Written by Cragman7

5 Oct 2016

When in our early 20's we lived in a small smart estate on the edge of Northampton. Every day I walk the dog at least once, there was a path at the end of our street that passes between the last houses and lead over fields to some woodland. It takes about ten mins to reach the woods, about 4 hours to walk around them and several shorter walks through the dense woods can each take a couple of hours. I'm usually in jeans etc altho in summer a nice skirt blowing in the breeze gives me a buzz. Sometimes on hot days i go straight after work, still in my skirt suit, it's nice to cool off in the shade of the woods.

Whilst walking i often have various sexy fantasies, usually about some sexy stranger taking advantage of me, i've often stopped in various secluded spots and made myself cum.

I began to get the feeling I was being watched as I walked to and from the woods, I started to stare at the houses as I walked home, was I paranoid because of my little games or was someone watching me. A few times as I came out of the alley way and back into the street there was a rough looking young guy working on his car but staring at me as I walked by. As I got close by he would stand up and watch me pass, sometimes a low wistle or muttered words. whilst it was intimidating I also got a buzz from the attention.

I ended up taking a pair of binoculars with me and one i was hidden by the woods i would use them to look back at the houses, I was shocked to see one house had a telescope set up in the back bedroom but I cudn't see it's owner. The house was a wealthy one, i'd guess the owners to be older.

I was surprised at my own reaction, it turned me on to think that someone was watching my walks. on the way back i undid a few butttons on my blouse, took my jacket off and pushed up my cleavage. as I walked i could feel my own moisture as my pussy wet my panties. Once I hit the alley i put my jacket on and buttoned up quickly trying to look more respectable.

Each day I got a little more daring, my skirts got shorter and I chose ones the wind could lift, I even started to go bra less so my hard nipples would show and my watcher would surely be able to see them in his telescope. Once far enough from the houses that I could not be seen in details by anyone without a telescope I started to pose, I would tie my shoe laces, often waiting for a breeze to ensure my skirt lifted, I would throw sticks for the dog in the most dramatic ways to allow me to stretch, bend or reach out, my tight tops showing my boobs at their perky best. As soon as I was under cover of the woods my hands would be in my panties to bring me off as quickly as possible. Next I would take my panties off in the woods and as i came out into the open either me or the wind would make sure the skirt lifted up to show my pussy. I would carry my panties openly dangling from my hand, hoping my watcher would be able to see them with his telescope, knowing that an exposure was due any moment. Once close to the houses it was pure fear. making myself respectable again became more difficult and the wind that was my best friend near the woods was my worst enemy as i got closer to home.

To make matters worse the guy with the car must have noticed the changes in me. His attention was much more obvious, then he started to watch me leaving for the walk, even coming to the start of the alley way and watching me walk away into the distance. He stood there for ages until I was almost at the woods, as soon as He disappeared I would walk the last 500mtrs very very slowly making sure my watcher made up for lost time. The weirdest part of all was that I never knew for definate if my watcher was even there that day, although on the few occasions I took my binoculars I could usually make out his outline in the dark rear of his room. On these occasions as I was about to come out of the woods I would get close but still concealed, then raising my binoculars I would look for him, one day I was sure I could see him so I waved, nothing, I waved again, nothing, I was very close to the edge of the wood so felt positive he could see me, I undid most of the buttons on my blouse, then looking again I waved. I clearly saw his large hand raise and wave back, "oh my god" I nearly came on the spot, I was tingling all over, I slowly undid all the buttons and pulled my blouse open revealing my boobs fully to him, tucking my blouse into the back of my waistband so it was out of the way i circled my nipples making them hard, my whole body kept drawing tight as I rode a wave of almost constant orgasm. Not really aware of myself I raised my skirt to show him my pussy, I was lost, I squatted down parting my thighs giving him the most graphic views as I pushed my fingers inside bringing myself to the most amazing orgasms of my wole life. As it subsided, and without previous thought what so ever, I started to Pee, I stared intently at his house until my stream stopped, took a tissue from my pocket and wiped myself clean. As I adjusted my clothing to make myself decent again I knew he would be watching me still. I was positively glowing, where was this all coming from, I was a respetable young lady who had just behaved in the most indecent was but I loved every second of it and craved more of the same.

This time on the way back I didn’t even think about my appearance, my skirt was blowing about in the breeze, my nipples still hard, and my blouse tight. I felt especially sexy and horny a hell. 200 mtrs from the entrance to the alleyway I spotted the rough guy watching my return. Without my usual worries I strode proudly on, I looked him in the eye and gave him a sexy smile. 10mtrs away he mouthed WOW, as I passed him he whispered “must be chilly up in the woods today” “Nope” I answered, “quiet hot in fact”. When I was 50mtrs past him the wind lifted my skirt right up at the back, he must have had quiet a view. I just strolled on without even looking back.

That night I rode my hubby so hard he must have thought I was possessed.

On my next few walks I never saw the rough guy at all, I did however continue my little shows for my watcher, all sorts of sexy outfits and every possible pose I could think of.

One evening I went out later than normal, it was maybe an hour from dusk and a little chilly. A new idea came into my head, I raced back indoors, stripped naked and put on just my long coat. It came almost to my knees so looked respectable enough. The wind teased as usual and once in the wood I walked about naked with my coat over my arm, I stood in my usual pose spot for my watcher, totally naked for about 5 or maybe ten minutes. I then slipped my coat on but walked most of the way home with it flapping open in the breeze. I felt safe in the near darkness, safe enough to walk right up to the entrance of the alley way. As I did up my coat I heard a noise behind me, I turned to see the rough guy 20mtrs back coming along the same path from the woods. “Where had he been?” “Oh Shit, what had he seen”. I raced home not wanting him to catch up with me.

Once safely home my thoughts raced through my head, had he seen me? Please not him! I was scared but also I had to admit I was still turned on. I ought to give up this stupid game, but I knew deep inside I could not. I resisted for a week, taking the dog to the park instead. Most days the rough guy was still about. He had several cars on his front drive and was always working on them. He can’t have a job, he’s always there, always watching. I was beginning to realize he turned me on but I was scared of him, I can’t really explain it but I knew I enjoyed him staring at me, I got so sexed up knowing he’d seen my skirt lift and seen my bare bum. I also could not get the thoughts out of my head, had he seen more, was he in the woods, my mind was in turmoil.

One day when I got home from work, I opened up the days post. One envelope contained 3 photos of me, of me posing at the edge of the woods. My face had been obscured and I was only small in the picture but I was most definitely me, taken with what must have been one hell of a camera lens. A note inside said “I’m missing my special shows, please come out again soon” I was speechless and as before, whilst I knew this was so wrong and would no doubt end badly but I was so turned on.

It took me probably 30 mins to decide I was going to go back, I dressed again to pose, a short wrap around mini skirt, tight white blouse and nothing underneath either. The rough guy wasn’t by his car as I rushed past, half way to the woods there was a stile over the fence, I sat there on the fence, my legs open enough that if my watcher was there he would be able to see up my skirt with his telescope or telescopic lens.

Once in the cover of the woods I had to make myself cum, I couldn’t wait any longer. Leaning back on a tree I lifted my skirt at the back, pushing my naked bum against the smooth bark, tucking the front of my skirt into the waist band, my fingers found and teased my clit, my nipples were so hard they ached. My orgasm came quickly, my mind racing. Once I regained my composure I reached my arms back around the tree’s trunk, feeling and enjoying my exposure. In time I walked up to my posing spot and stood there proudly, my legs apart, my skirt held open, knowing this total stranger was probably, no certainly, looking straight at the little tuft of hair above my pussy. I was fascinated, desperate to know, how much detail could he see, the photo was from to far away to show intimate detail, but the telescope, I was sure that would show much more. With this in mind I once again squatted down, sure that he could see every detail of my pussy and pee’d on the ground.

This continued for about another two weeks, I never tired of showing myself off in this way. Most days the rough guy was there with his cars, usually when I started my walk and always when I finished. I was positive he either knew or had seen something, he never gave anything away but his look and his confidence told me he knew something. Most days as I walked back towards the alley way he was watching me walk towards him, a grin on his face as I passed him. My head full of fear fantasy and excitement. If he had attempted to touch me in any way I would most probably have let him.

Suddenly he was gone, I didn’t see him for days but continued with my games.

The season was changing and It was getting darker earlier each day. The woods became a little spooky if I was to late, noises made me jump and a sense of fear surrounded me. I got into the woods and out to my posing spot before dusk but the darkness came in and caught me out, going back into the woods to find the path home was becoming a scary event. Some nights I was so confident that someone was there I would call out, challenging them to show themselves. Why I continued I don’t know I was so scared it felt my heart would burst out through my chest but the desire to pose was so great I couldn’t stay home

One day around mid October I took a day off to visit my friend who had just had a baby, she cancelled at the last minute due to the baby being unwell. I took the day off still, knowing I would spend the time posing, possibly one of the few chances I’d have as it was now almost dusk when I got home from work.

New black hold up stockings, a sexy new wrap around mini skirt, a black almost see through lace blouse, heels as well, the ground was still hard enough to make it possible. I covered it all with my long coat as well knowing my choice of dress would stand out at this time of day. I made it to the woods just after lunch time and started posing straight away. I took up my spot, slowly opening up my coat, I twisted and turned, reached up into the branches and down to adjust my shoes, every pose I could think of. Then I moved out of sight and took of my coat. Returning to my spot to do it all again. I kept repeating this until I was naked except for my stockings. A couple of times I had to move out of sight as walkers came along the path. I was hidden between the trees almost naked just 30 mtrs or so away as they passed, this added to the excitement filling my head as I returned again to my spot, squatted down to work my pussy to orgasm. I was lost, enjoying my exposure, having mind blowing orgasms that left me weak. I slipped back out of view, putting my skirt back around my waist and pulling the blouse back up my arms. I leant back against my favorite tree, my bum cheeks separated by the smooth bark, with my arms stretched back around the trunk, my boobs exposed, nipples hard and high.

I heard noises, and at that same moment that both of my hands were grabbed, at exactly the same moment another hand clamped over mouth. I froze, feeling someone tying my hands I couldn’t have struggled if I’d wanted to. To this day I can’t describe the sensations and total mind block that descended on me, I was locked in fear but at the same time buzzing with excitement. My legs weak, heart racing as something was put over my head leaving me in darkness.

“What I wonder, is going on here” a voice said. Another voice answered “looks like some slut in need of a cock”. Hands were touching me, stroking me gently, and then getting more intimate and insistent. Two or maybe three fingers worked inside my already wet pussy, another pinched my nipples hard, pulling them up and out. It was quiet painful but oh so good at the same time. My orgasm hit me like a train, leaving me almost collapsed down on my knees my weight on my arms as the tree pressed hard against my naked bum. I was shocked back into reality as a hard cock was pushed under the covering of my head and into my mouth, my head held firmly the cock started to literally fuck my face, I nearly chocked each time it slid to the back of my throat. Another pair of hand lifted the cover off my head and tightly fitted a blind fold over my eyes. The guy in my mouth pulled back, wiping his wet cock across my face. They lifted me up so that I was standing, pushing me back against the tree, a cock entered me, very slowly pushing into my pussy, it was electric, I tingled all over virtually on the edge of yet another orgasm.

My mind became clearer as the reality started to fill my head.

What was happening to me ?

To anyone this would appear as a forced situation but if anyone had bothered to ask me, there was no way I wanted it to end.

I wouldn’t have wanted this event if it were suggested to me but now, here and now as it was happening to me, was I willing, Oh yes.

I was fucked, fucked hard and without emotion, this guys cock was like a machine, he pounded into me like nothing I’ve ever known. He rode me through almost constant orgasm. My whole body hurt as I was bounced against the tree my arms felt like they would come away, the pain though, no matter how great was cancelled out by the sensations between my thighs. He came inside me with a grunt, pulling back out to squirt the rest of his juices over my body. Other hands took over, gently caressing me, un tying my hands and laying me down on the ground.

I lay there unable to move, my legs were gently pulled apart and a tongue and fingers turned me into a quivering mess. It may have been moments later, maybe longer but I was alone, I removed the blindfold, there was no one in sight, my coat was on the floor where I left it but all my other clothes were gone. I covered up and quickly got back to the path, only stopping when I reached the alley way. I lay back against the fence, just to the side of the alley, trying to gather myself.

Oh my god what an experience, I was still so turned on, unable to believe what had happened, that I’d been taken by total strangers, used like a whore,

But ! but I was willing ! Was I ? Wasn’t I ? My head was spinning. I didn’t realize until I felt my juices start to form that I was touching myself. At the perfect moment as I started to cum, I looked up to see the rough guy watching me, from just a few feet away he was staring right at me, I couldn’t stop, I just let myself go, letting out little sounds as I tried to stifle yet another orgasm.

Without a word he grabbed my hand, pulling me along the alley way after him, he didn’t stop or speak. I was virtually dragged to his house, dragged into the lounge, he dropped me to the floor, rolled me onto my knees and mounted me. He then fucked me hard, hard and mercilessly, pounding into me, with me screaming out in a blur of orgasm. He was chewing hard on my nipples, a huge finger wetted itself in the juices that ran from my pussy and then pushed violently into my bum.

I felt his cum explode deep inside me as he forced his cock so deep inside I felt torn open. He then pushed me forward onto the floor where I fell into a quivering mess. I heard weird noises and looking up I saw he was taking dozens of photographs of me, I didn’t resist when he pulled my legs apart to reveal my stretched and leaking hole.

A moment later and he was gone, I pulled my coat over my body and left his house as quickly as possible.

Now I’m a mess, I don’t know what to do next, although I do know that I want more of the same.