Written by Slicking

3 Oct 2012

When I was younger I was much braver than I am now, when I think of what I used to do back then it amazes, and excites me.

One evening I stopped of in a fairly busy car park just off the M25 and A3, a few years later they put gates on and stopped any late night parking but at this time you could park in the main car park. I had been here before and knew it was a popular gay cruising location.

It was a very warm night and just getting dusky but still very well lit. I was feeling rather horny and also being someone that enjoyed being naked, I thought I'd go for a nice 'free and easy' naked stroll in the woods. I removed all my clothes in the car and was sat there completley naked. A few cars drove past and when the coast was clear, I jumped out the car and walked off into the woods. All I had on was a tight sports sweat band on my ankle which I tucked the car key into, apart from that I was totally naked, walking away from the car and all my clothes, off into the woods...the woods that I knew was a popular gay dogging area. I was so excited at this stage, my cock was hard and waggling in the warm summer air as I hoped across twigs and branches in the deeper wooded area.

It wasn't long before I stumbled across another guy, he was walking towards me on his way back to the car park. he suddenly raised his eyebrows and smiled at me.

I was about 25 years old, played a lot of sport and was in good shape.

I smiled back and as bold as brass said "good evening, lovely evening for a stroll"

"Yes" the guy answered, "is that all you are here for?" with that question he had also started to rub his growing bulge in his trouser.

"Is there anything else on offer?" I asked, teasing him with a smile back..."oh yes" was his immedatte reply back and with that his zipper went down and his cock was out.

That was all I needed. I dropped to my knees and his cock was offered to my mouth. My tongue went out to meet it as he pushed towards me, as I slid his hard cock into my mouth I pulled back his foreskin and had the lovely hot smooth head in my mouth and againt my tongue.

I'd not sucked a cock for a while before this and it was beautiful in my mouth. I circled my tongue around it and felt the smoothness of his cock in my mouth, my tongue licking all around it as it was engulfed by my mouth.

"Gorgeous" was all he could say as I started to move my head and mouth up and down his sexy hard shaft, allowing him to just stand there as I bobbed my head up and down, gently wanking his cock as my mouth worked in unison with my hands and the rytham of both my hands and my mouth had him moaning a gorgeous low moan of contentment and enjoyment.

I was deep into enjoyment myself, so much so that neither of us noticed the other two guys stood by us now. Both of them had their cocks out and was wanking them hard watching the sexy scene of me naked on my knees sucking this guys lovely cock.

I opened my eyes to see them and put one hand out to reach for one of their cocks, this was their intruction to come on over and both of them joined us. The guy I was sucking (A) had realised now that there was more and acknowledged them with a smile and a quiet "oh he's good"

One of the guys (B) then placed his cock near my mouth and offered it to me, I broke away from A and quickly replaced my empty mouth with B's cock. It felt cold in comparison but just as sexy and hard.

The remaining guy (C) had moved around to behind me and had started to explore my bum cheeks. He pushed between them and I rearranged my kneeling position to widen my stand. He then pushed between my cheeks and started to find my tight hole. At this time in my life nothing had entered here before.

I felt it was a good time to stand up, having done this I realised that to continue sucking both cocks I would need to be bent right over, exposing my ass and allowing my hole to be totally open and inviting.

Without too much of a delay C was on on his knee's and I felt a hot tongue enter me, this felt amazing and although my cock had not really been touched at this stage, I nearly shot my load there and then.

He parted my bum cheeks and pushed his hot tongue deep into my ass, it was so sexy and such a gorgeous thing for one man to do to another. I pushed my ass back onto his face and moaned as much as I could with a mouthful of A or B's cock...at this stage I was in heaven and didn't give too much notice of the cocks I was meant to be sucking.

C was flicking his tongue across my ass hole, I swear if someone had touched my cock I would have cum straight away. I loved the feeling of a hot tongue flicking around my ass hole and entering me, it felt so deep and so sensual.

A few moments later C stood behind me, I stood up and he was close behind me whispering in my ear "Do you take anal?"

I replied that I had never done it before and I was an anal virgin. It was like all his Christmas's had arrived together..."I have lube, it will be OK, I will go gently" was his answer.

I asked if it was as good as his tongue, he kissed me with his tongue darting into my mouth, I could taste my body on his tongue "It will be even better" he replied.

With that he removed an individual sachet from his pocket, I felt the coldness of the lube as his fingers pushed it deep into my hole, he then smeared more around my ass hole and then over his cock "just relax, I know what I'm doing, I'll be gentle" he whispered,

then pushed my shoulders forward and my head down. With my head in this position I could see between my legs and could see him behind me, his cock hard and glistening in the light that occasionally flashed from the cars in the carpark.

He gently pulled my ass cheeks apart and I felt the head of hsi hard cock against my hole. I was so fucking horny at this stage, he could have done anything to me.

He pushed into me, very slowly but very meaningful. He didn't want to lose this opportunity to fuck an anal virgin, I was going no where and wanted his cock in me as much as he wanted to fill me.

He continued to push into me, the pain was great but enjoyable. I wanted to feel this lovely cock and enjoy this sexy sensual sensation. I wanted him in me so much. He sensed this as I pushed back on him and I felt the head of his cock push through and into me, oh my god this was so fucking gorgeous.

There I was totally naked in the woods, a guy fucking me from behind with two other guys wanking off inches from my face.

C continued to push deep into me, once he was slowly all in he held it there for a minute. There I was with this guys cock deep in my arse. I was being fucked by a guy, a complete stranger with his bareback cock deep in me. His cock throbbing and pulsing in my ass ready to start pumping and fucking me.

He asked if I was OK, I moaned agreement and with that he started to fuck me, in and out of me, slowly fucking me...I heard him moan in enjoyment too

With that B who was still stood at the front of me offered his cock to my mouth, although I was in heaven and enjoying my new found ecstasy, I opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth, A was still stood there wanking and under instruction from B, also offered his cock to my mouth.

At that point I had three cocks in me, all ready to cum at any moment. I was delirious and in complete sexual heaven.

C was behind me and had started to properly fuck me know, he was enjoying being the guy taking my anal virginity and was loving every minute. He wasn't going to last too long.

I continued to suck A and B and one of them said he was going to cum soon. With that the other two started to increase their speed and determination.

C was fucking my ass hard, the lube was doing it's job and he was sliding his whole cock in and out of me, his balls slamming against me as he slammed into me.

A and B where both fucking my mouth, I could not fit them both all in and A removed his cock and wanked off.

With a big moan he shouted "I'm cumming" and shot his load against the side of my face and over my lips and on B's cock, this lubricated B's cock and he moaned out load and I felt him grab my head hard and then felt his cock pulsing as his lovely cum hit the back of my mouth with spurt after spurt, his hot gorgeous cum filling my mouth and covering my tongue...as this happened C almost yelled out and grabbed my hips and slammed hard into me another time and I felt his cock explode into me filling with with his hot cum, he slammed in one last time and held his cock deep in me as the last few spasm left his body.

I felt completely exhausted, I could hardly stand and here I was dribbling cum from every hole and naked in the woods.

As I looked up there were a number of other men stood watching, cocks in hand, hard cocks in hand, waiting in anticipation....could I do anymore?...could I?