Written by james

23 Feb 2015

Hello to everybody out there

I would like to start by saying that what you are about to read is factual from beginning to end and it is not the figment of our imagination. There are many different types of relationships between married couples and I realise that not everybody will like what I am about to relate to you. I will start from the very beginning I was shopping in a supermarket when the woman in front of me at the checkout was £3 short so I paid if for her. One I had paid for my shopping she asked for my address so that she could repay the money. I told her that was not necessary and Although she was quite insistent I would not hear of it. We said our goodbyes and went our separate was and I never gave it another thought. Then thee weeks later I bumped into in the town and it was she who spoke to me as I had not recognised at first. As we spoke she offered me the £3 but I refused it so she said at least let me buy you a coffee so I accepted her invitation. We sat talking and after two cups of coffee I noticed we had been there over one hour. Now I am normally very shy around women but we seamed to gel straight away. Well once outside the coffee shop I summoned up the courage from somewhere to ask her out and to my surprise she said yes.

We went on the date and it was like we had know each other for ages and our relationship grew from there. We were together for six months when one evening while at the cinema I was stunned when out of the blue she asked my if I would marry her. I managed to utter a very surprised yes and we got married a month later. Just a few details about us my wife is called Eve and I am James. Eve is 24 and I am 31 and I was still a virgin when we married. Eve is very good looking with dark brown eyes and jet black hair and she is a size 12 with great legs a a large 38 c bust. Myself I am of slight build quite shy which I put down to being not very well endowed. Eve is very adventurous when it comes to sex and as I was a virgin she has taught me ever so much. Right from the start she has been the dominant partner in our relationship almost ordering me at times to do what she wants me to do sexually. I have always done what she wants mainly I suppose because I had never had sex with anybody else. IT was around two years into our marriage that one night in bed she asked me had I ever felt inferior to other men with having such a small cock. I told her that I did and I asked if she had many boyfriends before she met me. Her answer was quite a few, and when I asked how many she said over thirty. I mumbled something like were any of them bigger than me and said all of them. I can tell you this did nothing for my self confidence and I found it hard to get an erection while having sex as I was thinking of all the big cocks she must have enjoyed over the years. We talked about and she was very understanding and she said she would help get over it saying that she would get some films. Eve said that the films would be educational for me and that they would show me the pleasure and the joy of sex.

Well a few days later eve told me the films had arrived and that we would be watching one that night in bed. That night we went to be early and Eve put on the dvd the title was extreme face sitting then she said watch and learn darling its what you need. As the film started the man was tied to the bed by his wrists and ankles then a bbw woman climbed on to the bed just wearing panties and she straddled him with her panties over his mouth. Then she slowly lowered her self onto his face and began to grind her panties covered pussy into his face. After a while she got up and removed her panties then sat back on his face ordering him to eat her cunt. She ground her self into him for ages before finally getting off his face. At this point the man was gasping for breath then begging her to do it again. Eve turned to me and asked if I enjoyed watching this and as I replied yes she said lay on your back while I let you eat me. I lay there and she lowered her pussy onto my face and as she did she became very vocal . She was calling out to me eat my cunt you fucking useless tosser eat me out. For some unknown reason I was turned like never before in my life and Eve had a big orgasm and juices flowed into my mouth. Eve then lay back and ordered me to fuck and as I entered her saturated pussy she pushed her hips forward telling me to fuck her harder. I was fucking her as hard as I could but she was still screaming harder, harder. But by this time I was pass the point of no return and I exploded inside leaving her gasping to to be fucked to a climax. Then she screamed at me oh you useless fucker get down there and eat my cunt which I did and when she came she gushed all over my face. Afterwards I apologised and she told me not worry its fine and she will continue to teach more about sex.

The following night eve put a film on and the title shocked me it was entitled destroy my wife but I really did not understand the title. I asked Eve what the film was about but all she said wait and see and you will learn about my sex life before you. The scene started with with a young wife dressed in a dressing gown kissing her husband as he left for work. Shortly after he had left there was a knock at the door and when the wife opened two black men in overalls walked in. One was about six feet tall with a bald head the other about six inches shorter with close cropped hair. The tall one said my god you look really hot in real life you photo don’t do justice girl. She then said well you know what your here for follow me as she led them to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom she undid her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor. She stood there naked and said to the two black guys come on take me. The tall one said don’t worry sweetheart we will and when we have finished with you your husband will be no good to you any more. Eve and I lay in bed and watched as these two black guys mauled and pawed her before she took both their cocks up her pussy stretching her wide open. They also stretched her arse hole with both cocks while she cried out in ecstasy saying to them use me. While watching this Eve reached over and started wanking my cock which by this time was rock hard. Then she reached down and started sucking my cock , oh my god this felt so good but I had to stop before I shot my load. Eve pulled my head and said kiss me I want to taste myself she sucked my face off tasting her own love juice. Then she asked did it turn me on watching that woman getting destroyed and I had to admit its made me so horny. Then she said would you like me to used like I bet you would, would,nt you ?. I did,nt answer so she kept asking you would I know you would. You want me fucked like don’t you ? You want you wife to be used tell me you do. I was in such a heightened state I responded, yes , yes , I want to see you fucked like that. Well I am going to let you see me fucked but now I want your cock inside me. I was no sooner inside her and I came filling her up so once again I had to finish her of with my tongue. I am aware that a of of you will thing of me as wimp but I can not help the way I am. There is more to this but you may think I am boring but I will finish if there is anybody interested in hearing it.