Written by Happy Sloppy

28 Jan 2017

I have a very special amazing wife. She loves to fuck and it’s not just me. She has no trouble finding men. She looks great and has men hitting on her all the time. She can pick and choose which she does. Some of you may want to call her a slut. Her closest friend does as she plays away also but not as much as my wife. Actually she sometimes calls herself a slut but I don’t want her any other way.

She often says “A good wife has to be a slut for her man. You have to fuck him in random places (we often fuck when we are out), give him roadhead (she sucks me while I drive), send him nude selfies when he is working (she definitely does that and more), let him feel how wet you are when we are out together (she has done that many times and then pushes my fingers into my mouth) and fuck his mind 24/7 (she is expert at that)”.

The two of us are foremost in love but we want more. She also wants other men to touch and pleasure her body and I want her to have that. I get so aroused knowing, watching, supporting and encouraging her to feel and express her sexuality. I love so much to let her be her and enjoy it.

There are many different emotions that I feel when my wife has just fucked another man and to be honest, they never go away. Even now, after so many men I still feel deeply aroused, betrayed, excited, jealous, in love, inadequate, superior, and so incredibly attracted to my promiscuous wife. But always I am so glad that I let her do it. I am thankful that she continually makes my ultimate fantasy a reality by spreading her gorgeous thighs for others.

She likes variety and never stays to long with other cocks. She gets bored and I think she probably would with me too but she gets her fill of variety with others and we stay close. She knows I like her like that and she does things the way I like it.

She fucks others with me there and sometimes without me but she never hides anything from me. She shares that with me to. She is so special. In a way she also gives me variety and I go for that.

For instance sometimes I have been there, sitting back stroking my cock while she gets pounded from behind. This is an amazing thing to witness in person. It’s like your very own porno. I mean you are watching the woman you love get the fuck of her life from another man while you beat off. That has to be up there as some of the greatest sexual fun anyone could have.

There’s nothing like being in bed with them either. Nothing like being that close. Watching another man’s fingers and hands touch the most precious parts of her body. They are having sex and looking at you and your just watching them having sex. Isn’t that perfect?

Nothing gets my cock harder than seeing that look of ecstasy on my wife’s face as another dick slides in and out of her married pussy. Get up close and watch her get exactly what she needs. You get to know that she will want more of his special cock again and again. Sometimes you need to help your wife really spread her legs wide for his cock. The view is incredible as his dick pistons in and out of her married pussy. The only downside is that one of my hands isn’t free to stroke my rock hard cock while I watch.

Watching another man’s cock stretch out your wife’s pussy in front of you and see her moving in time with him to maximize their pleasure. The sounds and the smell of their sex in the room is overpowering and intoxicating. It’s awesome when you lock eyes with the love of your life as she cums on this man’s cock. She sees how happy and horny I am. She will go further each time, pushing her boundaries and mine. That is goose bump stuff.

It’s down to her if they cum in her pussy. She picks who she trusts and who shoots in a rubber. The best is watching my wife’s lucky latest, pump his seed deep her married cunt. Only then see it run out of her sloppy pussy as she hops off. If I had my way it would be in her pussy, every time. Well, how else am I going to get my sloppy seconds? I relish sliding my rock hard cock into her cum filled cunt. There are few things better than sliding my cock in, feeling his warm cum lube my dick as I fuck her.

My wife doesn’t even have to ask. My dick is in her cum filled cunt in an instant. She is there for me to fuck and fill her with my own load.

I said sometimes I am not there and this is often the case for a first time with someone else. Sometimes she brings them home and that is why we installed 2 hidden cameras in the bedroom. I love to rewatch the foreplay more than the actual fuck. Seeing my wife walk over to him and take his cock out of his jeans. Seeing his cock in her tiny little hand and my heart always skips a beat or two. I know what is coming next.

She loves to suck cock and a new one is even better. I would describe her action as if she worships a cock. Believe me it’s like no one I have had been with or seen before. She can suck it right in. She uses her throat and tongue as her hands work the balls. Seeing another man’s cum drip into your wife’s open mouth and her swallow it is so, so hot. Then there’s something very erotic about later passionately kissing her, knowing she’s had another man’s cock in her mouth.

We love her daytime romps when we watch them later after I get home from work. She will suck my cock just like she did his while we watch. She has a rule though. I can cum in her mouth and she will swallow only if I can get hard again and fuck her properly.

One of my favourite vids is of her with a very young guy. He was just 18. She sucked him and he came. He straight away fucked her but it was over quick. Then he was hard again and fucked her some more only to cum quick again. He had no control. He was done then and my wife had to finish herself off so she could cum. He was embarrassed as you can imagine but he did get better as she fucked him for a while. I have watched that vid many times.