Written by jigglenut

12 Apr 2012

I was on SH as normal the other day and feeling hornier than ever and got chatting to a guy about W/S. Now I had never tried anything before regarding this pastime but chatting with this guy was getting me hornier and hornier. We got around to him requesting that I piss into a glass for him so that he could see me on cam which I did. Strangely this was enjoyable thinking that he was getting off on me pissing in a glass. He then wanted me to drink the contents to which at first I declined but after him chatting dirty to me and getting me excited to the point of no return I agreed.

I put the glass to my lips and took a swig and then held it in my mouth and finally swallowed the whole mouthful. I found that this was actually turning me on more and more and the way the other guy was acting on cam it was getting him excited too. I then decided to take the laptop and glass upstairs to the bathroom where I stood in the bath and began to pour the glass contents over my body as I lay in the bath. This was followed by me again pissing over me and feeling the warmth of the piss on me was so erotic.

I now have a passion for this and can't wait until I have a meet with either guys or ladies pissing over me in this popular pastime of W/S.