Written by sex starved

21 Apr 2007

A few years ago i used to work delivering goods allover the country, im married but had this girlfreind who loved to come with me, she was the horniest woman i've ever been with her favourite trick was to strip off her clothes as i drove telling me what she was going to do or had done with others. She'd end up naked apart from her jacket then she would start to play telling me about the times she'd had group sex, or another woman. Well that drove me crazy and could'nt wait to pullover, we came to a layby then we started playing with each other, she then said as it was hot, she wanted to go into a nearby wood where we both could be naked. Into the woods we went off came my clothes, as i sat on a log she took off her jacket knelt in front of me and started licking my cock from balls to tip she loves to suck and swallow, as she sucked we heard a sound of moaning so she stood up and headed towards the noise just a few yards away. We saw a couple feeling each other up he had his hand on her pussy we could see a finger in it, my girlfreind smiled at me then coughed so the couple heard and went bright red she asked if we could join them, they looked really embarrased but my girlfreind just walked over. Leading me by my cock got on her knees and carried on my blowjob, the couple just stared at her as she swallowed all of my cock then opened her legs and really started to rub her glorious shaven pussy as they looked on you could tell they were enjoying it as her boyfreind pulled of her panties and started to lick her pussy.

my girlfriend looked up her face wet, then moved accross to the other couple leaving me to watch as she replaced the boyfriends face with hers, licking this other womans pussy. She looked up telling the womans boyfriend to get naked as we were all going to have fun at this he stripped in about 20 seconds standing there with raging hard ons. We watched as my girlfriend made this woman moan and come then she stood up saying it was our turn thinking she meant for us to join them we moved over but she meant she wanted to see me and this guy at it, we just looked and shook our heads so she came over bringing the other girl with her she then knelt down in front of her boyfriend holding his cock she said to his girlfriend to do the same to me then they both started sucking lying us down side by side my girl got up moved over to to the other guy then got hold of his cock moving him nearer to me, his girlfriend stood up removed what was left of her clothes grabbed my girlfriend, and said if we wanted to fuck the both of them then we had to touch each others bodies looking at eah other we moved next to each other i made a grab for this guys cock he did the same and it did'nt feel to bad, in fact we were quite relieved to feel each other as we watched our girls rubbing pussies feeling tits

Then our girls came over rubbing their bodies against ours as we rubbed each others, then his girl grabbed my cock as mine grabbed his my girl pushed him down as his girl fed my cock in his mouth pulling back my forskin as he took it deeper i could feel her hard nipples in my back as i watched my girl suck him off ishot my load as his girl rubbed my cock then we changed as my girl fed his cock in my mouth as his girl brought my cock back to life sucking it.He shot soon after then the fucking comenced swapping feeding each others cock into each outhers girl what a day my girl has told me we can go dogging looking forward to that