Written by Gary

9 Dec 2009

My Mrs is a lazy bitch who can't be bothered to do anything. If it wasn't for the fact that she loves sex and is a good fuck I'd probably be long gone. When she suddenly started taking the dog for walks each evening in the summer it was so out of character I was pretty suspicious and decided to see what she was up to. We live on the edge of a small town and she headed for the fields. I followed staying on one side of the hedge as she crossed the field heading for a copse in the middle. She tied the dog to a tree and disappeared. I circled round, avoiding the dog and quietly entered from the other side. I could hear her "Hurry up, get your jeans off I've only got a half hour". I got down and through the branches I could see her laid on the ground, naked and masturbating as two men stood over her stroking their pricks. One grabbed her arms holding them over her head as he sat on her putting his prick between her tits as the other pulled her legs roughly apart, and shoved his cock in her cunt. She was loving it saying "Fuck me hard, fuck my tits, let me taste your cock", as they shagged her. The bloke fucking her said "You're a fucking slag. How many cocks have you had today slut?" She just replied "Fuck me. Fuck this whore. Cum in my cunt you dirty bastard. The others just fuck me up the arse and wanked over my tits, so my cunt is ready for a good hard fucking". With that he started shafting her harder until he stopped and came in her saying to his mate "Quick, get your prick in the slappers cunt, make her cum". He just slammed it in and fucked her as she started moaning and trying to get his cock further in to her slut cunt. the first bloke had dressed and got beside her, slapping her tits and pinching her erect nipples, "Harder" she said "Pinch them, slap my tits harder, Then "I'm cumming, Fuck me, Fuck me harder". She went still as he thrust harder and then he stopped as he came in her.

I quickly legged it home and when she got home about 10 minutes after, she went straight to the shower, saying she'd got muddy. After she came and sat next to me with her dressing gown on. I ran a hand up her leg to her cunt and commented how wet she was, then pulled the gown open, her tits were still red from the slapping, she said it was the hot shower. I quickly undressed and pulled her to the floor, my cock, still hard from watching her being fucked. She spread her legs and I slammed my cock in as hard as I could. She was on the boil again raising her hips to met my rampant prick as we fucked. She was cumming again quickly and wanted my spunk so with a few more thrusts I gave her my sperm.

I followed her most times watching as she was fucked by about 10 different blokes, then fucking her when she got home. She was also taking the dog out during the day when I was at work. Once the weather got cooler she stopped walking the dog and other than the odd late night with a friend doesn't seem to be getting fucked by anyone else. I suppose me and the dog will have to wait until next summer now.