Written by Alan

27 Jan 2012

I have always had a fantasy about my wife having an old man use her. For some reason it really turns me on and we often talk about it when we have sex. My wife is 40, very curvy with 36D tits, and a curvy proportionate figure.

It was my birthday recently and she told me we were going to a pub for a drink. We had to walk about half a mile and she changed into her high heels when we got there. I had been in this particular pub a couple of times and knew it to be a quiet, backstreet place frequented by mostly older men.

We entered and settled into seats in the corner and I went to the bar to get us drinks. I looked around whilst I waited and saw a few couples, but mostly men in their fifties and sixties. It was quite crowded and most were watching football on the big screen at the other end.

I returned with our drinks and sat at the table. Next to us were a couple of older chaps who, probably late sixties, were already chatting to my wife. We all chatted and I noticed that she was flirting outrageously, crossing her legs so that her holdups showed. She had a nice blouse on and she had a couple of buttons undone so that a small amount of cleavage showed. I noticed both of them looking, or should I say, staring at her boobs.

She was sat on a long padded seat and I was on a chair on the opposite side of the table. The two men were on the next table in a similar position.

For the next round I offered to buy them a pint each and went to the bar to get the drinks. As I left my wife smiled at me and then turned toward them. I knew that one could see up her short denim skirt. I also knew she wasn't wearing any pants.

I did not look directly at them as I waited but could see one putting his hand on her leg and she ignored it as she chatted. He removed it as soon as he saw me returning and we carried on our chatting.

After a few more drinks she was really starting to get drunk and I said its probably time to go home. One old chap suggested we went back to his place for coffee as he lived very close. I was about to say no when my wife said it was a good idea as she was a bit too drunk to walk.

It took us about 3 minutes to get to his place and I was impressed that it was so neat and tidy. He had explained that his wife had died two years previously but he had kept it as she liked it. I sat in an armchair and my wife sat on the sofa with one man next to her. It was a two seater and when the other returned with some very nice coffee, he squeezed himself onto the end next to my wife. She was really quite drunk and was slouching a little.

An arm went around her shoulder to support her and she let her head fall onto his shoulder. The other had his hand high up on her leg just touching the lacy part oh her stockings. I realised what she was up to and mentioned how comfortable she looked. She then lifted her legs onto one lap and laid across the other. Straight away their hands were moved so that one rested on the area at the top of her legs and the other on her boobs. I again said that she looks very contented and one hand disappeared under the hem of her skirt whilst the other went inside her bra. My cock was rock hard as I watched the two old men grope her.

Her legs opened slightly as he started to rub her pussy and her dress was pulled up so that we could all see his fingers in her. Next thing I knew was both men had their cocks out and she was lowered to the floor. I would like to say they were both huge but were actually quite small. One wasn't even hard and the other was struggling. She soon had a tonque in her pussy and was undressed with her helping by moving so that clothes could be removed.

The one licking her moved up and got his cock between her legs and managed to get his cock in her. It was just hard enough to go in and he basically just fucked her for about 5 minutes before he groaned out loud and came in her. I did notice her hands on his bum pulling him hard. The other semi hard cock was offered to her mouth and she sucked him for a while until he was hard enough to be of use.

He then took his turn as she encouraged him to fuck her. He didn't last long at all and came with a loud groan.

I was so engrossed in what was happening that I didn't even get my cock out and then my wife said we have to go. She got dressed very quickly and we were out of the door in two minutes.

She asked me on the way home if I had enjoyed it and I had to admit it was the most horny thing I'd ever seen.

When we got home she was very horny and their spunk was running down her legs. She pulled me onto her and I came in about 10 seconds.

I made her cum with my fingers and before we slept we talked about the experience for ages.

She did say it was a one off and she wouldn't be doing it again.