Written by T

30 Jun 2007

I have owned several villas in spain and portugal for many years. All looked after by mangement companies during my absences. They maintain and clean between bookings, making sure everything is fine for the next guests.

If there are no bookings and I can get a flight I just turn up and crash out, telling the relevant company when I arrive at the airport. This I did and Kelly told me she would send sonita around to clean the villa before I arrived as the last guests had only left late the night before.I informed kelly that my girlfriend was flying in next week and staying on when I fly off to London, I had her luggage so it would be in the villa on her arrival

On arrival at the villa, all seemed well, all the rooms where in perfect condition. I went to the car to get the cases, returned straight into the master room, and heard running water, I looked in the bathroom and was greeted with sonita naked in the shower! Sonita is 19 with big 38DD's fit as anything.

She exclaimed " Oh Mr John I was cleaning the shower, you are not arriving till later" " I sorry"

With that I calmed her down and said it was not a problem, I would go and get some drinks and she could dry herself. I was in the kitchen when sonita came walking in with just a g string on.

She said she was sorry, but as it looked like i liked what i saw could she help me forget!She bent down and whipped my rock hard cock and sucked for spain, then she said to me

"Mr John , you like, how you say, my titties I will wanky tit you"

Wow was that good, I bent er over and slid my pole up her tight pussy and fucked her.

Coming and coming in to her like it was my first time!!

When I returned with refills of drinks she had unpakcked the cases, and left a pile of items in the corner.

" Mr John as thankyou I have hung up your shirts but I do not know what to do with these?

She showed me a pile containg my girlfriends stockings and suspenders and her vibrator

"Mr John I wear the stockings for you? Wow this is great I thought, a big ttted 19 year ols in stockings, bring it on!

"but Mr John I not know what this is"

I explained and she switched it on and jumped when it buzzed.

"Mr John please turn round while I put stockings on"

This she did whilst I looked the other way. I heard the familiar sound of the vib stricking up, When I turned round there was Sonita topless in stockings and working the vibrator up her tight pussy!

"Mr John do you like" " Would yo like, how you say, to fuck my assy?

Now thats another story. Any couples or ladies fancy a stay in my villa drop me a line, and who knows sonita might meet you there