Written by Cumslut Hubby

4 Aug 2011

Its been about three weeks since my wife made me into her obedient little cum slut!

I knew she was planning something although little had been said about that night. She had been spending a bit more time on her computer than previously, and almost always when she logged off was horny, wet and demanded kinky sex.

It was a Friday evening when I got home from work, she was all ‘dolled up’ and she said she had made reservations at our favourite restaurant for dinner. I went for a shower and changed into fresh clothes. My wife had a bottle of wine open and two glasses poured waiting in the living-room. Being summer, and quite warm, she was wearing a low cut pink satin shirt and pastel satin short skirt, white stay-up stockings and 4” high heels. Her auburn red hair was falling down past her shoulders in loose curls. Her make-up, finger and toe nails were always perfect. She looked absolutely fantastic! I sat down next to her and I could smell her Opium scented perfume.

My wife handed me the glass of wine and said, “I have a surprise tonight for you”. “you remember that night a few weeks ago when I fed you your spunk out of my pussy? Tonight I’ve organised something really exciting for us!”

Just as I was going to ask, “what??” she put her pussy smelling fingers to my lips and said, “Sssshhhhh! My cum slut bitch… after we come home from dinner I am going to have a couple of visitors I have been talking to on the net come over here. I will collar and leash you so be prepared for anything.”

She spread her legs and forced three of her beautifully manicured fingers into her sopping wet cunt and glistening with pussy juice stirred them in my red wine and told me to lick them clean. I licked away.

She didn’t say anymore about it except at the restaurant she gave the odd hint of what was to come later. I asked what she ment, but would only say it was a surprise.

We left the restaurant in a taxi and she rubbed my hard cock through my pants and whispered in my ear, “You want what I’ve got planned, I just know it!” and laughed.

When we arrived home and came into the living-room, she told me to strip off aLL my clothes and went and got a collar and leash. She placed the collar around my neck and fastened the leash to it. I was told to get down on all fours and she lead me on the floor next to the sofa and said, “Tonight, I have three very horny men coming over so I can watch you suck off one…. And swallow his entire load (no matter what!) and one will fuck you, my horny bitch!” I want to watch you perform for me…. I want you to experience how good a man’s cock feels… and the third man will fuck me. After he cums deep in my pussy… You will eat all his cum out of my cunt!”

"Your master, will make sure you do it all cause I want to watch you.” At that point

the doorbell rang. She told me to “Stay!” and went to the door. I heard a man’s voice and her welcoming him. They walked into the living-room, sat down on the sofa close together and she poured him a glass of wine.

She asked “Paul” if he was ready to do what they spoke about on the net. He said he was already hard thinking about it. I watched her tongue kiss his lips and stroke the hardness in his pants. She raised up her skirt, straddled him and pulled her top down over her tits and offered him her hard dark pink nipples to suck. His eyes were like saucers and he sucked her nipples. She rubbed her naked pussy up and down on the hardness in his pants and then slapped her ass and told me, “Lick my asshole!” I put my face into her ass and licked her holes. She told me to take off Paul’s shoes and socks and lick his feet like a bitch on heat. He had lovely thin feet, long toes and obviously enjoyed my attentions. She unzipped his fly and took out his huge uncut cock…. I looked up as she sat slowly down on it and watched it disappear into her wet pussy. She pumped up and down on his extremely hard cock and I heard her say to Paul…. ‘Now, remember our arrangement, you are to feed all your cum to my man!”

She pumped him hard and then raised up, sat down beside him while still kissing him and stopped only to tell me, Your turn! Let me watch you suck Paul’s cock and swallow all his hot spunk!” I left licking his feet and came up to his hard uncut cock, dripping with pussy juice, took it into my mouth and began sucking it…. I tasted his pre-cum and her pussy! They kept kissing, his hands on her pussy and my mouth wrapped pumping around his cock. His balls got really tight and he gasped, said he was going to spunk! My wife commanded me to suck Paul harder…. Make him CUM!!! His spunk started to hit the back of my throat and filled my mouth! She ORDERED me to swallow it all and said that if any was missed she would feed it to me! I swallowed each spurt and could taste it over my tongue. When I started to gag she told me to finish it all….

After he let me ‘milk’ his cock and very gently lick it clean of pussy and cum, she told me to put Paul’s socks and shoes on him. He left a few minutes later very satisfied.

She ordered me to lick her pussy and the doorbell rang. She told me to stay.

Another man, quite good looking and in his 30s came into the living-room holding hands with my wife. She stood next to me and undressed him while kissing him. She got down on her hands and knees and began to suck his big thick cock. She stood up stroking him and asked him if he was ready for waht was agreed. He said he was ready. She ordered me to sit in a chair, put my ass at the edge and spread my legs up in the air wide…. She took some lube and fingered my hole. She lubed his hard cock while he stood in front of me.

She told him to fuck me and then said to me, “baby, now you are going to feel what it feels like to be fucked by a real man’s hard cock and feel his real animal urges and lusts”! She held my ankles wide apart and he aimed his cock at my hole. She said, “fuck him now! Fuck him hard while I watch! Fill him up with your cum!”

He put his cock head right up to my hole and forced his hard cock into me while she held my ankles and watched him slide into me. She told me to wrap my legs around his body and fuck him back. She laid down on the floor next to us and fingered her pussy as he fucked me…. She kissed my lips and told me this is what she wanted to see…. Me being fucked by a man’s hard cock! She whispered loudly into my ear to feel like a female feels…. Pinned by cock, waiting for his hot load to fill me and to hear his panting and our bodies slapping together…. Soon she reach around between his legs and stroked his full balls… he began to cum into me…. Pumping me so hard…. 'Ttell me how feel to be a woman being fucked by a real man?!!”

I moaned and begged to be fucked harder…. His balls unloaded deep inside me… I could feel his hot spunk filling me and I could hear her cumming too. She kissed me and helped him get dressed…. Walked him to the door and said she would contact him again.

She came back into the living-room before answering the door and ushered another man into the room. He looked down at me and told me he was going to fuck my wife. She undressed in front of him and sat down next to him. They kissed and he fingered her she undressed him and he placed her the same way I was fucked and slid his hard uncut cock into her very wet pussy. She told him, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! shoot your spunk into my pussy!

She told me to lick his asshole… I spread his ass cheeks and tongue fucked his hole… I could smell his musty hole and didn’t stop…. Thrusting my tongue deeper into his hole made it tighten and then pulse as he unloaded his cum deep into her open wet pussy. They lay there for a minute and then she instructed me to lick his cock and balls clean.

She watched me lick up all his cum off his cock and then pulled the leash for me to lick nto her cum dripping cunt. She fingered her clit and told me to eat her pussy! Suck out his spunk! after which he had a massive orgasm. She lay there on the sofa for awhile and he dressed. She walked him unsteadily to the front door and he left….She had had enough.

She told me to come to bed and we fell quickly to sleep… both leaking man’s cum from our stretched holes…. Both smelling like sex and cum dumps.

This was the first on many further meetings with the 3 guys, but that's another story.