24 Aug 2016

Firstly a bit of history so bear with me.

We first met on a rally in Belgium (Ypres rally) We were invited to help out as officials on the event by the UK Motorsport Association, we met at Dover and then drove to a little village outside of Ypres where we were to stay, the accommodation was very basic, one dormitory above a pub full of bunk beds and a shared shower and toilet block behind the pub, we would work on the rally near the village then back for a few beers, In the height of Belgium summer we were all in shorts, Vicky sat next to me outside the bar in her little white shorts and as she sat with her foot up on her other knee and her thighs parted I could see straight up the leg of her shorts and could see the white silk fabric of her little knickers, she was there with someone but it didn't stop me wishing I could fuck her..

That night after plenty of beer I headed up to my bunk early and just laid there trying to get some sleep, Vicky came up shortly after and was in the bunk next but one to me, she stripped off her shorts and exposed what turned out to be a little thong. I was hard thinking to myself how she must be with her legs open but nothing happened.. The evening after we set off back to the UK and exchanged numbers, They lived in Lincolnshire, me in Yorkshire so not far apart. This grew into a good friendship and I often went to stay with her and her partner for the weekend if there was a rally on in the area.

Over time I would stay and her partner would work nights so we would drink both of us and share the odd kiss but nothing more, then we would chat on the phone by text and things became slightly hotter (the usual tame sexting ) you know the sort of thing, he's at work what you up to type and then the reply as we were more open became... 'well you remember sat outside the bar in Ypres well I had a great view up your shorts, and a thong really suits you' the reply was oh you did eh? well I liked the bulge you had too... so the texts became more frequent and we arranged to meet up for a drink well away from where she lived and I said I would book myself in so I could have a few drinks, so the travel lodge was booked for me to stay one Saturday eve and once he had gone to work she got ready and met me a I said to her would you like your present t the other side of town from her house.. as usual the texts were often warm and questions like what size bra and knickers and what colour underwear do you prefer... the replies on 36dd and Ferrari red was her colour , so the idea was set in my mind.. have a drink or 2 in the bar then have a bottle of wine in the room and invite her up and treat her with a surprise of some sexy little red underwear, so I picked her up and we drove back to the hotel, had a drink in the bar and I suggested we went back to the room for another couple of drinks and that I had a pressie for her..

She looked great in her tight jeans and low cut white tight top, we got to the room and once inside we just sat and had a wine and had a kiss and chatted about each other, the chat getting slightly hotter and then a quick kiss or 2, I said to her ' would you like your present then?' her reply was yeah please, and with which I said well there is a condition to it, I want to see you in it if it fits and she laughed saying ok, she opened the box and looked a bit shocked, probably not expecting it to be a tiny red lacy thong and bra set, and I said come on then let me see it on you and with that she said only if it fits and she nipped into the bathroom to change into it, a few minutes later she came into the room in her puffer jacket zipped up and with no jeans on, I said does it fit then and she replied well here you go you tell me.. with which she promptly unzipped her jacket and slipped it off leaving her standing in only the red bra and thong, she looked stunning semi naked, she leant forward and kissed me and as I kissed her back her mouth opened and her tongue entered my mouth and the kisses became more erotic, we broke the kiss and she sat on the edge of the bed in just the bra and thong and had another wine, I said I needed the loo and nipped in there and on the floor was her white bra and a tiny white silky thong, I picked it up and the crotch was damp and I wondered to myself just how horny she might be now after that kiss, I nipped back in the room and Vicky was laid in the underwear on her stomach and the view of her bare bottom either side of the thin bit of red fabric had me hard for her..

She laid there and I put my hands on her back and gave her a massage round the bra and she murmured how nice it felt to which I thought go for it and I said well it will be better if your bra straps aren't in the way as I slowly unclipped it and slipped the straps off her shoulders, and she never flinched she just let me get on with it working my way down her back onto her bottom and then down her legs, slowly she parted her thighs slightly and I could see the red fabric between her legs but I just carried on till I got to her feet and then I asked if she had enjoyed that, her reply was god yeah that was lovely, so I thought just come out with it and I said shall I do your front too?? she was silent for about 30 seconds and then just replied mmmm please, with that she reached under her breasts to hold her bra in place and slowly rolled over onto her back, there I got a gorgeous view of Vicky laid on the bed in the tiny red thong just showing a slight strip of hair through it and the bra lose over her ample breasts, I started on the front of her shoulders and worked my way down to her bra and then slowly worked my fingers inside it, leaving her breasts covered but gently massaging her breasts and feeling her nipples stiffen, then working onto her stomach and around her belly button piercing gently flicking over the dolphin bar that she had in her navel, then working back up and under the cups of her bra and I said it would be easier to do these without your bra there you know and she replied well its not fastened just take it off me if you want, I lifted it off her and got a gorgeous sight, her bare breasts and firm dark nipples, all the while thinking the bras off I wonder if she will let me get her thong off too.....I leant forward and kissed both nipples then slowly worked my hands back down her stomach to the little thong, I worked round it and then did her thighs, again they parted just slightly and I worked back up onto her stomach, concentrating just above the thong and then I said there is a bit here I haven't done yet and I slowly pulled the thong down a little bit and I worked on the exposed flesh, Vicky's pussy still covered but my fingers a bit nearer, I ran my fingers around the edge of the thong and onto her inner thighs right against the edge of the fabric, with me pulling it down slightly the fabric between her legs had become a little loose and my fingers could work inside it, as I slipped my finger ends into the fabric she squirmed a little on the bed and said 'if we don't stop we might regret this' I didn't reply and just gently continued to massage her, my fingers gently rubbing around her pussy inside the thong and as she didn't stop me I worked them in a little more till I found the moist slit of her pussy, she looked me in the eyes and said where is this leading? again I didn't reply and I ran my fingers over her moist pussy, she moaned again and I slowly pulled the thong aside exposing her pussy and I leant forward and ran my tongue over her lips and clit gently running my finger into the opening outer lips, I was so hard for her laid there in-front of me and I just told myself she would have stopped you if she hadn't wanted you, and with which I undid my jeans and pulled them and my shorts down, she parted her legs and I knelt between them still rubbing her pussy, she looked up at me and asked what are we doing and I replied with I don't know but this seems right and with which I leant forward to kiss her and let my cock touch her moist pussy lips, she didn't stop me and hardly believing she was laid on the bed with my cock against her pussy I slowly pushed inside her, feeling her pussy part around my cock, she looked up at me and said that feels nice and asked me to fill her with my cock, I wanted the same and slowly I filled her and as we kissed she turned and said well I wasn't expecting you to fuck me tonight but it feels good, and she pulled me closer, I needed to fuck her hard and deep and I so wanted to come inside her and as I fucked her getting harder and faster she moaned more till she came and I followed shortly after spurting my come deep inside her inviting pussy.. we both looked at each other and said well that was good and with that we both got up and Vicky went to get dressed, I drover her home and pulled up a couple of streets away, she kissed me and said I want your cock in me again if that's ok, I wasn't going to say no and with a kiss on the lips she said I can feel your come in my knickers and I want more of it soon. she got out of the car and headed home while I drove back to the hotel, my phone bleeped and there was a text from her saying she felt great and her pussy was nice and wet thanks to me as was her new red thong...

We have fucked since then while she still lived with her partner and again after they split up, we don't blame what we did for causing them to split Vicky says it was inevitable and she says that what we did made her realise she wanted more. she has slept with others since but we still meet up and her pussy still tastes and feels as good as that first time...

more to follow if you would like to hear them..