Written by Andy

8 May 2007

My wife and I have recently come back from a short break in Antwerp. We stayed at a small hotel right in the centre overlooking the cathedral square. Our room on the first floor was not overlooked directly apart from a tiny window in a very old tower still remaining as part of the building opposite. Our room had no net curtains and the bed was only about 3 feet from the large window.

We love to have sex in the morning sunlight when we wake and so on the first morning having opened the curtains we threw back the sheets and I started stroking my wife’s pussy and she my cock. It was at this point that I noticed the tiny window opposite open slightly and a man's face appear. It was only his face that was visible; I saw straight away that his eyes we fixed on our room. This made my cock even harder and when it was time for my wife to slip on top of me we moved round slightly so he could get a part side, part back view. He must have seen me slip my hard cock into my wife’s wet cunt and slowly started to fuck her.

Fucking her had never felt so good and we made it last for some while. We turned over and I came in her from on top, I can only assume he must have been wanking like hell. After I had pulled out of my wife’s cunt she lay spread legged facing the window while she wiped out my cum from her cunt. What a view that must have been for him.

Next morning sure enough he was there again and so what else, we repeated the show and what a good fuck it was.