10 Feb 2019

I mailed my subscription to 'The Harmony Club' and awaited their quarterly magazine. Vintage Lingerie and nylon stockings was the nature of the club. Letters regarding 'Harmony Points' and 'Cuban Heels' how to 'peel on nylons' without damage and adverts regarding sourcing of them. Members were anonymous however submitted Glamour pictures of Wives and Girlfriends.

I wrote to a Mature Couple complimenting on 'Lady Wife' and Hubbies 'Glamour Pics'. We corresponded and struck up a fun connection. We agreed to meet for Coffee and Cakes in London. Just to protect them (never knew where they lived) he might have been Chairman of the Local Council !

Safe then and fun and friendship on our first meet. They were aged mid fifties. Me 38.

Our 'Darling' loved to dress in vintage undies and 'Pose'. Hubby loved that. They were both excited at the prospect of 'Madame' posing for a young Photographer. Subjected to his commands. What next ? Further and lovely detailed letters.

Then we arranged the day when Helen would pose for me. London again. Two rooms booked in an Earls Court Hotel. One for me and one for them. Drinks in the Bar to relax and then to their room. Hubby and I chose 'Undies' whilst our Bride retired to the Bathroom to prepare. Derek and I in anticipation. Helen appearing in Fully Fashioned Tan Nylons. Suspenders cream panties and a cream flowered bra.

I used their Camera (again for security) commanding Helen to pose for me whilst Derek sat in a chair and witnessed his Darling being subjected to my commands. 'Turn over Honey' please 'Pout your lips for me........now'.

Yes indeed Helen modeled for me that day.

I commanded Derek to 'Strip Her' which he did. And to 'Strip himself'

After an hour with Helen and Derek fully ' Steamed' I left them together to make love.

A very exiting experience. Soft swing. Yes I did caress Helen. I kissed her naked back and suckled her toes.

Derek and Helen climaxed that night like never before. Derek whispering 'He wants you.... he wants you so much'

But no sex for me. Just excitement and Trust.

They sent me several photo's Glamour of course and the nylons our Sweetheart wore on that day.

A truly lovely couple.

November xxxxx