Written by Kerry

5 Dec 2011

Yes it was refreshing to see a story on here about something different,the lady/man with dual genitalia,but its not completely rare,I've lived with the condition for thirty one years and I've enjoyed a very good sex life.Once I'd come to terms with my extra bit in my late teens,when like her story I could wank it,I got on with it.

It was a bit tricky earlier on,I was the only child of a single mum,I don't think she was aware initially that I was different,so I was a little girl and then of course as I grew older and people saw me as a bit of a tomboy nobody took any particular notice.I was referred to a specialist in my mid teens when I did'nt start having periods,my mum never really came to terms with it but I got on with it.

I was nineteen or so when my dick began to get bigger,I don't just mean get a hardon but actually was increasing in size and become what I saw as my main sex organ,it was at about the same time that I first noticed my balls and even though they were small they were fairly well defined,I started to wank myself on a regular basis and even though I did'nt produce proper spunk as far as I know when I cum its the same as other men.

I don't know whether to say I was lucky or unlucky in having my first sexual encounter,most of the time I dressed as a female,funny enough even though I had male sexual feelings I always wore female undies and I loved them to be real sexy,my dick was was about three inches long,soft,but only about a couple of inches came out of my fanny so everything fitted nicely into the neatest little pants,I did need a bra because I have small but female breasts.

I was involved with a local church group and I had become friendly with the vicar,a chap in his 50s,he was married but we did'nt see much of his wife,he used to say she was at her mothers.One day I was helping him to do some stuff,there was just me and him,I was dressed in teeshirt and jeans,we were in his garden mucking about with a hosepipe,he had on a few previous occasions made remarks about sex to me and had indicated that he and his wife did'nt do sex anymore.

He drenched me in water,he said it was accidental,I knew it was'nt,then he suggested I come in the house and put my clothes in the dryer,he tried to make it like he was only half serious,I think he was surprised when I said yes.It was the first time I got a strong sexual urge to have sex with sombody else,I was'nt sure he was thinking of sex but I was going to play along.

In the house he offered to get me one of his wifes dressing gowns,then said he could'nt find one she must have taken them with her,I said what I think he was hoping I'd say that I would manage without,you'd better get them off he said,you'll catch your death of cold.

As I removed my teeshirt his eyes were already out on stalks as he saw my sexy bra,he took the shirt from my hand,I could see him wetting his lips with his tongue as I unzipped my jeans,talk about a dog on heat.At first my pants were moving down with my jeans so I needed to pull them back up,he made no attempt not to look,I could even hear his breathing get deeper,his face was getting redder.I kicked my trainers off pushed my jeans full down and stepped out of them,as I handed them to him he was litterally drooling,it was up to him now,he disappeared into the kitchen and a minute or so later I heard the dryer start to go.

I was'nt expecting what happened next,when he returned from the kitchen he was wearing just his underpants,a pair of nice briefs,it looked like they were just put on.Though I might as well get mine dry as well he said and even though he was almost naked he was sweating,I knew his clothes were'nt even wet.Now funny enough I'd never before seen a man with a hardon,even with the briefs on I could tell his was'nt still soft,he did'nt have a full hardon but he was sexually excited,sorry about the dressing gown he said but if I'm being honest I'm glad,a body like that should be seen,again he was making no attempt not to ogle me,I wanted to have sex with him,I could feel my own dick start to enlarge,what might happen when he discovered it remained to be seen.

You're not bad looking yourself I said,making a point of looking at his continuing to harden dick,I could see that even though he was dying to fuck mt there and then he was holding back and I knew that very shortly my own dick would be visible between my legs as it got fully hard.I moved close to him took hold of the band of his briefs and pushed them down,his dick jumped upwards in relief,I pushed his briefs down and held them for him to step out of.He'd obviously thought I must know what I was doing,even though he told me later that it was only what he'd seen on sex videos,he thought that because I'd gone down like that I was offering to suck his dick,so he put both his hands on my head and held my face almost touching his dick,which was now in a state of complete excitement jerking and visibly throbbing,I did'nt suck it because I did'nt know it was something you did,I let him rub it on my face,I could see the clear liquid escaping from it and I thought that must be spunk.

Everything then happened quickly,he got us both onto the carpet and his hands are all over me,first inside my bra tweeking my nipples,then he lifts it off over my head and starts to suck on them moving from one to the other,he still had'nt noticed that my own dick was the best part of two inches out of my fanny.His hand went down,feeling my stomach as it did,slowly inside my pants,I could feel him come to a complete stop as he touched the head of my dick and then as if to confirm what he was feeling his fingers explored,holding and feeling it,then down the short shaft to check for a fanny,his fingers went inside,I could feel them touch onto my little balls,he felt them then slowly brought his fingers back along my dick.

He pushed me over onto my back and got onto his knees,my pants were down on my thighs,nothing was being said,now he could see my dick standing out from between my legs,he looked completely confused but his own dick was in complete control.He opened my legs wider and put his fingers back inside my fanny then out again holding my dick,as I don't have a foreskin he did'nt know how to wank me but I could tell he wanted to,I put my hand down and did it myself,he watched me and started to wank himself,he put his fingers back into my fanny,pushing them deep in,checking that his dick would fit in,and then he's astride me,guiding his dick between my legs and taking my virginity.

He only lasted a couple of minutes,but that was long enough,his pubic hair rubbing my dick did the trick,amasingly we both came off almost together,I did'nt know about him but it was by far the best cum I'd ever had.For me it was just the beginning,he and I had regular sex sessions after that,he was the first man to fuck me in my fanny and he was also the first man to suck my dick,of course I sucked his and wanked his.His was the first spunk I saw and tasted,but its by no means been the last.