Written by Lucky Guy

14 Jul 2011

I apologise for the rather incorrect title of my previous story (A visitor calls, 13th July). I had been distracted by a knock on the door and lost my train of thought, (Too many memories maybe).

However I will now recall this particular instance. Liz and I had been into York to meet a guy that I had secretly contacted. The secret came out one night when I asked if she wanted to be a naughty girl again. Her curiosity was sparked and I gave her enough information to make her squirm with anticipation. Our first attempt at meeting was called off due to our unavailability. But then on a Sunday night all was possible. We set off for our meeting place in York city centre at the Living Room, just across Ousebridge. We had been in text contact with Dave and I wanted the biggest surprise to be for her when she met him. We told him where in the place we were, it being fairly busy, but not quite as crammed as a Saturday night. I saw him enter, knowing he was very close by. A tall and well presented guy, I shook his hand and then went to get him a drink after introducing him to Liz his 6' 3'' with shaved head and well structured body made her double take, especially when she saw his smiling face and black body.

I returned from the bar and saw the grin on her face that told me my choice was good. We relaxed and talked a while with Dave quite keen to know what we were after. I suggested he and Liz had a chat while I left them to it. I then left to visit the loo. I gave them a few minutes, probably five or so but it felt a lot longer as there was no graffiti on the walls with it being well maintained and there is only so much hand washing you can do without looking odd or pervy.

I returned to Liz and Dave and found them in deep conversation. I got Dave another drink, only Liz was on alcohol as both of us were driving. Him back to Leeds after he had visited a night club in York and us back home. After an hour we walked out into the evening and made our way, chatting together as if old friends, he kissed her goodnight and we parted.

Liz told me she didn't expect a black guy but said he was very nice and polite and she had his number on her mobile. It was agreed that he did not want me around and that he was going to visit us the next weekend. This was convenient due to our daughter at uni being away on holiday with her boyfriend and family.

The next weekend arrived, Dave and Liz had been arranging by text and my absence was to be that I was going to the local while he met her. I said I would like to be able to witness their meeting. After a while we decided that i would be in the rear garden where I could get to watch either from a discreetly hidden area of shrubs or from a window in the garage. We set up a seat where I was able to get a great view into the lounge, even with the blinds drawn, a test run proved everything was fine and I was discreetly able to see without spoiling it for her and Dave.

The night arrived and I disappeared with Liz locking me out and arranging the blinds for me. I was only waiting for a few minutes before I saw her showing him into the lounge and then disappearing to get him a drink. He looked around the room and out of the window, but seemed satisfied that I was not around. I could not make out their conversation due to her having put a CD on. They sat together on a sofa sort of facing me, Liz having sat at one end so he was facing away from me. I could see her sexy legs with hold ups and his hand placed in her lap and then round her waist as they began to kiss and become better acquainted. Soon he was feeling her beasts through her top and they said something and stood up, allowing him to start stripping her. Her top went first followed quickly by her black bra, her breasts spilling out and the hard nipples were covered in turn by his lips and sucked into even stronger prominence.

The skirt she had on was animal print and it too was disposed of and he made short work of her thong which was quickly thrown over the back of the sofa. Now she was naked, she contrasted against his black skin as he touched her body, raising her expectation of what was soon to be their first fuck. Liz needed to see the goods for herself and had his shirt off and his strong chest exposed. A six pack to be proud of and I envied Liz her opportunity of getting fucked by a natural stud. Liz made short work of his trousers and pants and the inevitable erect cock sprang out and had her smoothly stroking his shaft and exposing the large bulbous end. Crouching at first and then kneeling, she took his length into her mouth and sucked and licked his cock to their mutual satisfaction.

Dave held her head gently and shut his eyes, savouring her excellent technique. I watched breathlessly as I saw the whole episode unravelling before me. I had my prick out and wanked furiously, stopping before I made a pool of come on the garage floor. I could not take my gaze from this fabulous spectacle and I watched ardently as he moved to the sofa and got her on top of him as he lay beneath her and started sixty nine, his face smothered in her cunt and her sucking on his shaft. A fantastic sight which almost had me coming, but not quite, I needed to see the full show. It seemed ages before he emerged and I could see her juices glisten on his face in the light. She giggled as he donned the condom and moved towards her cunt, with his large cock swinging in a heavy arc towards her.

His cock touched her cunt lips and slid inside her. She grabbed his hips and drew him deep inside, his balls slapping against her bum as he did so. I now saw him shafting her with long measured strokes and then a rapid pistoning of his cock as he made her gasp. This went on for a while, me now awestruck with his staying power, something I have lacked in such quantity for some time, but this was for her not me and I wanted her fucked well. This was coming true as she came on his prick at least twice before they changed positions to doggy style with Liz over the back of the settee and Dave kneeling behind her thrusting in and out again and again.

They lasted about forty minutes until his arse tightened and I knew he was coming in her. Liz gripped him and groaned in ecstasy as he released his seed into the condom and they relaxed like lovers do when they have enjoyed each other's bodies to the full. They lay next to each other kissing and cuddling while they came down from the high and then he picked up his pants and put them on. I saw Liz reach for her phone and text me to 'return from the pub' and I sent one back saying I was finishing a game of pool and then i would be there.

When I returned home, Dave had gone and the scent of sex hung in the air in the lounge where a highly satisfied Liz lay waitng for me still just in her hold ups.

Hope you enjoyed, there are more stories, I promise they are true, my fantasies are also hopefully going to be enjoyed by you as much as I enjoy relating them