Written by Stevie30Gee

29 Jan 2015

This is a follow on from my previous Wife getting to know our Neighbour stories, with a bit of a change of direction. I had been watching Liz my wife being fucked and made pregnant by my Neighbour Greg over the past few months she was about 7 months pregnant now with a bulging belly she still looked great as any weight she put on went to her belly she still had a good figure from behind.

I had got into the habit of sneaking home from my business in the evenings to watch her with Greg and his mate a few times, this week Liz had told me she bumped into my best friend Andy and Ken from the football team I used to play for up until this season at the Petrol station and they had had a good chat.

I had been at work since 7am that Saturday it was now early evening and I rang Liz to say I wouldn't be finished till midnight, but I intended to drive home park near by and walk via the field at the back of our house in the darkness to watch and see if Liz was entertaining Greg once again. I passed our road looked down to see my friend Andy's car in our drive as I made my way to our back garden, I didn't see Greg's car in his drive.

I hopped into our garden over the fence from the shadows I could see Liz sat opposite Andy and Ken , they were all chatting an laughing, I could hear they had some music on in the room as they had the window open slightly as it was a warm Autumn night. I saw Liz stand and she wore a mini skirt under her bump with a baggy t shirt over the top ,no bra as i could see her now permanent hard nipples poking thru, she fetched some beers for the lads.

I watched as she handed them drinks Andy got up lifted her t shirt over Liz's head, Liz grinned as both lads said Wow !!!! Liz's nipples had gone darker and had got 2 cup sizes bigger. Andy said fuck Liz your tits are even bigger than last time I had the pleasure of seeing them, what do you think Ken he said fuck they look great!

Then Liz spoke saying how about you lads removing some clothes then if we are going to have some fun tonight, they were naked in seconds , I now got to see my best mate Andy stood there his 8" cock growing hard and Ken pulling on his, I had heard about Ken but thought it was all talk as he spat on his hands to rub his cock, I saw Liz look across at Ken's cock . It was Liz who said Wow !! this time as Ken stood there with a cock maybe 7"+ long but it was the thickness that surprised me an Liz as it must have been the diameter of a coke can.

Liz stood mouth open staring, then she reached down to undo her skirt and it fell at her feet stepping out of it, Andy broke the silence to say still have that bare pussy then Liz you look great !

At this point I will say I wasn't totally happy about Ken being there looking at my Wife as since I have known him I had always noticed if I ever turned up with Liz at any of the matches , parties, pubs or clubs we went to with the lads. He was always staring at Liz from the moment we got there until we left with a look of menacing lust as if he was going to drag her off and fuck her as well as do anything else he wanted too do to Liz at any time

Liz never seems to notice the effect she has on Men, she is easy to chat too and loves talking to Men and the attention they also give her, I was not entirely surprised to hear Andy mention seeing Liz naked before as I knew they had mutual admiration for each other.

I stood watching as Andy an Ken closed in like a pair of wolves as Liz stood there, Liz put her arms around Andy's neck kissing him as Ken stood behind Liz, his face grinning as his hands roamed over her body as he kissed her neck, shoulders an back, his cock standing up in front of him looking as if it had been pumped full of air. While kissing Andy, Liz took her arm down to reach behind her to hold Ken's cock I watched her eyebrows lift in surprise she wrapped her fingers around it but there was no way she could possibly grip it one handed.

Ken took her hand away went onto his knees kissing an licking her legs and bum as Liz now had hold of Andy's cock rubbing the plum coloured head against her clit and pussy, his hands were rubbing her boobs and nipples which helps her pussy get even wetter and ready to be fucked. Then Andy said I think its time we fucked you Liz you sexy little minx! then added have you ever played with Ken before Liz, she said no I have only danced with him once or twice.

Then Andy said no wonder he was so keen to come along with me tonight when I said we might get a blow job each as Ken looked up at them both his grin right across his face. Andy pulled the cushions off the sofa then looked at Liz saying think we better fuck you on all 4's with that bump in front of you Liz .

Liz agreed saying to Andy that this time they didn't have to worry about a durex, wanting to feel him bareback her with his lovely cock, I was sure his cock gained another 1/2 inch at those words . Liz knelt up as Andy ran his fingers an probed in Liz's pussy, her juice leaking from her rubbing it over his cock as he knelt up and pushed the head inside Liz's now gaping pussy.

As Ken knelt there watching Andy fill Liz's pussy with more an more of his cock ,Liz groaning as it filled her as Andy teased her pulling back before giving Liz another inch or two, Andy was telling Liz how good she felt on his cock as he was giving the thumbs up and pointing at Liz's pussy to Ken.

That was enough for Ken as he now moved around to kneel in front of Liz's face, holding his cock against her lips. I could see Liz put her tongue out to lick all over Ken's cock, then her mouth opened and I watched as she sucked on the tip ,Ken held her head pushing his hips forward till Liz had the head in her mouth , I thought there is no way she will get anymore than that in her mouth her lips looked stretched tight around his cock now.

I saw Liz's face turning red as slowly Ken's thick cock began to go deeper into Liz's mouth , she did'nt look very comfortable but I know she always likes to please a man. Then Ken stopped and I saw Liz begin to slide her mouth back an forwards on Ken's cock, he was grinning once again giving Andy the thumbs up sign , as Andy was slipping in an out of Liz's juicy pussy holding her arse cheeks wide his thumbs pressing her forwards on to Ken's cock filling her mouth.

Andy asked Liz was she sure she wanted him to fill her cunt with his cum or did he have to take it out she gave a nod of no with Ken's cock stuffed in her mouth, Andy said good that the right answer, Liz, I had crept nearer to watch thru the window and could see Andy's cock wet with Liz's cum then as if he knew I wanted to see he took his cock out of Liz held it by the base and whacked it on Liz's arse a few times as she wriggled to try to get it back inside her .

Ken laughed at her struggles saying think she wants you to fuck her full with your spunk Andy!, Andy pressed it against her arse Liz made a mmmmmf sound before Andy filled her pussy once more. He held her arse again as he banged against it several times before, saying another Baby on its way laughing as his body went rigid as he pumped her pussy full of his cum.

Andy pulled out and told Ken have lubed her cunt for you Ken, Ken looked at Liz's face an pulled his cock from her mouth , saying to Liz you do want my fat cock to fill your cunt Liz don't you as I have waited a long time for this moment. I saw Liz nod and tell Ken oh yes please Ken fuck me with your big cock fill me with it and pump your spunk inside me as well, then He told Liz I knew you would want it once you had seen it, Ken said I have just not had the chance to fuck you like Andy and some of the lads from the team have had.

So I then knew Liz had let some of the other lads in the side fuck her as well, I didn't blame them I knew she was a head turner when we went out as often heard guys comment about Liz. Ken moved around to kneel behind Liz his fat cock glistening with her dribble on it, Ken rubbed the fat head in the juices leaking from Liz's pussy, as he proudly announced that there were not many girls who could take his cock but he intended for her to feel all of it inside her cunt along with his spunk tonight.

Liz said be gentle, as Ken held her hips, Andy had moved aside to watch as I was, the sight of that fat cock slowly pushing its way into my wife's pussy, he pulled out a little before pressing deeper and kept repeating that move until Liz now red faced and smiling had all of Ken's cock inside her pussy. As Ken held her he said does that feel good Liz , LIs said God yes ,its filling me up , so big, he held Liz as he began fucking her pussy stretched tight around that fat cock.

I stood there looking at that smug look on Ken's face as he fucked my Wife at long last knowing some of the other lads had already done so, as I looked on Liz was even moving backwards to meet the thrusts of Ken's fat cock now, a smile on her face her hair wet with perspiration. Then I heard her urging Ken on to Fuck her harder now something I wouldn't have believed earlier that night, an telling him how good it felt and so different with her pussy walls stretched tight around it.

I looked at Andy watching in awe as I was ,as Ken with that look on his face of triumph of fucking my lovely Wife who he has watched and lusted after for so long and seeing me with the thought that he had been inside my wife and was shortly going to fill her pussy with his cum and there was nothing I was going to do about it nor wanted too.

Liz was shouting out she was cumming time after time as Ken fucked her, I looked as Ken pulled Liz's arse backwards just as he gave a final thrust shouting Fuck Liz, here it is baby, as his arse clenched shooting his cum inside my wife to add to Andy's from earlier . Ken held her before he pulled out and Liz rolled on to her back as the 3 of us men looked down to see my Wife's pussy looking well used and gaping with their combined Juices dribbling out of it, Ken knelt over Liz's face so she could lick his cock clean.

Liz lay there then announced she better go for a bath before I get home and would they like to come up and wash her back, she had two volunteers as I watched the 3 of them get up as Liz led them up to the bathroom, I went back to my office to finish some paperwork off before giving Liz a ring at 11-45pm to say I would be home about 12-15. I like to do that as it gives her time to get rid of anybody who might have called to see her.