12 Apr 2016

Hi this is a completely true story,used to meet up with a married woman,at a club about 5 miles from where we both lived ,it was every Friday,she would get a lift with a friend,who was seeing someone else,and she would spend the evening with me, and I would take her home. It would take on the same thing every week,after a couple of drinks we would leave the club,go to the car park,and have a good snog feel etc,and she would always leave her blouse undone, or her breasts exposed,it was always dark when we drove home,and it was a turn on keep glancing at her exposed breasts,when we got near to our secluded parking spot,before I dropped her off,she would start to undress,then unzip my trousers,and got my prick out,and got me hardas soon as I pulled up,she would undo her seat belt and drop the seat back,i would quickly undress, and drop on top of herand enter her,the sex was awesome she really was ready for it,we would chat for awhile then I would drop her off nearer home, her husband thinking her mate had dropped her off,but one particular Friday,her husband had gone out so she was in no hurry,after our sex session I dropped back into my seat and we chatted,it wasn't long before I was hard again,and I could see she wanted fucking again,i said to her you ride me on my seat,ok she said and started to move over to me,when she put her leg ove,r the gear lever it pressed against her inner thigh,oh she said that's hard,i put my hand on the gear lever and she lowered her fanny onto my hand,she was very wet so I smeared the gear lever with her, and my come,go on I said try it,with that she dropped on the gear lever slowly at first then right down to the gaiter,she loved it must have had about 7inches of gear lever up,her I said hold on a minute,and pressed the clutch in and then started the car the slight vibration from the gear lever was heaven for her, and she was screaming out with pleasure,that was the start of things for the coming Fridays,anyone else tried this?