20 Feb 2016

Following on from the my last post (using the senses dated 15th Feb) I asked my wife if she had enjoyed another man fucking her again. It had been a number of years since the last time. She assured me she had enjoyed herself, I wanted to know what his cock was like-it was slightly longer than mine but not as thick, but she liked it. Would she like to do it again? She answered if you want me to and he wants to.

He wanted to, I wanted to , he called and we arranged dinner again a different restaurant.

He drove to our house, and I took them to a very good pub/ diner just outside Godalming. When we went in the head waiter apologised that the main dining room was full and would we mind being in a room next to it. As there was no one else there we accepted. As we went into the room, someone called out Anne, my wife’s name, she turned and two young men sitting with other people, stood up and spoke to her. I didn’t hear the conversation but her body language told me she knew who they were. She joined us at the table, I asked who they were and she said she knew them from about ten year’s previous. I tried to recall if I had met them and suddenly it twigged, I had been out of the country on business when she had entertained five young 19 year olds. I asked her and she confirmed.

“Tell me about the young men” my friend asked “Did you fuck all five?”

I answered for her “Yes”, she took their virginity.”

“You sexy woman tell me about it.”

“You will have to ask him he will tell you one day.”

“This was ten years or so ago before you got sick.”

“Don’t remind me “ she said “I am almost back to normal now.”

The mood there after was fun and jovial with a lot of laughter and innuendo. My friend and Anne sat side by side and I could tell by the hand movements that she was being touched under the table. I didn’t know where he was touching her and how far she let him go. The conversation was all about sex, the wine flowed, although I could not drink too much I was driving, we got quite merry She had put on a blouse and wrap around skirt that made her accessible, a pair of briefs and not much else underneath. He couldn’t keep his hands off her after we ate our main course, waiting for the waiter to take the plates away and take the dessert order. She encouraged him to play and he soon took the hint, his hand resting on her knees, she parted her legs and he took this as a sign to progress, within a few strokes he was at the gusset of her briefs pulling it to one side so he could finger her. As he was sitting next to her his fingers were in and the palm of his hand was rubbing her lips and clit. I had pretended to drop my napkin on the floor and got down to pick it up, but in kneeling down I could look under the table, She guessed what I was doing so opened her legs wide, her lips were open and the briefs pushed to one side, her hole was a deep red and glistened with her juice, I could see my friend’s fingers working on her, she pushed her bum forward so he could get his fingers deeper into her, and groaned her appreciation, With dessert we had also ordered coffee and they both arrived, so we knew we would probably not be disturbed for a while as it was nearing closing time. During this time his fingers stayed in her, I could tell by the look in her face that she was close to coming. When the waiter left she pulled her skirt up to her waist and opened her legs wide and urged him on to make her come. I went round the table and felt her tits while he finger fucked her. It didn’t take long, he took his fingers out, wet and sticky and held them to his lips, she grabbed his hand and put them in her mouth, He repeated the action and this time offered his sticky fingers to me and I licked them. She stood up from the table, by now she was feeling so horny, and walked round to my side of the table and ordered me to take her briefs off, as I was pulling them down the waiter returned and asked if we wanted anything else. We all laughed and told him we were happy with what we had. When he had gone she stood up again and I lifted her skirt, revealing her neatly trimmed hair, just a landing strip, and smooth shaven lips. I felt inside her she was very wet, turned her to face my friend and showed him what his actions had done to her. I then suggested that my friend should get his cock out, he didn’t need any encouragement, it was out and erect, and she bent down and sucked it, I pushed her skirt up and could see her lips protruding from the back swollen and glistening I stroked them and fingered her again.

We finally left the restaurant, she got in the back and held our friend’s hand and pulled him into the back to join her. The lane leading to the restaurant was quite narrow with passing points for vehicles, my friend told me to pull into one of these lay-bys. He got out of the car and walked round to her side opened the door, pulled her round so she was sitting facing him, then instructed her to lay back and putting her legs on his shoulders, buried his head between her thighs and begun to suck and lick her, the interior lights were on and anyone passing could have seen what was going on but she was beyond caring and just laid back and enjoyed what he was doing,

I know from when we first went out together(she is my second wife) that she could come many times, and I never ever really knew what it would take before she had enough

Her orgasms had started in the restaurant , not all big gushing comes but orgasms reaching different peaks of enjoyment nevertheless.

He got back in the car next to her and we continued our journey home. I adjusted the rear view mirror to see what was going on.. He opened the front of her shirt, took out her breasts, her nipples hard and erect and proceed to sucked them. He undid his trousers and took his cock out, hard and ready, and pulled her hand to it, she began stroking and rubbing. He opened her legs and pushed her skirt up, her tits out she was now exposed tits and cunt. He massaged her clit and put a finger inside, the street lights were bright as we entered the town, she was sitting half lying on the back seat of the car, legs wide apart and when he moved onto her she did not stop him even when we pulled up to stop at traffic lights, I did not give a thought about who might have seen us. He slipped his cock inside her and started to fuck her; I turned to look and a car behind me tooted as the lights had turned green.I knew what was happening and anyone looking in would have been able to see. I was so turned on, my cock had been hard and throbbing right from the beginning with him playing with her in the restaurant, yes he had got his fingers in while we were sitting there, being played and licked in the car and then the sheer excitement of what was happening and where, she had one of her gushing orgasms, just as we drove out of the town, he didn’t stop and continued to fuck her.

He sat back in the seat she breathing heavily from her orgasm.

“God your wife has a fantastic cunt, I have never known a woman like her, and she can’t get enough, you are one very lucky man.”

He started to play with her again, I stopped the car and turned and watched, the road was empty I leaned over the seat and helped her spread her legs wide, “She loves being fingered “ I said and watched as he slipped two fingers in. “She can take more than that” he put more fingers in and gradually he had all of his hand inside, she was telling him to go slow and be gentle, but I could tell she was enjoying the sensation. With his hand up inside her she relaxed on the seat and worked herself off into a frenzy and another noisy orgasm.

When we got back to the house her skirt was soaking she took it off as soon as we entered the house, we went to the bedroom all of us undressed.

I went down and licked and sucked her , my friend put his cock in her mouth and she sucked and he pumped then he wanted to fuck her again, he laid her on her back put her legs almost on her shoulders and slipped his cock in. This is what I wanted to see her receiving another cock and enjoying it, he did not have to do it for long before she came and that was quickly followed by another and then another. He was leaning over her and my cock was near her face , thinking she would suck it, but she guided my cock into my friend’s mouth. He did not object but sucked it and seemed to like it, so did I.. The sight of this made her come again, my friend also came again and collapsed on the bed. I turned her over and entered her very wet and sticky pussy doggy style, as I did this she started to suck his cock and made him hard again, I pounded into her until she started to come and he came as well, I kissed her and tasted his juice,

He finally had a shower and dressed and left, I felt quite satisfied and thought I had come enough, I saw my friend leave and after about twenty minutes or so went back to bed. She asked why I had been so long and if he had had a good time, not that I really cared, but he had said it was fantastic. I had tried to persuade him to stay the night and see how much more she could take.

He asked me about the five young men. “Did she really have them all?”

I told him I would tell him about it another time.

“She is one very sexy woman, she is insatiable! She got really turned on when she put your cock in my mouth”.

“She used to be like this many years ago, before she became ill, but I think she is back to her best now, and hope she will make up for lost time.”

“ I have got to have her again.”

“Why not come back in and stay the night, she will be up for it I’m sure.” I asked

He declined and drove off.

We re- lived the events, I was still turned on, and I got her to kneel on the bed straddling my face, I opened her with my fingers and gravity did the rest as the come she had received oozed out of onto me, I licked and sucked, another orgasm for her then I fucked her again vigorously, hard and fast. I did this twice more and she came three more times. We finally had a bath and slept, but I still don’t know if she could have come any more??

Want to know about the seduction of five young men?