Written by Andy

31 Oct 2011

This is a story that happened a few years ago when my wife and I were on holiday with a couple of friends on the island of Kefalonia. Janet and Dave were our closest friends and we had been on holiday with them a few times. Unbeknown to Dave and my wife, Janet and I had been seeing each other for the odd hour or two of shagging. There was nothing serious between us, just good old fashioned lust. Janet was in her late 40's, 5'8'' with long dark hair and a good figure. Anyway on the last night of our holiday, my wife was not feeling too well so we went back to our apartment early, leaving Janet and Dave to finish their evening. Our two apartments were next to each other and if you looked out of our kitchen window you could see straight into their apartment. My wife went to bed but I stayed out on our balcony reading and having a drink. Shortly after midnight Dave and Janet arrived back. Janet was a bit tipsy so after saying good night they went into their apartment.

About 10 mins later I became aware of a bright light flashing in their apartment. At first I did not know what it was but realised that it was a camera flash going off. I went into my apartment and looked over into theirs. Sure enough it was a camera flash being fired off every few seconds. Suddenly Janet walked into view and stood by the sink. I could see that she was completely naked. She got a drink and then walked out of site back up to where the bed was situated. Well i couldn't wait to see what was going on so I crept out and went around to the back of the apartments. I located the bedroom window and could see through the thin mesh curtains that Janet was lying on the bed, naked and that Dave who was also naked was taking photos of her. She posed several times with her legs wide open and dave took several close up shots of her pussy. Janet then lent forward and took his cock into her mouth and Dave took several more pictures of Janet sucking him. Just then I heard a knock at the front of the apartment. Janet covered herself with a sheet and Dave walked out of site. A minute later he reappeared, this time with Markus, the owner of the apartments we were staying at. They said a few words to each other and then Janet pulled off the sheet, once again appearing naked. Dave started taking more pictures of her, encouraged by Markus and she looked like she was really getting into it. Markus appeared to ask Dave something and then undressed himself. He had a huge hard on and he lent over and started kissing Janet and playing with her tits. Dave again started taking pictures of the two of them and I could hear Janet moaning. Janet had hold of Markus's cock and was rubbing it while he had started sucking her nipples. Janet then took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it, Dave got in close and took several pictures of this. Markus again said something to Dave and he looked at Janet who nodded her head. At this, Markus pushed Janet onto her back and began to lick her pussy. Dave stood over them and pushed his cock into his wife's mouth and resumed taking pictures. Again after a few minutes Markus got up on his knees, knelt between Janet's legs, pushed his cock deep inside her and began to fuck her. Dave took several pictures of them in this position before Markus rolled over and Janet mounted him, sitting right down on his cock. Again Dave took loads of pictures and also pushed his cock into her mouth. This went of for a while before Dave shuddered and shot his load into his wife's mouth. Janet got off Markus and getting on all fours allowed Markus to fuck her from behind. It wasn't long before he pulled his cock out and came all over her bum and back. Dave got in close and took several more photos. I stood and watched a bit longer and then went back to my apartment. A few minutes later I saw Markus leave their apartment. Before I went to bed I went to get a cold drink and glancing out of the window I saw Janet looking out of her window across at me. She saw me and gave a smile before walking back, away from the window so that I couild see she was nude.

I never mentioned to her what I had seen and nor did she but I have a feeling she knew that I knew what had happened that night.