Written by pinapro

11 Oct 2008

Well it had to happen some time my wife knows I crossdress,she found a wig which I got rid of a while ago...how did it go...not tooo good. She use to put her knickers on me and with my apron fetish ,she would tie a waist apron on tightly around my waist and wank me off...now to me all I have done is extended that dressing,I don,t go with men...I have had a fling with my mother in law who loved me to crossdress and I have well and truely fucked her..but my wife is put off by my full dressing, she knows which of her clothes I have been wearing..so I asked her buy me some clothes to help me...the arguement continued until i blasted out I had been fucking Anne her mother dressed as a woman...she went off it.Then she hit me with it, our sex life has not been happening over the last year and a half...and now I know why....she has been having an affair....with a WOMAN my wife is 49..the woman is 25...and to make matters worse its our next door neighbours daughter who is fucking beautiful...my wife is the dom and uses Lauren as a slave she told me everything....where she has found all this new sex is unbelievable ..she said it just happened...she is a size 18 nice tits and still very attractive ...how and why I still cannot come to terms with..but it looks like she fucked me good and proper...all these years I have fantasied about her fucking a woman and now she is doing it with this little stuner from next door....where are now well...she has agreed to help me crossdress she will keep on seeing laureen but I cannot become involved and Laureen doesnt know about me ...my mother in law stops which it had done anyway...she will treat me like a slave when dressedand hopefully our sex life will grow.....VERY COMPLICATED