Written by Steve T.

29 Dec 2017

I am 41 years old and it is just over four years since I had my vasectomy, My wife Kate and I discussed the idea and I agreed that it would be the most sensible form of birth control for the two of us, Kate had been on the pill since the birth of our second son thirteen years ago and with the health scares about prolonged use I thought that it was my time to take control. We had an interview with a doctor and a few weeks later I had the op. I was pleasantly surprised how simple and painless the operation was. A doctor told me to take a semen sample three weeks later to the clinic for testing that there were no sperm still in the semen.

I was amazed at the change that it made to our sex life. Kate and I had always had a very healthy sex drive but in the three weeks until I was given the all clear we must have had sex almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Kate became very enthusiastic about ensuring that the sample would be clear and would often instigate sex when I was not expecting it.

One early morning as I was waking up I felt Kate cuddling up against my back and I felt her full naked breasts against my back, her hand came around my waist and stroked my belly then moved down around my swelling cock, she was whispering in my ear "Cmon, darling lets get rid of those little fucking swimmers, imagine that this big cock is in my cunt" Her hand was moving faster, pumping my cock until I ejaculated onto the bed sheets.

Kate also got into sucking my cock far more often than she usually did, she now allowed me to shoot my spunk into her mouth and swallowed it, previously I had to warn her that I was about to cum and I usually pulled out of her mouth and spurted my cum over her tits. Kate now told me that she wanted to see if there was any difference in the taste of my spunk. Some evenings she would ask me to masturbate in front of her, the first time she asked I said that I would only do it if she fingered her pussy while she was sitting facing me on the bed with her legs apart. I had always wanted to watch Kate wanking herself but she was far too shy and always refused when I asked. This time she readily agreed. The sight of her bringing herself to an orgasm with her fingers rubbing her clit then disappearing inside her cunt soon had me joining her with my own orgasm.

At least two days a week I worked from home and as soon as Kate returned from dropping the boys off at their school she would start to strip off her clothes in my office and when she was naked ask if we were going to fuck or if wanted her to get on her knees and suck my cock.

As you can imagine after three week of almost nonstop sex the sample that I took to the clinic was totally clear and we were advised that Kate could safely discontinue taking her contraceptive pills.

I am pleased to say that Kate and I still have far more sex than before I had the snip I would recommend the freedom that it gives us.