Written by viewer

11 Feb 2014

My wife has what she describes as the ideal life. A loving husband in me and the freedom to enjoy cock if she has the urge or opportunity. Being in her fifties, this is not about a young voluptuous siren, more a lovely home loving wife with a sexy demeanour. I encourage her wanderings and urge her to make full use of her enviable situation. Her size ten figure is alluring, breasts full and smooth, body fit for a woman of many years her junior and sexy legs and bum, a woman who knows her charms are a lovely asset.

I was at work on the day in question and we had contacted each other by text a couple of times as normal and I had arranged to meet her in Harrogate for coffee. We met as arranged and sat happily exchanging small talk when all of a sudden she said she had a date that afternoon. I was pleased and intrigued and curious. Who what and where were obvious questions to be resolved and I was keen to find out as soon as possible. I was told she had met a friend who she had not met for years and he wanted to see her and chat about old times.

Who?, Mick, a lover she had not seen since e had moved away ten years ago. His marriage had broken down and he had now renovated his mum's house where he was turning his life around after her death a couple of years before. I asked the obvious question, does he want to fuck you? Her answer, Yes, if that is ok with you. I suppose you want to give him a treat, this usually means some brand new underwear, her smile told me the package she had at her side was the sexy garments he was to be removing later that afternoon.

She showed me the sexy items as we finished the drink, I paid while she went to the ladies and came back with a knowing smile and her new underwear, a lacy black bra and thong, hold up stockings topping the allure off perfectly, although I had not seen it on I was happy to let her leave to meet her lover, expecting to see the stains in her thong on her return.

It was half past twelve when we kissed goodbye in the car park and went our separate ways, me back home with her discarded panties and bra, the panties had a white line in the gusset already, a sign she had been turned on and leaked, no doubt while talking to her old flame and looking forward to an afternoon of cock.

I sat with a cup of tea and a sense of deep satisfaction in the knowledge that my lovely wife was no doubt now naked and in the arms of her old lover and probably about to be filled with his come. The clock dragged its hands slowly round the dial, the sun disappeared and street lights brightened. I remained quietly waiting and getting more and more excited by the extended length of her stay.

Six hours had passed, my phone buzzed, Liz was calling me. She admitted she was still naked and had been fucked twice. I was so proud of her and asked if she had come too/ Yes I have and it was wonderful. She told me she was going to go out for a meal with him and he was promising to fuck her again after they got back. I asked if she was staying over and she asked if that was ok. I agreed and asked if there was any chance I might be afforded a glimpse of her with him as I knew the house where his mother had lived and would be very excited if I could just see her having fun. The request was something I had done before with varying success, but as my voyeuristic tendencies were so high, I accepted that it was not always possible. She said she would text me from the restaurant.

I had no option but to have a quick wank, I was at bursting point and relief was necessary otherwise my mind would have been in overdrive and the excitement might make me a bit careless if I was needing stealth or silence if I was to observe a bit of fun without giving myself away.

I showered and changed clean foreskin and cock under control but still perky but not rock hard in overdrive as I would have been, dressed in dark clothing and ready for the text, I sat in turmoil for two hours before the phone lit up.

The message read, will be back about half ten, have slipped a blind slightly open in the back room, will try to have fun in there but can't promise, he wants me in bed.

I had twenty minutes to get there and conceal myself and had no time to lose. My driving was a bit quick but using back roads I made it easy and found a fortunate parking spot. No rain, I knew the house and was happy the garden was a bit overgrown, giving some good vantage points. I found what I assumed was the blind she had eased open, the room was dark but that was soon to change.

The flash of headlights sweeping the drive, me happily not standing like a pillock looking like the best dressed burglar ever, I was beyond their view. The car doors opened and closed and they kissed, Liz obviously wanting to make a show for me, I was so proud of her then, me skulking just peeking round the corner of the house hidden by ivy leaves, but privy to their liaison.

I heard her say, I think you are ready to be naughty again and her suggestive laugh as he said how sexy she was and they went round the corner to the front door. I heard it close and took up a position where I hoped I was in luck.

Voila, the light came on and there was my wife looking fabulous in the arms of her lover, kissing heavily, hugging tenderly and hungrily. His hand up her skirt and her stocking tops on display. I had a great view, the mood lights were very seductive, but the light was strong enough for details not to be lost to shadows. She had his trousers undone and his cock out, showing me that it was no wonder that she wanted him again. I must admit his size had escaped me, I had never seen him fuck her before and so had not any idea of how much she adored his thick shaft, but that was not in doubt now. Mick was not as fit as I expected but did not disgrace himself although he was no Adonis, his cock was obviously a more than sufficient substitute for his not looking like George Clooney.

I was happily watching them undressing each other and was surprised to see she had been dining commando, her perfectly trimmed hair, the short landing strip I adore so much. Once she was nude, he stripped himself off and his balls hung low swinging gently as he sat beside her on the sofa facing me as I wanked myself from the outside, watching them making love in the warmth. He was whispering to her as she took his shaft and sucked him, I could not hear but she looked up and smiled.

He spoke to her for a few moments and she nodded her head and he reached across to a drawer and opened it, bringing out a tube of gel and passed it to her. She stood up and bent over the end of the sofa arm and having opened the tube, squeezed some onto his fingers as he held them towards her. She turned and offered her arse to him and he carefully introduced her to the gel, rubbing it round her rim. He was going to fuck her arse for me to see, they were in a position so she could suck his cock as he worked gel into her arse, giving her a lot of generous attention and talking to her in hushed tones and her replying in similar stilted fashion as if this was the ultimate secret.

This was incredible and I felt my spunk rising again and I stopped playing to prevent myself from exploding before the climax of the stunning display was played out. When he was satisfied she was ready, she stopped sucking and rubbed some gel on his cock, then let go as he took his position behind her, offering his now twitching tool to her open anus. The tip was dipped in and Liz gasped and braced herself as he eased his big shaft slowly into her bum.

This was taking an age, his cock was half in and she was breathing heavily and struggling to take him, he went to withdraw but she stopped him and moved very slowly back onto him, allowing him further up her, his face was a picture, he was besotted with her bum and they were both making a lot of heavy noises, breathing heavy panting moaning with lust and driving ever deeper until his cock was right in her, it probably took around five minutes but it seemed a week, but now the union was complete they seemed almost scared to move in case the slightest touch would make them explode.

The fuck was very gentle and loving until he said he was coming and she shouted 'Fuck my arse Mick please fuck it', he just stood with a stoop and groaned long and loud and said 'Gorgeous, fucking gorgeous' and then collapsed over her fucked arse.

The show was over, my spunk splattered the window and I was drained yet elated at seeing such a superb show. I admit I was cold when I got to the car but November is hardly the best time for being outside watching your wife get arse fucked by a lover. What the hell am I talking about, any time is the best time for watching your wife get arse fucked by her lover.

I went home to bed and got a fantastic recap of all the action when she got back home around nine the next morning. Mick has been seeing her a couple of times a week since then and took her away for the night a week ago