Written by JAMES

16 Mar 2015

Virgin husband the conclusion

I am sorry its been a while since the first posted about myself and my wife Eve but my computer burnt out so it would pay to read the first part. This is the conclusion of my wife teaching me about sex as I was a 31 year old virgin when I met my wife. If you have read the first part you will know that I feel inadequate as my penis in not very big. Its was also nice to know that people have not ridiculed about my small size. I know that I am no match to her ex boyfriends but she has assured that this is not a problem and she will continue to teach me so much more. The next film Eve put on when we were in bed was entitled cum eating cuckolds. The film began with a young white wife entering the bedroom with her husband. She told him to undress and once he was naked she led him to a chair in the corner of the bedroom and cuffed his writs to the chair arms. She then stripped off and teasingly brushed her tits across his face. Then the wife left the room and came back in with two black guys who I would hazard a guess to be in their late forties to early fifties. She asked them to take their cloths off and once naked they were very well endowed. Next thing they were all on the bed one guy was licking her pussy while

she sucked the other guys cock. Her husband sat in the chair staring down at his small cock which was hard but he was still bigger than I am. We watched the film as these two mature well endowed black guys fuck this woman in her pussy and up her arse.

Eve reached over and started stroking my cock which by this time was hard as I can ever remember.

Then Eve said that’s how you should be enjoying your sex life like that guy in the chair, What ? You want to cuff me to a chair. Well maybe, but what you really need is to see is me taking two big cocks like I have had before I met you. What have you been fucked by black men ? NO never,, well not yet but I bet you would like to see that. No not really, she then started wanking me and said oh come on I know you would. As she wanked my cock she started kissing me with such passion and I was building to a climax. Eve really can kiss passionately and she tastes so sweet, then she whispered come on admit you want to see your wife’s pussy stretched don’t you. I had by this time lost any will power to say no. Eve now had me at her mercy saying come on tell me you want a black man to fuck me ok I want a black man to fuck you. Eve than lay on her back and said fuck me now as hard as you can and for once I gave her a good hard fucking. Eve came the same time as I did as she rubbed her pussy, which I later found out she was rubbing what is called her clit. Eve had a massive orgasm just I shot my cream inside her pussy. Afterwards we drifted off to sleep in the glow of a highly sexed night. I awoke the following morning with Eve wanking my cock and we had another amazing session reliving the night before. Then over breakfast Eve asked how were we going to arrange for her to fuck a black man. I was taken aback as I said I thought it was just a fantasy darling. Well she replied you were wanting me to get fucked last night while you fucked me didn’t you. Well yes I did but that was in the heat of the moment, Eve said if you don’t want me to I wont do it and I will never go behind your back and cheat on you because I love so much. But I want you to know if you agree it would mean the world to me but I wont pressure into it. Nothing more was mentioned about it but over the next few days I felt guilty. So one night while we kissing on the sofa I blurted out I want you to fuck a black man.

Eve looked surprised and asked what had made me change my mind, I told you because you are such a loving wife and you deserve pleasure in your life. After all you have had well endowed men in the past. She kissed me hard full on the lips which sent a shiver down my spine. I asked her if she had any ideas of how to arrange it, she said a friend of hers who she worked with called Cammy was into the swing scene. Eve said she would ask her because she was always talking about how she puled at the weekend. Well a few days later she told me that she would be going out with Cammy on Saturday night if that was all right with me. I asked her would she be having sex on the night and she told me no because she would only fuck somebody if I were present. I lay in bed that night and when Eve came home in the early hours and I told her I have been awake wondering if in-fact you had been fucked. Eve said look I told you, it would only be with you are present,,, but if you are still happy with it,, he is downstairs now. This took me by surprise but I could not back out now. Eve went back down stairs and brought in this very well built black man who was over six feet tall and introduced as Joel. They sat on the edge of the bed so I got up and sat in the chair. They were soon all over each other as they discarded their cloths leaving them both naked on our bed. He was really black and I was astounded at his manhood and the contrast between their skin colour was turning me on like never before. Eve has her hand wrapped round his cock and I noticed that her fingers did not even meet. All the time he was talking to her say is this what you have been waiting al-night for. Eve lowered her head and took the tip of that black cock into her white mouth. Slowly he pushed it further in as her mouth was stretched wide open and he had two fingers in her pussy. He then said your mouth is not big enough for this, but I know what is as he pulled out and got between her legs. He started rubbing his cock over her pussy lips until I saw the head enter her pussy. Eve let out a gasp as he pushed further inside her and he started a slow rhythm until he was buried deep inside. Once she accommodated him he picked up speed and started to slam into her with force. Eve was screaming as an orgasm ripped through he body as she thrashed about on her back. I could see he was approaching his orgasm so I said not in her don’t cum in her. Then Eve said fucking ignore him, cum inside me and fill me up. With that his body tightened and he unloaded deep inside her as he lay on top of her. When he pulled out I could see his creamy white spunk leaking out of her well stretched pussy. Eve then asked him to leave so he got dressed and let himself out and Eve called me over to the bed. She said I am the best husband that she could ever wish for but there is one more thing. She got my head and pushed it between her thighs and held it there ordering my to eat her pussy. I had no option and at first I found the taste unpleasant but I did as I was bid and eat it all. I know that I can never cum up to the standards of well endowed men, but I have to except that. We also have agreed that she can take another man around once every month and I am sure I still have a lot to learn.