Written by Pervs Memoirs

27 Apr 2015


Having seen how many people seem to have read my first true story about my ex wife Debbie, (First Fun) I thought I would write another true story of one of the things that happened during our marriage.

Debbie was still probably only about 23 when we discovered how much we enjoyed the idea of her picking up guys while I watched from a distance. We went out to a local night club in Milton Keynes and entered a few minutes apart. When I got in, Debbie was already at the bar next to a group of lads in their 20’s who were obviously eyeing up a girl by herself as a potential target. I stood at the bar only a few feet away and ordered a drink and turned to watch as the lads moved in for the chat up. I couldn’t hear the conversation but Debbie was laughing and the lads were all chatting to her at once. There were several lads in the group but it was obvious that 2 or 3 of them were separating off as they tried their hand at pulling my pretty young wife.

It took only about 5 minutes before one of them took her hand and led her to the dance floor, I followed about 30 seconds later and danced right next to them as they gyrated on the floor. His hand was constantly guiding her and on her back and when the music slowed after a few numbers he pulled her in tight and wouldn’t let her go back to the bar. I could clearly see that he pressed himself against her hard. The music was a bit slow for me to be stood there dancing by myself so I moved to the side of the dance floor and bless my Debbie she maneuvered her dance partner near to the edge so they were almost right in front of me. They were already in a heavy kiss and he had both of his hands on her arse pulling her hard against what I assumed to be a hard cock. My own cock was already hard and I tried hard to stand so that it wasn’t obvious but it was probably too dark for anyone to notice anyway.

As they continued to move slowly on the floor, their dancing had almost stopped and I could clearly see that his hand was up the front of her skirt and her hand was firmly rubbing the front of his trousers. I couldn’t see much more than hand movements in the dark but I knew that Debbie’s pussy would be soaked and if he had a few fingers in her then she would be well on the way to an orgasm. And how right I was, I knew my wife well enough to recognize as she held him tight and ground her hips forward as she through her head back, he held her tight and continued pumping his fingers into her as she ground out her orgasm against him. As soon as she recovered her hand was rubbing the front of his trousers harder and only moments later I grinned as I saw him go rigid and try to hide the fact that he was filling his pants with sticky spunk.

They immediately headed back to the bar and the young lad disappeared, obviously to go and clean himself up and hopefully before a wet patch appeared on the front of his trousers. We were no sooner back at the bar when one of the other lads saw his opportunity and dragged Debbie back to the dance floor. So moments later my wife had another young lads tongue down her throat and another pair of hands on her arse. This time though the lad wasn’t hanging about his hands went under Debbie’s skirt and gripped her arse tight as he ground his cock against her mound. Once again I was only a few feet from the action as Debbie chose her place on the dance floor so that I had an amazing view.

The two of them danced for a while but the music didn’t really suit any slow dancing and groping and after a while Debbie obviously got a bit frustrated and dragged the lad off the dance floor and started snogging him right beside me. He took the hint immediately and pushed his hand up the frond of her skirt and clearly straight into her knickers as I saw her gasp and she momentarily looked right at me as I watched him pumping her pussy in the dark. I was thrilled that he had no idea that her husband was stood right beside them watching. If he had any idea I was there at all he probably thought I was lucky to be watching but I honestly don’t thing he was aware of anybody else in the night club which was packed.

Debbie maneuvered herself so that I could clearly see her hand on his fly and I tried to watch discreetly and not make it obvious I was staring as she undid his fly and pulled his cock out into the air. In the dim light I could see her hand moving up and down his shaft and as she was clinging her other arm round his neck I was pretty sure she still had at least two or three fingers pumping her pussy which I knew must be dripping juices down her leg. As you can imagine it didn’t take the lad long to spurt his cum onto the carpet and although I didn’t see it happen I did see Debbie help his softening cock back into his trousers before they straightened themselves up and made their way back to the bar.

The young lad who had first had his fingers in my wife’s pussy was obviously a bit unhappy that his mate had jumped in on his territory but after whispering in each others ear they were laughing together so I assumed that had both told each other what a slut my little wife was. Debbie was between the two lads and I was trying to catch her eye to suggest to her that we needed to go. Not because I wasn’t enjoying my evening but I was leaking pre cum and in danger of cumming in my pants.

But the evening wasn’t over yet as the first lad led Debbie back to the dance floor and to my amazement the other lad followed. I took my position near by and watched in amazement as they almost passed her backwards and forwards as they danced, both groping when they could and squeezing Debbie’s arse and rubbing her legs as they all danced together. At one point Debbie had her arms around one lads neck and he moved in for a snog as the other lad pushed up behind her and wasn’t at all subtle as he rubbed himself against my wife’s arse. I was busy trying to subtly re position my cock and hope nobody saw me that I almost missed them disappear right in front of my eyes as they headed off the dance floor. But they didn’t head for the bar this time and it took me only seconds to realise they were headed for the toilets.

One of the lads had Debbie’s hand tightly and was pulling her into the gents toilet and the other lad was close behind. I of course followed immediately and as I entered I saw the back of one lad squeezing into a cubicle and from the noise going on it was obvious that the other lad and Debbie had proceeded him into the cubicle. I was about to enter the cubicle next to them when a bouncer rushed in and knocked on their cubicle door, and my wife and two embarrassed lads were clearly told that they had to leave the club immediately, much to my disappointment.

The lads didn’t argue and they simply maneuvered Debbie out of the gents and towards the street door. It became a bit more difficult here as I didn’t want to get spotted but I needn’t have worried. The two lads were so engrossed in my wife’s charms that they wouldn’t have noticed a posse of followers. They led Debbie to the car park and to a small hatchback. One of them, the first lad pushed her back against the car and had his hand up her skirt while he passionately kissed her while the other unlocked the car and leant in to unlock the other doors. When the back door was unlocked and open they all piled in to what must have been a very tight back seat. I was suddenly in the dark literally. I made my way to the car next to them and watched from behind it but I could see very little in the car. The interior light was on but all I could make out were shapes and a lot of movement. It looked like Debbie might be sat on one of their laps and I could see constant movement but couldn’t make out any more than that.

I was stood in a car park watching steamed up windows and could see very little. My cock was dribbling pre cum and my wife was doing god knows what inside the car. It was fifteen minutes before they emerged and I sank back into the dark behind another car. I could just make out Debbie adjusting her dress and thought I heard one of the lads ask if she needed a lift her home. I clearly heard Debbie say she had her own car and would be fine. Moments later Debbie was making her way to our car the other side of the car park and I edged up beside her half way across the car park. “Are you ok?” I asked her. She grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me to her, we kissed passionately and stumbled into our car. “How much did you see?” and I told her almost nothing. “Drive me home and I’ll tell all on the way” she gasped.

I started the car and Debbie undid my flies and pulled my cock out, it was all coated in pre cum, she bent her head down and licked it clean as I started for home just a few mile away. Debbie told me on the way that she had climbed into the car between the two of them and they had both got their hands up her skirt and both of then had fingers pumping into her pussy together. She pulled the cock out for one of them and they both took a side each to her knickers and pulled them down and let them drop to the floor. She just knelt astride one of them, lowered herself onto his cock and rode him until she came. He didn’t cum so she kept riding him until he pumped her full of spunk. The other lad was sat with his trousers round his ankles wanking so she simply eased herself off the first and knelt astride the second and rode him the same way. He had cum much more quickly and before she got herself off so she had eased herself off and sat between the two of them with her knickers somewhere on the floor and frigged her pussy hard until she came again while thy both sat with wet and flaccid cocks and watched her. As soon as she had cum she reached for her knickers pulled them up and suggested she needed to go and meet her friends. They had both been really nice, offered to see her home safely but she left them in the car, both of them pulling up their pants and trousers.

As you can imagine I shot a load of spunk all over my wife’s hand as she told me what had happened. She licked her hand clean before we got home and a minute later we were in the bedroom with her on her back with her favorite vibrator and me quickly getting hard again. When I pulled her knickers off she was soaking wet and dribbling cum, her knickers were sopping wet. I was the third guy to fill her pussy with spunk that night. I hadn’t quite seen the first two deposit their loads but I was still pretty happy with my evening out and Debbie certainly was.