Written by BigAl

25 Aug 2011

This is my first submission. I’ve been married to my wife for 20 years, we are both in our earl forties and have a very good sex life. It was about a year ago, early evening, out of the blue my wife said lets go for a walk in the woods. I agreed we jumped in the car and off we set. 15 minutes later we were at Slindon Park. We started to walk through the woods it was quiet and no other people were around. We walked deep into the woods, my wife stopped a few feet in front of me, turned and said look at this, she unbuttoned her coat to reveal her lovely 36D breasts. I was shocked because this is something she has never done before outside the house. She then said come closer, which I did without hesitation, she took me by the hand and slid it down the front of her jeans, she had no knickers on and seemed very wet. “What do you think” she said. “I can’t believe this, it’s not like you” I said. “Well I thought I’d surprise you” she said. We walked a bit further and she stopped again, this time she took her coat laying it on the ground, she then removed her shoes and jeans, she was now completely naked. She looked at me and said “Just watch” as I did she started to rub her vagina, I could see that she was very very wet. At this point my cock had gone extremely hard. She then sat down on her coat leaning against a tree, she reached into a bag she had been carrying and pulled out an 8” yellow vibrator, which she promptly slid into her vagina. She told me to stand a little way away and look out for anybody and just enjoy what she was doing. I’ve got to say it looked great as she pumped the vibrator in and out, In fact it looked so great that I didn’t notice a jogger which had obviously spotted my wife and stopped to watch. The next thing we knew he’d walked over and was now right next to me. My wife was startled and quickly covered up and went very red. “That’s a shame” he said “you look fantastic laying there” “This was for my husbands eyes only she replied” I couldn’t believe how turned on I felt, and said, and I don’t know why “he can watch if you don’t mind” my wife looked at me smiled and uncovered herself and continued to masturbate with the vibrator. She was now getting very into it and started to get close to orgasm, suddenly she said “get your cocks out boys” we couldn’t get them out quick enough. The joggers cock was bigger than mine and I could see my wife liked what she saw. She started to moan and I could tell she was close to orgasm. My self and the jogger were now wanking almost in time with each other and then my wife started to cum, move closer she said, we did and I started to cum all over her and almost instantly the jogger did too. The next thing I knew my wife demanded that I fuck her so I did whilst the jogger watched, I came again which is unusual for me. I whispered in her ear, “your so horny. I’ll let the jogger fuck you if you want” she said “I’d like that” she replied. I got off and said to the jogger. “your turn” with that he slipped his cock right in up to his nuts and fucked her hard with deep thrusts which made my wife squirm with excitement and exploded with her third orgasm. It looked bloody fabulous. The jogger got off pulled up his shorts and went as quickly as he arrived without a word. My wife lay there looking like she had been completely satisfied like never before. I said to her that “I didn’t know you were like that” and she said “that’s the one and only time it was going to happen”. And I can tell you all it has never happened, since mores the pity.