14 Oct 2015

I'm 66 but this happened four years ago. I had been widowed for several years and living in a suburban area when I observed that the house across the street which had been for sale was now having its new occupants moving in. I saw a man about 30 carring boxes from a moving van, then I saw his wife. She was about the same age, tall, statuesque with large tits and auburn hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing shorst and a t-shirt and her boobs jutted out. I quickly became their friends and I would do odd jobs around their house since her husband, Kent, was not very handy. Her name was Autumn and for payment of myservices they would invite me for a delicious meal. Autumn had always been talking about how she wanted to fix up their back yard into a nice patio and garden area but they didn't have the money after purchasing the house.

After one meal where the drinks were flowing, Autumn said to Kent, "Boo-Boo, can you get me another glass of wine?"

"Boo-Boo?" I said.

"Yes," she said. "That's his nickname.

Kent said, "Didn't you ever have a nickname?'

I did and I hesitated to answer. "C'mon, Steven," Autumn said, "What was your nickname?"

"In school it was Donky Man."

"Why Donkey Man?" she asked.

I looked and Kent. He knew. "Probably because of the size of his manhood, Honey"

"Really?" Autumn said.

Then she asked, "How big is it?"

"Well, when soft, it's just over 8 inches, but hard it's almost 11."

"That can't be!" she said. "That's impossible."

"No, it's not impossible."

"I bet it's not that big," she said.

"Okay, we can bet," I said.

"How much?"

"If it is as big as I say, you can literally put your money where your mouth is and suck it, " I said.

"What if it isn't?" she asked.

"The I'll pay for your back yard renovations."

"Did you hear that, Boo-Boo!" she said. "Steven's going to pay for our back yard."

"But only if you win the bet, Honey."

Before she could think about it I stood up and walked over to where she was sitting at the table and shook her hand. "A bet's a bet, "I said.

I walked over and stood right in front of her face. "You can do the honors."

She reached up and began to unbuckle the belt holding up my shorts. "Go get a measuring tape," I said to Kent.

She yanked my shorts down then my underwear. "Oh god," she said. "I guess you win." My dick uncoiled and was hanging in front of her face. Kent came back with a tape measure. "No need for that now." I said. "Your wife has conceded the bet. "Damn it, Honey! What did you do?"

She was stroking my cock with both hands. "Look how big this is, Boo-Boo." She started to lick the head when I said, "I like to have my women topless when sucking my cock so I can play with their tits." She immediatley tok off her blouse and bra and her nice tits were sticking out with nice hard, pink nipples. I started to play with her right nipple, rolling it around in my fingers as she started to suck my cock. She went down only a few inches. She pulled out. "Damn that's big," she said. She went right back to sucking, taking more and more of it down her throat with each attempt. I could hear her squealing a little as I played with her nipples and I knew she was getting hot. I pulled her head all the way down on my hard cock and held it there. She started to choke but with my hands in back of her head I forced her to stay there, then letting her have some air. She came up choking and gagging. "Okay, that's about enough," said Kent. "It's okay. I can do this," Autumn said and went right back to engulfing my dick all the way down. I made her choke again. The I pulled her to her feet by her shoulders and I started kissing her as she still had a hard grip on my cock. I reached behing her and felt her pussy from behing through her short shorts. She started squriming. I whispered in her ear, "You want this inside you, don't you?"

"Oh fuck yeah," she said.

I pulled her shorts and underwear off and pulled off my shirt. Both of us naked now, I led her into their living room. "What are you doing?" Kent screamed. We didn't answer and I took her to the couch and had her keep her left leg on the floor and place her right leg on the seat of the couch. "Start slow at first, okay?"

"Yeah, right" I lied.

As soon as the head of my hard dick was against her sopping wet pussy I shoved it in more than half way. Her head rolled back and she screamed, "OWWW FUCK!!"

I started to pound her hard. "Want me to stop?"

"Fuck no, Fuck me!!"

"Stop it!" screamed Kent. "What are you doing?! This was not part of the bet!"

"It's okay!" screamed Autumn. "Leave us alone! It's oaky. Ohhh fuck!"

I pounded her and grabbed her auburn hair as I fucked her hard. Soon she came very loudly, screaming cuss words. "Fuck! Oh Fuck Shit! Fuck me!"

She fell onto the couch, panting.

"We need to get horizontal," I said. "The bedroom," she quickly replied and I fololwed her sweet ass to the stairs. "Where are you going!?" yelled Kent. "Damn it, Kent! I said it's okay!" Aurumn yelled back and she led me to her bed. She jumped on the bed and spread her legs. "Now fuck me again, Donkey Man!" Without hesitation I plowed into her and she wrapped her legs around my ass and started to grind and fuck me back. She screamed out another orgasm and rolled over. I got onto my back and she climbed on top of my cock and slid down onto it easily. She was fucking me like mad when Kent came over and stood on the bed and tried to get his wife to suck his cock. "Not now! I've got all the cock I need now!" Kent just walked away. I think he went downstairs.

We fucked for another hour and a half. Then I had an idea. I told Autumn that if we fucked more, every time we fucked I'd give her money for her back yard project. "How much?" she asked.

"That depends how good you are and how well you do what I say."

"Sounds good to me." she said. Since I still hadn't cum, she sucked me until I shot a load all over her pretty face and lovely auburn hair. As I was leaving I saw Kent on the couch. "Oh, by the way," I said. "Your wife is now my whore."