Written by David

1 Jun 2013

I related my story a few months ago when I visited a gay sauna club in Birmingham. I have always visited on a Saturday afternoon when there is quite a big crowd walking around. As I said at the time there were an awful lot of men walking but very little action taking place.

Last week I visited on a Wednesday afternoon, in my own mind I thought it might be a mistake. The chances were that there would be fewer people there. I entered stripped off and went to the Jacuzzi without meeting one person. I sat there for five minutes then decided to go past the cubicles towards the room where the porn films were being shown, as I went to open the door two people came out and as I entered the corridor another man was there. Without any hesitation he said come on and led me into a cubicle. No beating about the bush here (thankfully).

He asked what I wanted to do so I told him straight that I wanted to feel what it was like to have a cock inside me. He said ok and put a condom on (a basket of condoms and lubricant are available in the corridor) I was there doggy style and I felt the lube between my cheeks then I could feel his cock being rubbed up and down then he lined it up and started to push it in. I said take it easy as it is my first time.

It did hurt a bit but eventually he got it right in he kept it in there, then he brought his hands around and got hold of my cock and started wanking me I was very soon on the verge of coming. I asked him to stop as I didn’t want to cum yet. So holding my waist he started to slowly fuck me. I found it a strange feeling but enjoyable. Unfortunately he soon came inside me; he enjoyed it so I was happy for him. But I still longed for a longer session. He said he was going to have a shower.

I decided to go to the film room. There was one man there. I sat down just a little bit away from him. I pulled my towel away and wanked myself whilst watching the film. I could see he was looking at my cock, then he moved over and took hold of my cock. I pulled his towel away and took hold of his. He then said come on and we went into a rather dark room. It is an open room where anybody can come and go. There is a soft padded box in the centre of the room. I bent over it while he tried to fuck me, I say tried because he had quite a big cock. But I found it too painful so we had to stop.

He then lay on the box with his head hanging down and I put my cock in his mouth. It was brilliant he sucked away while I fucked his mouth. Then another man came in and came over to have a look. I immediately put my hand under his towel to find he was big and very hard. I told the chap on the box to have a suck on this one as it is nice and big. Whilst he was being sucked I got on the box straddling the man’s chest I moved my hand behind and lined his hard cock up between my cheeks. I proceeded to rub my cock against his stomach at the same time feeling his cock against my arse. We were all so relaxed about it, it was great.

The man being sucked was on the verge of coming so he pulled out and came all over the man’s face, which is what he enjoyed. The feel of spunk on his body. He then sat up with me still straddling him and proceeded to wank me. I told him exactly where to rub my cock and soon I was spurting all over his chest he then rubbed the spunk all over his chest.

A brilliant time was had and I think I will give Saturday a miss in future.