Written by John_B

15 Feb 2018

Fiona returned 40 minutes ago from her Valentines night out with Duncan. I have been locked in my cock cage since 5pm last night as she got dressed. This is a new thing we are doing that my cock gets locked in the chastity cage to stop me from playing with myself and ultimately shooting my load which does result in me losing the desire a little for cuckholding. It does add a little spice to things and Fiona enjoying that element of control We have a great relationship and this was always a fantasy of mines for Fiona to have sex with another bloke. We now approach it that Fiona is having an affair or a one night stand therefore the bloke thinks everything is done behind my back, no inclining that her husband is sitting waiting to be told every touch during their sexual encounters and loves it.

As I mentioned Fiona arrived home 40 mins ago and usually the minute she is in the door we start our passion and as normal when I heard her arrive in the taxi I got out of bed and met her with a kiss and fully expecting to get in to full flow but she motioned me back and said “she will decide when the cage comes off”, indicating she was going for a sleep first and we would have sex when she wakens. I was stunned a little by this and aware when she comes home she is normally exhausted but she always plays with me telling me every detail until I cum as usually her cunt needs a rest and I love being on the bed listening to the detail as she strokes and wanks me.

She asked me to pour her a drink of orange juice and she will tell me a few things but the cage isn’t coming off. I returned to the sitting room with the glass of orange juice and Fiona sat in the chair and I sat in the opposite chair and she proceeded to tell me how her night had gone.

She had been to the hairdressers yesterday and got her hair cut and with her short red skater dress looked stunning as she was getting dressed. When I arrived home from work at 5 she wasn’t fully dressed so she immediately put the cock cage on me so that I didn’t wank. Before she got in to her taxi she gave me a long teasing French kiss and although my cock can’t get fully erect it does pump the blood through, we were enjoying the kiss and as I was in my dressing gown Fiona ran her hands teasingly over my nippples down towards my cock but no touch............then the taxi arrived and she got her bag and left.

She said she got to Duncan’s around 6.45 and the table at restaurant was booked for 7.30 and his flat is nearer town than we are. She said he was just getting dressed and met her with a kiss at the door and a bunch of red roses. She took a seat and watched through the door at his muscly fireman body and could feel herself getting aroused. Duncan is a fireman and younger brother of a bloke Fiona went to school with who knows both of us and how happily married we are. We have always thought this affair carries more risk but also more excitement. Fiona had no bra and no panties on and she has the most amazing nipples that protrude through even when she is wearing a bra and said they had stood erect when she could see Duncan walk around naked in his room. When he was dressed he came in to the room Fiona was in and she said she stood up with her glass of wine and said ‘you should have closed the door’, Fiona said Duncan looked at Fiona and immediately noticed the erect nipples and said ‘wow’, is that from just looking at me’, Fiona said she replied ‘yes , and they won’t go down for hours unless the get attention and I orgasm’ . Fiona said he came over to her and the started to kiss very passionately and ended up on the sofa with Duncan’s hands running up her holdups and around her thighs turning Fiona on even more, she said at that point it was electric and all she wanted was to be fucked quickly so they could make the restaurant in time so she unzipped his trousers and brought his cock out and played with it whispering ‘Fuck me Duncan’ but Duncan replied ‘no, I want to see those erect nipples all night and enjoy them later’. Fiona said she then slipped down off the sofa to go between his legs and managed a big lick on his cock forcing Duncan to throw his head back in pleasure, Fiona said she proceeded to suck him in the hope she would climb on. She said she could feel Duncan thrust and moved away slightly to allow her to clim on but Duncan motioned for her to keep sucking and Fiona realising she wasn’t getting her ride continued to suck and suck she does beautifully. She said Duncan filled her mouth quickly and she swallowed the entire lot.

She said Duncan was still smiling as they left for the restaurant at Fiona’s perk nipples.

Fiona then said to me she was off to bed and will hear everything else when she wakens and will realise me from my cock cage.

More later