25 Apr 2016

Hi everyone, this is a true story , though not as graphic as some I hope you enjoy it.

It's a long time since I've posted on here , or anywhere for that matter. I'm lying in bed remembering an incident a few years ago when my wife Denise and me arranged to meet a guy we had been chatting online with for months ,regarding a meet.

To be honest I didn't think she would go through with it , but to all you guys out there who are as frustrated as I was with the time it takes to persuade your wives to meet and play with a second male for sex, there is hope.

We were on a few days break in the Cotswolds when I was chatting online to michael and involving Denise in the conversation , now whether it was being relaxed and away from home that triggered her response I don't know ,but she agreed to meet him .and got so turned on she wanted some relief there and then in the hotel room , we had a great time in anticipation of what was to come.

I was beside myself with lust and excitement but deep down thought she may back out at the last minute which she had done before. So I needed to strike whilst the iron ,and my wife was hot.

I immediately logged onto an airline site as the guy lived in Ireland ,which was not ideal , but I would have gone to the North Pole to make it possible .i went through the preliminaries of booking a flight for the next morning , again I expected a knock back but she let me book the flight.

The next day we were in Ireland and really excited although I sensed a little trepidation with Denise .Understandable I thought, and hoped all would be well.

We walked out of the terminal to be met by Michael in his car , I was trying to pick up on her reaction as she saw him as he was not as tall as I was expecting and it is her preference for her men to be tall ,after the nervous greetings he whisked us off to a very nice hotel he had booked,where we arranged to meet him later.

Denise was now very nervous ,and made very little comment and my thoughts were full of doubts as to whether anything would happen later .

Anyway we met Michael later for drinks in the bar and then went into the restaurant for a meal

I have to say at this point I was more optimistic than I had been, but still not positive ,as the guy was a perfect gentleman and a thoroughly nice guy, but not really her type , which was to be borne out later.

After the meal we retired to our very plush room and the tension was tangible.

We entered the room , but when Denise went over past the bed and sat on the couch which had a coffee table in front of it my heart sank as she looked disinterested, it took a bold move from me to start to fondle and kiss her , almost immediately Michael joined us on the small couch , which was a little awkward , Denise did not respond but allowed her substantial breasts to be fondled .This spurred Michael to a heightened state and he released his cock from his jeans whilst almost lying on her, her hand closed around it as I watched her pull at it , he was now planting love bites all over her breasts and was obviously very excited , but I could sense Denise wasn't happy.

He then managed to get his hand in her knickers , quite roughly was fingering her pussy , and the grimace on her face told me this wasn't going well ,I was as hard as iron watching this but squeezed on the small couch was uncomfortable , though Denise wouldn't move off the couch.

Michael by this time had managed to drag her tights and knickers down to her knees and was almost fighting with her to get her legs wider .

at this point I felt it was not going to be a happy ending ,and I brought things to a close and politely explained to him that she wasn't in the mood , after some pleasantries he left.Which for him and me was certainly not what we'd hoped,I felt awful as he made his way out of the room.

My mind was racing as I closed the door behind him as I thought Denise was going to be really upset by what had happened,

As I walked back to her she was disappearing in the bathroom, it had been a disaster I thought, but when she came out of the bathroom naked and at least 20 love bites on her tits and upper thighs surprisingly she was ok , in fact had a twinkle in her eye.

I apologised to her for not ending it sooner , but she said it was ok ,but she didn't fancy him , and therefore could not go through with full sex.

As she was telling me this I got really hard and she went down on it and sucked me for ages .

After that she moved up and straddled me , feeding me into her sodden pussy , and started to ride me really hard.

I was looking up at her 40 dd tits swinging as she rode me ,covered in another mans love bites , I looked down at her groin also covered in bites ,the events of the night racing through my mind , such a bitter sweet experience .

Denise started to cum as she slammed herself down on me telling me to make her take it, it was so violent as she cum on my cock and I shot my load deep in her.i hadn't seen her like this before in almost 40 years of marriage, yes we are in our 60's and very proud of it .

This account is the first part of what happened and is all true.

I didn't press her that night for her feelings but left it until we got home late the next day.

I'll have to leave it there , if anyone wants to know more let me know

James X