Written by AJ_Tooshy

11 Nov 2014

Waiting 20 years

I’ve been friends with Millie for over 20 years, she was my boss’s partner and later my bosses wife. I used to give my boss a lift to work and would pick him up around 6am. Usually he was not ready and so Millie would invite me in to wait for him. The moment I gazed down her nightdress at her beautiful pert nipples I was smitten! Time went by and we became good friends and our families would spend time together . Millie and I became good friends but never went further than a bit of flirting.

Jump forward 20 years and Millie confided in me that her husband (now my ex-boss) and her were not getting on and he wanted a divorce. I said to Millie we should have a day out together to forget her troubles. We had done this before but this time was different. We went to a town about an hour away and held hands and kissed as we walked around – it was electric. Before we both went back to where my car was parked to go back to our homes we pulled over near a field of Oak trees. We were talking in the car and suddenly I kissed her hard on the lips. As our lips and tongues wrestled together I couldn’t help but run my hand over her wonderful bosom before easing her t-shirt up to reveal a black lace bra. She giggled a bit but didn’t seem to mind. It had one of those under wires which I hate so I caressed from top to bottom so the bra folded forwards until both nipples were revealed before eagerly leaning forward and sucking them both. They didn’t seem any different to the ones I admired 20 years before and now my lips and tongue were working to make them grow stiffer. She for her part was squeezing my old fella making it stiffen in my pants. After a few minutes we composed ourselves and went for a walk among the Oak trees. Just about in view of the road I lifted her t shirt to expose her breasts and had a nice fondle in the open air. Although my cock was raging we couldn’t do much there and then so we headed home.

That was our first sexy encounter.. but there was more to follow...