mike was stroking over my legs and into my panties while Don started to undo my top, he unclipped my bra and his fingers stroked my nipples while Mike carressed my pussy, they were saying things like lovely boobs and nice hairy fanny.

They got me on the sofa and soon had my top and bra off followed by Mike slowly removing my wet panties. I was positioned on the sofa now only in stockings, suspenders and shoes with my legs pushed up so my pussy was fully exposed, Mike leaned down and licked my pussy lips while Don was kissing my mouth and I was sucking on his tongue. They started to undress and Don had his dick close to my face, I opened my mouth and I heard him say good girl, Mike moved closer so I reached out and guided his swollen dick into my pussy.

He fucked me for a while before I felt his thrusts get more urgent and we both came at the same time, Don started to moan and I felt his semen start to spurt out into my mouth.

We laid in a heap on the sofe for a while before getting dressed, they gave me another couple of drinks and took me out to my car.

When I got home my husband Joe was in his usual place inn front of the telly, this was okay as it gave me time to get upstairs and change, my panties and stocking tops were covered in semen stains so I needed to get them in the laundry quick.

These couple of experiences have made up my mind that all though I am in my fifties I still enjoy sex a lot so if the opportunity arises in the future I am going to go for it.

I will post again if anything else happens.