Written by Jason

29 Oct 2007

I had made my way along the beach, checking out the bodies around on a nice sunny day this summer. Before mid-day there were only the odd naked guys sunbathing, some flaccid and reading, one or two others playing discreetly with their swollen todgers...I made a mental note...then, just as I settled down on the shallow cliff overlooking the pebbly beach, the tide receding, a young couple chose the spot just below me. He was of Carribean stock, well built with a smiley face: She was a little short and dumpy, but with a giggle you could hear a way off. Looks good, I thought. It took them some time to get sorted out with rugs, drinks etc, but they eventually got round to undressing. She, after a lot of fiddling about, eventually got down to a yellow bikini, barely big enough to contain her large lily-white boobs: He was down to his boxers in no time.

A few minutes passed before he convinced her that a generous application of sun creme was needed - laying on her tum he did her back, then her legs...he must have said something, as she let him pull her bikini bottom down and work in some lotion over her bum. Thats' when it got interesting...the giggling got louder, she turned over onto her back....the kissing, the crafty removal of the bikini bottom....then she reached out and pulled his cock from the boxers...nowhere near hard, but a good size. Off came the bikini top, and the shorts...I was now looking at two completely naked lovers, my own cock hard as nails. It was glorious watching them...the 69, then the first penetration in missionary, then the doggy....he was ready to cum, she said something that sounded like mild panic...he withdrew and then shot a healthy load over her back, shoulder and hair.

They collapsed back on their rug; So engrossed was I that I had'nt noticed the oldish guy with a pony tail standing a few yards behind me. 'You enjoy that?' He asked, a thin smile creasing his face. 'I don't suppose you fancy this?' He was sporting a good erection, probably about seven inches, with a thin pink head. I was so turned on that I moved towards him, kneeling to take his length in my mouth. Lovely! I could taste his generous pre-cum as I sucked enthusiastically. He pulled my head away....'Any chance of fucking your arse?' he asked. Normally I would have said no, casual bum-fucks not being my scene, but the thought of going all the way with this mature but good-looking guy turned me on.....'Ok, go easy, but finish me off afterwards....' I laid down on the rough grass of the cliff...he knelt, lifted my legs and thighs to expose my tight arse-hole. Yes, he had lube, thank goodness...it felt cold as he applied it to my little-used ring, then a daub on his rampant cock.....which was the last I saw of it as it slowly but firmly entered my very being...I could feel the head pushing up deep inside, slowly, then getting faster as he plunged in and out, stopping just short of my ring....then the climax...several short, quick thrusts and he started emptying himself inside me...three...four...five...six...he just kept on cumming until he slowed, then slipped out.

I was breathless, on my back, but the best was still to come...still kneeling, he took my cock in his mouth and gave me the best sucking ever. I lasted about two minutes, before shooting my load into his willing mouth. Not a lot, for I am not a heavy cummer, but the pleasure I took from those few climatic seconds was priceless.

Like so many such meets before, he was soon gone, his naked buttocks vanishing into the thick gorse.

The couple were still there, but their passion sated, were lazing, reading and chatting like an old married couple. Perhaps they were.....